Taurus Mod 94 Factory Error

Taurus USA import many of thier guns from their Brazilian parent company. Because the BATFE has rules regarding size of imported guns, the company imports the Mod 94 .22 LR revolver with 3″ barrels and cuts them down to 2″. This funky revolver is a fully functional factory error.

It is being sold by Ocala Armory for $500.

Hat Tip: Pistol Training via. SayUncle

Steve Johnson

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  • MattCFII

    I saw one of these for sale at a local gun shop and for far less than $500 IIRC.

  • btr

    The law the bans the imporation of these in 2″ barrel configuration is just DYING for for challenge under Heller.

    No one can claim snubnosed revolvers aren’t commonly used for self-defense, and a federal law singling them out for banning because that is what they are made for should fall under Heller.

  • anon

    I know stamp and coin collectors go crazy over stuff like this, but does anyone really want a messed-up gun enough to pay extra?

  • Matt Groom

    I’d rather have a 3″ barrel that was made right than a snub nose revolver that was cut off wrong, like every Taurus I’ve ever seen.

  • Fred

    Obviously a grenade launcher cut.

  • Holy crap.

  • Chris K.

    This is not that uncommon, we have one at my store too in AZ.

    • Chris, do Taurus accidentally ship them to you, or do they explicitly offer them to you?

  • I’m glad to see their quality control department has been hard at work!

  • CMathews


    I was gonna say that was for the bayonet. Or a super useless quick change suppressor on a revolver… yes

  • Silly ideas for making lemonade from a lemon:

    1) You could mill in an integral muzzle brake.
    2) You could thread it for a muzzle brake, flash hider, or other accessory.

  • Martin

    I think you should paint flames on it. That would be RAD!

  • ishida

    It’s not factory error. As stated, it ha to be imported this way.

    It’s importing company error for allowing them to slip through.

    • ishida, that is what we mean.

  • TPG

    I like it.

  • We had a Raging Bull .454 Casull come through work like that. We couldn’t figure out what it was but it sold.

    • Jonathan, ahhh, I wish you had taken a photo!

  • T

    I just bought a 905 blued with a shiny one inch barrel sticking out- exactly like that one. the dork who sold it to me for $250 bought it at a gun show for $250 – he said they had accuracy issues with the short barrels- hence the extra length. I almost laughed in his face. I’m going with the fake silencer idea