Significant changes to SIG P250 Compact

Sig Sauer has made two changes to the design of the SIG P250 Compact, 9mm, .40 S&W and .357 SIG models, which affect magazine and holster compatibility.

They have changed the grip so that it is the same as the rest of the P250 product line. The original magazines are not compatible with the new grip, and vice versa.

Original magazines will continue to be manufactured and will be sold for the same price as the new design magazines.

Also changed is the accessory rail which is now a standard picatinny rail. This is a good move by Sig, although owners of existing P250 compacts may not be very happy about the change. The new design may not be compatible with holders that were made with the original design in mind. If you purchase a holster for a P250 Compact in the future, make sure it is compaible with your version of the gun.

More info about these changes here.

[ Please tell me you liked the pun in the title πŸ˜‰ ]

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  • Joe

    Very punny.

  • Raph84

    Sometimes I wonder if the mucky mucks in the gun industry went to the same business school as everyone else.
    The new changes are beneficial but making the mags not compatable seems like a huge deal if I had been an early adopter I would be furious at sig. I don’t understand why they couldn’t get it right the first time, or at least work within the lines so that holsters and mags would interchange

    sig…significant. Nice!

  • Hogan

    Wow, pretty big changes for such a new product. I would be upset if I was a new 250 owner, because their mags and accessories will be phased out more sooner than later

  • InSigNificant

    Sig should not have discontinued the P2022. It has had far more favorable reviews than the P250. Sig makes far too many pistol models as it is. Quality of a Sig is not what it used to be.

  • Aaarrrggghh!!!

    Well, as puns go…

    – It’s the kind of thing I would pull. πŸ™‚

  • Matt Groom

    That’s just a bad idea. If it’s not compatible with existing holsters or magazines, it’s a new model. They should call it the Sig 252 or something.

    • Matt, yea, I agree with that idea.

  • Your bad pun left me with a SAUER taste in my mouth.

    Mike 1
    Steve 1

    • Mike, LOL, nicely played.

  • Lance

    Rather have a Beretta or a Glock!

  • Whatever

    Am I the only one who thinks putting rails on a handgun is a stupid thing? The rails seem like they will eventually catch on some piece of clothing or similar when drawing from a holster.

    Sig should bite the bullet and offer to replace the existing handguns with a new one considering how little time this design has been on the market.

  • jdun1911

    Bad marketing IMO.

    What they should have done was name the new design P251 and discontinue P250.

    Another thing I don’t understand is why so many pistol makers don’t use the 1913 rails. It is the industry standard after all.

  • This might be slightly off topic but $46 dollars for a magazine??? Is it me or is that a bit pricey?

  • Carl

    Rails can be useful on full size guns, that aren’t suitable for concealment anyway. On compacts or subcompacts, where the accessories are likely to extend beyond the barrel, not so much.

    I don’t understand why Sig would choose a DAO trigger. That’s like hardly even semi-automatic. Check out the trigger reset:

  • Carl

    Also, if the hammer isn’t supposed to be manipulated, why have it travel outside the gun?
    This gun make no sense to me.

  • max

    They should make the P210 again (the last S models with the american mag release, also might want to improve the slide release) as the market seems to love metal single action autos now days. Also the .22LR guns seem to be popular now days and the .22LR conversion would sell well as the used market would seems to suggest. I know they have a number of SA P22X models but its just not the same. But dont hope too much … aint happening. I spoke to SIG and they have no intention of doing that.

  • Matt Groom

    I second Max’s idea. I would buy a Sig P210S in a nano-second, just like I would buy a new production Pistole Parabellum if someone would make one and it wasn’t prohibitively expensive! Me like long barreled 9mm!

  • I was considering one of these but now I think I’ll wait and see what happens with the rest of the line. I don’t to get one and have the grips and everything change.

  • Nevermind, just read this change was to standardize with the rest of the line.

  • Tom J

    The grip frames are fairly inexpensive, so a current owner can buy the new style grip frame. Sig lists them on their web site for $45, so I presume a local dealer can shave a few bucks of that:

  • Griffin

    I have one of these new model p250 compacts. though mine is .45 acp and i’ve had no problem finding mags or holsters for it

  • d

    wow not compatible with old mags, lame

  • My thoughts….

    1. You should have written SIGnificantly.

    2. I think they should have called this the P-252 (since their are magazine compatibility issues)

    3. I do really like the concept of the P-250 and it’s modularity. And the trigger pull felt nice on the one I tried. But it was at the NRA show so the trigger was probably pulled 50,000 times already.

  • MJT

    Went to buy a 2nd P250 magazine to put in rotation with the lonely, only one that came with my new gun. Got a nice price break on my purchase and realized why when I found the product update on the Sig website via their store (but not their product page). My P250 9mm “Waterproof” is an “original” version and requires an “original” magazine. Hopefully, I can find an original magazine still in stock or being closed out, and I’ll escape being gouged by Sig’s on-line store. Going by the store I bought it from to clue in the clerk who sold it to me; he planned on buying the next one they stocked.

