Bersa BP9 and BP40 Concealed Carry

Argentine gun maker Bersa, best known for their Bersa Thunder 380 pistol, will be entering the lucrative compact-plastic-fantastic pistol market next year with the BP9CC, chambered in 9mm, and the BP40CC, chambered in .40 S&W.

Bersa BP9CC

The inspiration for this pistol was the SIG P250. The external appearance and internal organization of parts resemble the P250, but I don’t think it also uses the P250′s true double action mechanism.

Unfortunately it includes Bersa’s anti-features: the dreaded key-lock and magazine safety.

The pistols are slightly larger and heavier than a true sub-compact, such as the Kel-Tec PF-9, so I am unsure if they should be classed as compact or sub-compact.

Caliber 9MM (BP9) 40 S&W (BP40)
Operation Semi-Automatic
Action Double Action
Frame High impact polymer
Slide AISI 4140 alloy steel
Overall Length 6.35”
Height 4.8”
Width .94”
Barrel Length 3.2”
Weight 21.5 oz.
Magazine Capacity 7+1 in BP 9 cc 6+1 in BP 40 cc
Magazine Alloy steel
Safeties Integral Locking System, Trigger, Firing Pin, Magazine
Finish Matte black or two-tone
Grips Black Polymer
Rear Sight Interchangeable glock type
Front Sight Interchangeable sig sauer type
MSRP (Price) $425 (Lipseys)
Availability 1st Quarter 2010

Some online stores are listing the pistol but at a much lower price than what Lipseys, a major distributor, says. I think $425 sounds right for a pistol of this class.

Steve Johnson

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  • Well I think I just figured out my Tax-Day-Buy-A-Gun-Day purchase for 2010…

  • War Wolf

    Bersa has a much better reputation for product reliability and service than does Taurus. I hope they did their homework on this model and priced it to sell. After all, $425 is only $75 shy of a NIB Glock 26/27. I’m not a Glockhead by any stretch but they do work well and are about as ubiquitous as cars that run on gasoline. If they were real world priced at $325 I think they will fly off the shelves barring any early manufacturing debacles or web-spread customer service horror stories.

  • michael

    I have a Bersa UC9 and it’s been absolutely reliable for a couple of years with no hiccups whatsoever. I think Bersa get’s a bad rap because of it’s price point but my uc9 is a vertual clone of the walther p88 which was a pretty good firearm in it’s own right. Glad to see Bersa bringing something new to the world of firearms.

  • I know the integral lock sucks, but in Maryland you HAVE to have it, or you have to buy an internal lock approved by the Maryland State Police and they generally run anywhere from $20-$100. So from a guy that lived in MD, thank God for that stupid integral lock!

  • David

    The first thing that popped into my mind was the Steyr M40A1, not the P250.

  • B Woodman

    I’d like to see some serrations on the front of the slide.

  • ericire12

    I would think that the compact/subcompact designation would be more dictated on a company basis…based on whether or not they actually offer all three size variations. Otherwise, like Bersa is doing, they would just designate it as a concealed carry gun.

    The Glock 26 weighs in at 19.75 oz and has a barrel length of 3.46”, and they give it a subcompact designation.

    *I am very surprised by the limited capacity of these pistols, especially considering their weight and width.

  • Carl

    Striker or hammer fired? The Pafoa article mentions something about “safe action” and I can’t see a hammer in the frame in any of the images.
    Here’s hoping it isn’t DAO.
    24mm wide, sounds pretty slim, although some are even slimmer, Kel-Tec PF9 is 22mm (but not available in .40).
    BTW there are 9 cartridges in the image above, and that light makes no sense on a slim carry pistol… 🙂

  • Vak

    Sig 250, really ? When I saw it, I thought immediately of the ill-fated steyr M. Well, I guess I was wrong.

    Once again.

  • Shankbone

    JAFO, would that be a lighter and more compact Kel-Tec PF-9, holster, AND some ammo?

