Taurus Judge “El Juez” Limited Edition

The “El Juez”

The “El Juez” (thats “The Judge” in Spanish) is a limited edition of the Taurus Judge revolver. This model features a stainless finish with a gold plated hammer, trigger and cylinder release.

Caliber .45 Long Colt / 2.5″ .410 Gauge
Finish Polished Stainless Steel with Gold
Action Double Action
Capacity 5
Grip Black Ribber Grips
Barrel 3″
Overall Length 9 1/2″
Weight 29 oz
Front Sights Red Fiber Optic
Rear Sights Notched
MSRP (Price) $648

Just 1000 will be manufactured, so talk to your dealer soon if you want one. It will be distributed through Davidsons.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Neat, but the rubber grip doesn’t fit.
    Needs a nice wood or laminate grip.

    • Puke, I agree. Nice would grips would add a whole lot of class.

  • Tom Stone

    Still a heavy and useless pistol,just gaudy now.

  • Blackwater

    Unless you live in an area filled with tons of venomous snakes I don’t see why anyone would buy these pieces of garbage. Even then I’d still prefer a more versatile and less bulky gun that carried more rounds. Pass.

  • Don



  • Puke beat me to it! Wood grips would certainly make a limited edition stand out; anyone who just had to have the rubber grips could buy and install them. I’ve never been much of collector and prefer weapons that I can actually take out and shoot.

  • Simon_the_Brit

    I think taking the “long” .410 cartridges mucks up the proportions of the Revolver making it an ugly gun.

  • SpudGun

    In keeping with the new friendly tone of this blog, I have absolutely nothing to say about Taurus, the .410 revolver or the people who might own one.

    Oh look, it has a gold trigger and a gold hammer, that’s…interesting.

  • AJ

    Looks like a damn fine waste of $650 to me….

  • Pete

    “bling bling!”

  • I like my Judge. It’s a fun revolver and it’s a great conversation piece.

    Can’t please everyone!

  • Will

    Obviously to each his own, but I could think of dozens of uses for a pistol like this. And it is on my toy wish list. Well not this particular model, all the gold makes it kind of an ugly little toad.


  • Jim

    I can’t think of a single use for this which some other gun wouldn’t do better. the Box of Truth guy showed that it wasn’t very good with birdshot, and if you want a 45 revolver you can find one elsewhere, done better and for less.

  • Brian

    I wonder what General Patton would have to say about it…..

    • Brian, maybe “hot damn! where can I get one of these?”

  • primo capo

    “che tamarrata!!!”
    what tamarrata!
    (traslation for the people that don’t speak italian slang:
    “tamarro”=a slang term for a guy that dresses in ridicule way and believes of being “salty” while instead he is an incapable and fool…
    “tamarrata” = an thing apt to a “tamarro”…

    I hope that make you to laugh…. 😉

  • Ah, gotta love the gun snobs that immediately start flapping their gums anytime “Taurus” is brought up.

    Want to stand in front of me and my Taurus? no? Didn’t think so.

  • El Lobo

    If you carry with .410 shells this is an excellent vehicle defense weapon. Keep it in your center console and if anyone tries to carjack you they will get a rude surprise with no danger of overpenetration or injuring innocent bystanders.

  • Mel

    I do not have the gun for conceal and carry, or for accuracy at a great distance. It sits in the back of a walk in closet. Should I not be at home and ever an intruder enter the house. My wife will lock herself in the closet. All she need do is point the Judge in the general direction of the door and may God have mercy on anyone who attempts to open the door. Need any better review?

  • Ox

    Obviously half of the people commenting don’t have much knowledge about this gun. The shot shells, even 000 buck simply DO NOT have enough penetration (with the short OR longer barrel Judge) to hurt anyone severely, especially when adrenaline comes into play. However, loading this thing up with .45 Long colts will def. ruin the day of any of those 2 legged vermins. I do agree with the capacity though of only 5 rounds, it’s not great; but if your a good shot, then it will suffice. I keep a handy WASR-10 for my home defense…30 glorius rounds.