    Any idea what the “waterproof” refers to?

  • eric

    I have the original sig p250 in .40. I paid a shit ton of money for a second mag for duty carry and a holster, and I’ve been waiting patiently for a smaller grip for the compact but have yet to see it. Now they have redesigned the grip and my mags are no good. I’m done with sig. This gun isn’t that reliable with duty ammo and in .40 the recoil impulse is considerable, and the 9MM conversion costs as much as a second gun. My agency has recently approved Glock and Springfield and there is no reason to continue to deal with the Sig bullshit.

  • MJT

    Found the original magazine at but e-mailed ahead. They had no idea about the grip/magazine change but their magazines were from before the design change. Got mine, got some ammo, and took my 9mm P250 to the indoor range. Both magazines worked fine. But my shooting was so horribly bad, I quit with 30 rounds left. I also had unburned powder from name brand ammo sprayed along my dominant forearm. Ejection was great which I had hoped for after the random pattern of my old-model Glock. The P250 performed and gripped better than the Glock. Realized what the problem was with my aim on the drive home: a long layoff from shooting and NEW BIFOCALS. Found a good solution for that called SureSights except company is notorious for stiffing customers on backorders.

    To eric (above): My local department just had a 4-way test drive for Glock, Springfield XD, Sig, and one other manufacturer. The only Sig they approved was the P226. If the new model Glocks had a slimmer grip and easier to work slide releases I probably would have stayed with them.

  • Carl

    The Glock does not have a “slide release”.
    It has a “slide stop lever”.
    The slide should be manipulated with the weak hand. Fine motor skills is not reliable in emergencies.
    If one has problems manipulating the slide stop lever Glock has extended versions available:
    But most if not all people can learn to use the default lever with some training.
    Also, locking the slide open is not something you need to do in a hurry.
    Having the slide lock open inadvertently because of a too easily activated lever could be a disaster on the other hand.

  • Charles

    SIG P250

    It amazes me that there are untold aftermarket parts to include barrels, grip frames, etc., etc. available for the “PERFECT” pistol.

    To add insult to injury, Glock prices have gone through the roof. So now, after you pony up $500 – $600 for the pistol, you then spend another $500 on improvements.

    I have owned a lot [10 – 12] of Glocks, and I still like some of them … a lot.
    However, … I went through a lot more grief with them than I have, so far, with the P250s.

    Someone at SIG released the P250 to the public prematurely.
    They should have focused on well supported large order department sales until they got the entire system fielded and debugged.
    Then, it should have been released only through SIG certified dealers.
    Eventually, with proper support in the field, this system has a lot of potential.
    Unfortunately, the jobbers scattered the P250s out with no support and a lot of confusion.

    I have 3 [old style] P250s and a 2Sum kit on the way.

    The grip shell [frame / lower receiver] unit is a $50 expendable.
    The real hit on this change is in the magazines.

    If you have a P250, don’t give up.

    When you learn how to run the P250, you will like it.
    It combines the advantages of both revolvers and pistols.
    It is different and there is a serious learning curve, especially for those who have not spent serious time with DA revolvers.
    If you spent serious time with DA revolvers, apply the same techniques to the P250.
    You have to master trigger control.

    If you have a P250, the 2Sum kit is what makes it a really viable and economical weapons system.

    [more later]

  • Dee

    The ATF currently has a request for proposal ( RFP ) to switch to a new handgun for all of its agents. Sig Sauer submitted their new P250 pistol for this competition, but it was eliminated by the ATF from the competition after completion of the the first two stages of testing. Of the guns tested, only pistols from Glock and Smith & Wesson went forward to the stage 3 tests. Sig Sauer filed an appeal with the ATF about the Sig P250 being eliminated early from the testing. However, the ATF has now rejected their appeal, and only S&W and Glock are going to the final evaluation stage. In rejecting the Sig Sauer appeal, the ATF noted the following from their agent test results: “11 of the 20 test shooters experienced stoppages with Sig Sauer’s handguns–in some cases, as many as 10 stoppages. The ATF simply found the Sig P250 to be too unreliable for the needs of their agency. If you want to read the full report denying Sig Sauer’s appeal, you can do so here:

  • MJT

    Read the report, still clueless as to what got the P250 dropped from the list. Thought by stoppages they meant jams or possibly misfires. Over the 18 years I’ve shot my Glock I’ve only had 4 or 5 stovepipes, 1 fail to fire, and 1 scary-as-hell misfire that left the copper slug in the barrel and the chamber full of half-burned powder. None of those happened within the 1st 500 rounds. What do they consider a stoppage induced by the gun?

