More evidence that the M45 is now an official designation

In September I wrote that the Marine MEU(SOC) M1911 pistol appeared to have finally been given an official DoD designation. A solicitation request, number M6785410R1030, was issued last week for M45 parts …

The intent of this sources sought request is to identify potential qualified 8(a) small businesses that can provide the attached weapons parts list for the M-45, MEUSOC Pistol.

This confirms earlier evidence that the pistol will henceforth be known as the M45.

A Marine fires what was formally called the “MEU(SOC) pistol”

Thanks to Mark for spotting the solicitation request.

Steve Johnson

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  • Damned jarheads.
    Should be the “M1911A2” pistol. It’s not a big enough change from the 1911/1911A1 to justify a complete new nomenclature.

  • Lance

    The .45 rocks and is my personal alternative to carry a M-9 (if i ever had too) is to carry a M-1911. It seems the military wants to name there pistols in the name of the Caliber it fires IE M-9 is the M-92F and M-92FS models which shoot 9mm NATO or 9mm Parabelum Ammo (boths use 9x19mm caese and only varies in powder loads), so the Military designation is M-9. The New 1911s are a bit differnt from the original 1911s and 1911A1s so the Marines redesingation to M-45 since it shoots .45 ACP rounds.

  • Effectively, the new designation allows them to sidestep any questioning by Congress as to why they are using a nearly 100 year old design that was supposedly made obsolete by the adoption of the M9.

    • Daniel, it looks like your theory of them building up the pistols by buying lots of separate parts is playing out. Very sneaky.

  • Bill Lester

    The M9’s designation has nothing to do with its cartridge. Don’t forget that it was also designated XM10 during the second round of trials in the late 1980’s. (Most recently noted in the 12/09 issue of The American Rifleman.) The pistol could just as easily have been type classified as the M10 once all the dust had settled from the testing. The M11 (Sig P228) isn’t chambered for an 11mm cartridge, nor is the H&K Mk 23 Mod 0 found in anything but .45 ACP. There is no trend in type classifying U.S. military handguns by their cartridge.

  • Junkball

    So the M11 shoots a 11mm cartridge? Damn, I thought 10mm Auto was a bit to handle. Must be the aviators and undercover folks who use it can handle it…

  • Vitor

    Hey Junkball,

    45. = 11.4mm. But the 10mm has a much higher pressure than the .45ACP.

  • Bill Lester

    I think Junkball was making a joke.