  • Jim

    This might be a bit off topic, but does anyone own or have experience carrying a Kel-tec PF-9? I was looking at getting it for concealed carry and would like to talk to a person who has *used* one.

  • Those anti features are a detractor for me and will keep me from buying one.

  • @Jim: I have and carry a PF-9 and love it. I did have to replace the magazine catch after I bought the gun used- $5 and 10 minutes but it has fed everything that fits in the magazine without fail. It’s accurate enough for the defensive task and I have no reservations about using it for my carry gun. I use a Crossbreed IWB, tuckable holster for carry and even my wife doesn’t know when I have it around her.

    Recently Kel-Tec did add a metal magazine catch to their website as a replacement part and I would recommend swapping out any plastic one you find.

  • AJ187

    Some of us actually like those “anti” features as strange as that sounds. But a lock on a gun makes a gun a little more convenient to store. In fact I keep a Bersa cocked and chambered with the internal lock in place. And I’ve heard no reports of problems on any Bersa’s internal locking system so the S&W reports people bring up must be a problem exclusive to S&W.

    As for the magazine disconnect safetys which have been so popular on bersa’s of the past, I think a weapons retention problem will be more likely than having to dump a loose round in the chamber to shoot or shoot during a tactical reload. So deactivating a gun in that manner seems more tactful to me than anything else, so these are good reasons to buy the new bersa. Or one of many guns that have those features.

  • DRod

    Ill stick to my tried and true G19, thank you.
    I would like to get some booger hook time on one though, if only to form a fairer opinion of it.

  • Cory

    The BP-9 and 40 specs are almost exactly that of the Kahr P-9 and P-40.
    I own a Kahr p-9 and have carried it for years. I love it!

    If Bersa retains the quality that I have seen in there other pistols. This would be a no brainer purchase if the price point remains reasonable. The size for CC is ideal. This is a very thin pistol at .94 in comparison to most. I believe they will be going head to head with Kahr as well as the others. Maybe more so than the others.

    I know I am holding off on another purchase of a Kahr for my wife until I see the quality of the BP-9. And if it holds up to the quality that I have seen in the Bersa line up. I believe it will be a easy choice.


  • elmo

    When is this gun gonna ship? Next year 2011? Come on already Bersa get with it.

  • Rick

    looking forward to holding one

  • Robert

    I like the fact that Bersa is following the market by now making a Polymer handgun. They have had ample time to review flaws and mistakes by other gun manufactures over a number of years when It comes to construction and marketing. I also like the fact that they are trying to be more competitive in the conceal carry market. I am a small skinny guy and have a hard time concealing anything with a caliber that makes a difference. At this time I carry a Kel-tec PF9 ( which carries like a dream with the belt clip) and a Glock 27 (which is bulky, but has the knock down power I prefer over the two). I do like the reputation of the KAHR line up, but they are a little out of my price range. So with this, I am watching the Bersa BP with great interest. I also understand that any new handgun has flaws that will be corrected with future models, just as the Kel-tec PF9. Right now, a 40S&W with similar size as a PF9 is very interesting to me! Also, I am not one who will condemn any brand name. My thoughts on this are “If it works for me thats fine. If it doesn’t, I will simply find something that does.

    • pat

      Bp9cc just hit shelves in mich. I checked it out today. Thumbs up on this and for a price of 330. I’m gettin the40 cal. Asap. Only minor flaw is the trigger seems light and kinda flat feel.

  • es para preguntar cundo va a salir a la venta y cuanto va a ser el precio aca en la argentina si puede ser que me contesten en castellano

  • Darryll

    En Argentina, en donde no tenemos la capacidad adquisitiva que en promedio existe en paises mas desarrollados, Bersa siempre, pero siempre fué una pistola a la que sin lugar a dudas recurrimos esperando confiabilidad. La garantía es de por vida, y Yo nunca escuché de un encasquillamiento. Tira cualquier cosa, nunca se encascilla y los sistemas son simples.
    Como decĂ­a mi Abuelo, si es “Bueno” y es “Simple”…., “Doblemente Bueno”.-