  • Dee


    There is a laundry list of stoppages that were addressed. You are correct when you thought of jams and misfires (please note a number of different ammo used.” Also a number of failure to feeds and to eject. All of which were considered weapon induced as many of the shooters were out testing were above average shooters. As I’m sure your aware limb wristing is often a shooter induced malfunction however with the Glock “winner” and the M&P did not have the same prob. Sorry for the late response!

  • Bill

    Like any firearm manufacturer, Sig Sauer is not immune to “hick-ups” regarding new product introductions. In recent years I know that CZ, Ruger, and others have had problems and recalls with new pistols; I know this fact because I had to send mine back to get them fixed.

    Hell, no manufacturer of anything of a semi-complex nature gets the first few runs 100% correct. I work in the Automotive industry and deal with screw ups and recalls every year on new and existing models including high-end European and Japanese brands – not just GM garbage.

    I waited the past two years for Sig to work the bugs out of the P250 prior to purchasing one. A wise man told me a long time ago not to buy newly-introduced firearms. I didn’t follow his advice on the Ruger LCP and the CZ 75 P-07. I learned my lesson, and didn’t make the same mistake with the P250.

    I really like the P250. It’s easy to shoot, even though it has a long trigger pull. However, I haven’t noticed any problems with speed or the trigger failing to reset. The trigger may be long, but it’s very smooth and consistent all the way through with no grit or stacking. Take down is a breeze and it’s very easy to clean because of the modular design.

    However, Sig Sauer should give free grips and replacement magazines to those who purchased the original pistol configuration and design. The consumer should not have to pay for the manufacturer’s mistakes. The squeaky wheel gets the oil; based on my automotive experience, a manufacturer isn’t going to go looking for expenses to incur. My suggestion is to contact Sig customer service and request a new grip and magazine(s). Don’t forget that honey attracts bees better than vinegar. Be nice; be civil, and you may just get what you want.

  • Lance Walker

    Listen to me when i tell you the p250 has just caught a whole bunch of flak for nothing. I have 2000 rounds of ammo through my .40 compact and 3000 through my .45acp. The latter being the first version. Has any body mentioned all the problems there having with the new 4th generation glocks??? Bottom line here is its not ever the gun its the people putting the guns together at the factories. What people don’t realize is the p250 is made here in the U.S. and the U.S. factory has had growing pains. All other sigs are made out of the country and have decades of experience. From what i here thats what all the problem is. Now they have dropped the price of the p250 line as they are getting all the kinks out which is why they are made here to begin with to keep cost down. The DAO trigger willl make you a better shot in its self. I have picked off squirrels with mine accuracy beats glock and S&W hands down. 2″ groups at 25 yds if i can do it and you cant its not the gun its you right??? I think most are turned off because the DAO trigger takes time at the range to master but the sights are better, and trust me when i tell you this gun will catch on and soon glock will be finding it self trying to come up with the answer.

  • Brittney

    I think that the changes they made should have been made before they put the p250 out. Or as most people think dont market it as a p250. With that being said I love the new 250. From the first shot the trigger pull was a tad long but very smooth. I got used to it real quick. its a quality gun I had to add to my collection

  • Michael

    hey i have a sig p250 compact the new style and im looking for a duty holster for it that will fit an attachment on the rail if anyone can please point me in the right direction that would be great. thanks

    • Chris S

      I know this comment is a little late but I have a solution for your holster search. Find a Blackhawk Serpa holster for SigPro 2022. That holster works perfect every variation of the P250 any caliber, any size and rail. Hope this helps.

    • Mike

      Black hawk pro 2022 may work

  • Brian

    I’m tired of my NEW model P250 40 cal being confused with the less expensive less reliable OLD model. Why didn’t SIG call it the P251 or something different ?
    BUT, it is an incredible firearm, smooth and reliable just like all the other SIGS.

  • Brian

    One more thing, I’m pissed that my NEW model P250 didn’t come with night sights like all the rest !

    • Mike

      I picked up the New SIG P250 around Feb/12 and mine came with the night sights installed and they also threw in a Holster and extra Clip.

  • Beau

    I have a Sig P250 SUBCOMPACT and it has the finger cut out at the grip, but it has no accessory rail. So Im a bit confused as to whether it is a new style or old style. I want to purchase the extended mag off the sig website but am worried it wont fit my pistol. Help!

    • Alan Blankenship

      The change only affects the compact frame.

  • johnh

    New style sig 250 compact .45 acp can’t find mags anywhere help

    • Steve Gwilt

      I have the exact same problem, John. I wonder why Sig doesn’t come with two mags like everyone else? Let me know when you fine a source for the mags.

      • geek

        Thanks to our politicians trying to get a vote and the @#$% people who do not have a clue you can not find them anywhere. Let them hear your voice before they take something else away from responsible citizens.

      • Mike have mag for SIG p 250 all sizes

    • tim

      cheaper then dirt has them for 37 dollars with 3 day delivery

    • Mike

      Try topgunsupply. com