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  • Jesse

    I was actually just talking to a friend yesterday about a good way to hide a gun on a night stand so no one could see it and freak out and he came up with a rather brilliant idea, get a nice sized humidor. Put a tray of real or fake cigars on top of it and everything just thinks yous are a cigar aficionado.

  • Matt Groom

    These kind of things need to be sunk into the wall in order for them to be “hidden” to any real degree. And remember, if you don’t leave out some of the less valuable guns, the bad guys will actively search for the ones you want to hide.

  • shankbone

    Merry Christmas . . . to me!

    I am married, so I will have to run this past my home decorator (wife) before I install one in the bedroom, but I will definitely be putting one of these in my office.

  • AB

    That’s quite the handy idea for keeping weaponry in a house where you’d like it concealed but easily accessible.

  • SpudGun

    That’s a very clever idea, unless of course you use a Rembrandt as the picture, then the theives will steal both your valuable painting and your M4. 🙁

    That’s why I’d use a picture of Susan Boyle, no burglar would ever go near that and it might be enough to scare them off anyways.

    On second thoughts, scratch it as a clever idea, a lot of people put a wall safe behind a picture, so the thieves will go looking for your safe and they’ll get a free AR thrown in.

  • Lee

    My school has an Army ROTC program, but Campus safety won’t keep the guys M-16’s for ’em so they put them in guitar cases in their cars/rooms :-p

  • jdun1911

    The only think I would suggest is ad another magazine to the conceal box. You always need at least two magazines. Let me stress at LEAST TWO MAGAZINES.

    It suck hard if one magazine goes bad or your weapon have a malfunction that require you to drop the magazine to the floor and you don’t have a spare to feed your gun.

  • jdun1911

    Being sick for the last few days suck and the meds isn’t helping my proof reading.

    think = thing
    ad = add

  • I like this. Dirrect and to the point. The thing to remember is location is everything.
    I keep a weapon with-in arms reach of my chair and another at the computer desk. When the bad guys kick in the door, you don’t want your home defence to be across the room.
    On the wall next to my computer desk this would be great.
    On the wall behind my chair, I would probably be dead before I got to it.
    For what it’s worth.

  • TheGunGeek

    I’ll bet that a guitar case would be a very likely target for thieves. Easily portable (it even has a handle!) with something inside that is easily sold. They probably wouldn’t even bother to see what kind of guitar was in it. Just a quick heft to see if the case was empty or not and then away it goes.

    It would be a handy place to keep a gun fairly accessible without drawing unwanted attention. It also serves well as an innocent looking carrying case, especially for a college student since a disproportionately high percentage of them have guitars compared to the general population.

  • Buzz Carter

    [quote]My school has an Army ROTC program, but Campus safety won’t keep the guys M-16’s for ‘em so they put them in guitar cases in their cars/rooms :-p

    If these are Army weapons, issued to personnel, this is a violation of AR 190-11 Physical Security of Arms, Ammunition and Explosives. I wouldn’t trust any “campus safety” personnel in any case, but storing a weapon in a guitar case is a little irresponsible.