    • Terry Gilliam

      I do more ammo testing than anyone i know of. I have a raging judge 6.5 inch barrel. First shot corbon dpx 225 grain 45 long colt plus p at about 1220 fps out of my 6.5 inch barrel or 730 lbs. of energy from my gun. Second shot is 3 inch pdx1 at around 810 fps. This is the least effective of the three i use as far as penetration but disc are copper plated and all 4 stay on a human target at 40 feet.the copper plating is the key to at least helping penetration at longer distances. Inside 15 feet all four disc hit so close together ( 1 to 1.5 inches ) it wont have a problem penetrating because it is not to far from being a 275 grain hollow point bullet. worst case it will penetrate 6 to 8 inches up close and if you hit center mass or not at least some of those bbs will will burn that criminal up.We all want to think we are going to calmly score all our hits center mass but not many people know how terrifing it is to have your door kicked in by armed intruder. Those 16 bbs become a terrified home owners best friend when you are shooting a moving target with little or no light in a panic. Not lethal but any damage may keep his aim off enough for you to get a solid hit.Third load is another dpx45 long colt plus p, connect with one of those and it is over quick. Fourth shot federal 410 with 4 pellet plated 000 buck listed velocity 1200 fps but out of my 6.5 inch 1025 fps. Short range of 15 feet or less big hole all the way through a human probably. 30 to 40 feet 6 to 8 inch spread meaning a good shot lands all 4 and a pretty good shot may still land 1 or 2 with enough penetration to sway the odds some. Fifth shot 45dpx plus p that feels like a 22 out of this gun. Sixth shot another federal 000 or maybe even a 454 casull 250 grain solid copper federal expander at over 1500 fps now that recovery time is not an issue. I shoot a lot and i test a lot. I shoot 1.5 to 3 inch groups consistantly at a measured 25 yards offhand. I know a great deal about ballistics and energy, not from being smart but by lots of effort and time invested. I may not be dead on with all i have said here because some things are hard to test accurately and are common sence opinion. But from what i have learned over the past 15 years of being a guns and ammo lover I think i can safely say that the guy who said none of the 410 loads could do any severe damage to a human even with a 6 inch barrel has never shot my 6.5 inch raging judge through a chronagraph at 15 feet and seen 4 plated 70 grain balls hit in a 1.5 inch group at over 1000 fps. And the way it was stated, range could be 5 feet and not be to big of a problem because that 410 buckshot 4 pellets 70 grains each or 280 grains hitting a spot the size of a quarter at well over a thousnd fps in his opinion wont cause any real damage. Is that not more weight and more speed covering the same area as a 230 grain 45 acp plus p hollowpoint. Those 230 grain 45 acp plus ps do severe damage dont they? I do think penetration with the 410 buckshot is suspect at over 15 feet and more so with a 2 or 3 inch barrel. But with 6.5 inch barrel copper plated 000 buck and well over 1000 fps velocity. i think 15 to 30 feet is still an effective range and from 0 to 15 feet it is a very efective or even potent round

  • Eric Juez

    Judge series is an awesome handgun, superb for personal protection. Keep your flimsly flim-flam slim line cap guns – I prefer shot shells followed by .45 to blow the head of a violator clean off.

  • The new Winchester PDX1 410 ammo makes the Judge a formidible personal defense weapon.
    Three PDX1s and a couple 45 LC HPs and you ruin a bad guys day.

  • Lc

    El Juez; The judge, jury and executioner… nuf said. Mix and match .45/410 shot shell in alternating chambers and this is one bad beast. Then you got the bases covered .. tow legged vermin and those that crawl and slink on the face of the earth.. The rifling in the barrel also produces a much tighter pattern on the shot so adrenaline or not I do not what one of these to hit me in the chest or face.

  • I agree…The gun “snobs” make me sick.If it isn’t a thousand dollar Sig or DAO German hunko crap it does not qualify in their book. I have been carrying my FNP .45 in an Uncle Mikes holster for over a year because the holster makers in America only cater to the snob guns nowadays. If it is a Sig or Glock there are hundreds of holsters to be had,but my Made in the USA FNP(Made in my hometown Columbia,SC) goes without a custom rig.I believe there is some kind of Payola scam going on in the aftermarket. Something is NOT RIGHT about that and I wish we would first get a real attorney general in the USA and check into it.After investigating the holster makers then investigate the aftermarket night site makers.I have no idea why one can’t buy night sights or a holster for the FNP .45 ACP.Something stinks about that. It has been out plenty long enough that someone would be making products for it.It is not a Saturday Night special. I have had a few socalled custom producers go postal when I asked about it too. That just reenforced my opinion that something crooked was going on. In the mean time the Taurus Judge is a fine weapon and I too dare one of these know it all snobs to stand in front of it while any average housewife in America lets 5 rounds fly.

