SIG P250 to adopt a striker-fired system [Rumor]

Todd, who blogs at Pistol Training, wrote on the forums that he believes that a striker fired version of the SIG P250 will be made available soon. Currently the P250 uses a true double action hammer system1. From Todd’s forum posting (emphasis added) …

They’ve selected it. No guns have been delivered or fielded yet.

As others have said, the rank-and-file seem unhappy with the choice. But again, most of them have zero actual experience with the gun and only know what they’ve heard. The FAM2 contract will be a major turning point for the P250. If the gun runs well, meets the agency’s durability expectations, and the average FAM feels he can shoot it well, it could turn things around for the P250 after the false starts of the past couple years. If, on the other hand, the FAMs ditch it within the first year or two (even if they just go back to the P229, which has served them very well since 9/11) then it could be the final death knell for the P250 line.

The striker-fired version of the P250 is expected to be released soon, perhaps even at SHOT. While it will solve complaints about the long reset, it might not make a difference for the FAMs. The FAM solicitation specifically disallowed any striker-fired weapons. One manufacturer even filed a formal protest over the issue. So there is no way the FAM Service could adopt a striker-fired version (or modification) to its P250s without incurring a landslide of legal problems from Smith & Glock.

SIG P250

UPDATE: Todd has written about it on his blog.

  1. I say true because Glock, for example, claim double action but they are not true double action guns. 

  2. Federal Air Marshall 

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  • Tom

    I know a lot of people crowed over the P250 trigger when it first came out, but after having some range time with one a few weeks ago I honestly couldn’t figure out what all the excitement was about. It’s another of those politician-friendly mile long trigger pulls, and the model I handled had some noticeable stackup to boot. As the post mentions, the reset is awful.

    I’m a long time 1911 guy and carry a Glock. If it’s not a crisp single action or a solid two-stage “safe-action” I don’t like it. Leave the double actions for revolvers, or at least go back to the traditional SA/DA of the classic Sig models.

    A bunch of odd decisions lately from Sig though.

  • afbed

    Awesome, Does this mean they’ll have a new set of magazines and accessories at the customers expen… err I mean for their convenience?

    Talk about indecisive management…

  • Matt Groom

    So, what you’re saying is, the P250 is a piece of crap, and they’re quietly trying to kill it? Again, I say it should be named 252.

  • Why does anyone care how it’s fired if it’s reliable? Nobody complains the current SIGs are unreliableā€¦

  • downfall

    If this is true, SIG is admitting they screwed up with an inferior product. They are basically re-engineering it to give the market what it wants and not what the SIG engineers want.

  • Carl

    Seems like the right thing to do. There is no point having two parts (hammer and firing pin) if one part (striker) does the job.

    I guess then they just need to pre-load the striker somewhat and they might end up with a pretty good trigger.

  • FWIW: Todd used to be the Federal & Military Projects Manager for SIGARMS, and before that, he was the Law Enforcement Operations Manager for Beretta.


    I just bought a p250 9mm at Cabelas yesterday. 580.00 reg sale price 530.00 less 75.00 coupon = 455.00 Took to the range today. First 10 rounds in a 3″ circle at 15 yards. Trigger pull is long but smooth and lite feeling.This gun shoot great I will say Sigs web site could be better and I did not know about the grip mod but I would be changing from a 9mm to a different caliber anyway and that would require a differant mag so would not really be that big of a deal.

  • Tom O

    I am a newbie and purchased the 2Sum 9mm version. 1st time on the range at 35 yds I put 15 of 17 rounds right in the middle with a 4″ grouping. I was told this was pretty good for someone that has never fired a weapon before. So, it seems ok as it is to me. Maybe that is the advantage, I don’t have preconceived notions or an ego related to one brand or another that I am always reading about.