Accuracy International AE MKII

Accuracy International has updated their .308 Win. AE rifle and Shooting Illustrated has posted an article about it online

Accuracy International (AI) rifles have always been something of an enigma with mainstream shooters in the United States. These distinctive-looking bolt guns are known to tactical shooters around the world as accurate and extremely well-made precision rifles, but AI once had the less-flattering reputation of being slow or altogether absent in the customer-service department. Part of the problem was due to a patchwork of U.S.-based support centers, while a state of financial flux for the company in England added to the issue.

Read the entire article here.

The MKII features Accuracy International’s folding stock which is also available for the Rem. 700. It is an amazing stock (also an amazingly high price).

Steve Johnson

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  • War Wolf

    Curious, I once asked for a quote on an AI rifle from their site and about two weeks later I got a response telling me that the .338 Lapua rifle I had spec’d was $8695. I don’t know what they are making them out of but I paid less that that for my last truck. I wouldn’t mind spending $2000ish on a nice rifle and another $750+ on a quality scope but nearly $9000 sans scope is outrageous.

  • Lance

    heck buy a remington 700 or Winchester M70 there better.

  • Nooky

    The AW mean Arctic Warfare. These rifle are made and design for extreme cold conditions. That may explain the high prices.