  • OH BTW I do not want to hear any Brits or Aussies on an American handgun site trying to give out advice.You idiots let your governments take your handguns away. About a month ago I saw one of the most hidious things I have ever seen in my life on a British gun site. It instantly made me almost throw up. They had taken a S&W model 29 and welded it shut and made a muzzle loader out of it so it could get past their gun laws. No Sir ….you clowns have shown exactly what you know about the subject.

  • BigDave- I live on the coast, about 100 miles from you, if you want to talk about custom leather get in touch with me.

    I am not a fancy-dan holster maker, but if it’s for concealed carry I can probably make something you’re happy with.

  • Raymond

    Just recently bought a judge. Stainless 3″ cylinder with 3″ barrel. At first seeing The Judge I didn’t like it, but after awhile it grew on me and I finally got one. Have not had the oportunity to fire it yet. I now have 40 plus handguns and have had problems with new out of the box Colts and Rugers which had to go back for repair. All of these guns are good guns. One thing I will always do is take any new gun regardless of the brand to the range and fire several boxes of rounds through it to satisfy myself that it will preform flawlessly in an emergency. I won’t trust it before I do that no matter what brand it is. One of the things about the Judge is that it is unusual and that is something that always catches my attention. If I have the opportunity I always try to add the “odd” or “different” gun to my collection. I know in the past there had been guns that had caught my eye but I neglected to get get them when they were modestly priced know some of those are unavailable, very rare or have gone up in value so much that they’re hardly affordable. I realize now you’ve got to get them while you can.

  • Christopher

    I want to agree that both the Taurus Judge and Public Defender ought to have replacement grips available in wood. I fired both weapons and they are devastating weapons. I dont particularly like the stubby rubber grips that come standard on these guns as a had previous dealings when Taurus came out with the 24/7 Automatic Pistols. Those guns too are great, just did not the grips and actually my friend had some custom made to fit his gun and the weapon feels alot better now that he has different grips on the gun. As far as who would buy or consider buying one of these guns, They make great snake shooters as listed in most of the things I have read but they are also great home defense weapons. I mean if you need 13-15 rounds of ammunition to stop a would be stalker one or two things are wrong, Either you cannot hit your target or maybe its time for some glasses. I was in the military for a few years one of the things that you learn is where to aim at the target. Again the reason I say this is an excellent home defense weapon is because if you load this thing up with shotshells and have different types ie…slug then #4 steel shot or Buckshot and they do have buckshot for .410 trust me whoever is on the receiving in of this wheelgun or as my friend says “smokewagon” they will be thinking why in the hell did I mess with this house. If you want to see the power that this thing has, go to Taurus’ website and watch the video. If you know someone who has one ask them to take you out shooting so you can fire a few rounds through it. Trust me when you fire the first 6 rounds through it you will want to buy one immediately. Just in case any of you are wondering I do have a home defense shotgun loaded with 2 slugs and 00 Buckshot, I also have an SKS rifle, A 8mm Sniper Rifle, and a Springfield Armory XDM9mm. I am in the process of getting possibly the Judge or Public Defender as soon as I can figure out how to make some grips fit on it or who has wood replacement grips.

  • randy king

    you can almost discern the ages of the commentors, youthful inexperienced shooters like the exotic, while the older more practical gunowner likes the no nonesense aspects of the Judge. I am 62 years old a retired Homicide investigator, and the Judge is the perfect home defense weapon.

  • Dave

    I recently aquired a 6″ judge, its an interesting weapon that is slightly “useless” by todays standards, but think of the 1800’s wouldnt u want a 45 colt that could be also a shotty in a pinch….. i may need to get some wood working in……. peacemaker like monster grips would make it a little bit more propotionate than the little 3 finger grip thats on it…. all in all I love it….. I also have other Taurus weapons, a pt99 that out preforms with less jams than my buddies Beretta 92F, and a little 357 M605… I have no questions about Tauruses ability to manufacture a gun…. anyone else seen a “Curcuit Judge” it was in the latest AR mag….

  • Jeff

    I have a titanium Taurus 357 Magnum, 7 shot; a titanium Taurus 9 shot 22 and a Taurus Judge. The 357 is my favorite concealed carry gun, the 22 is my favorite practice gun and the Judge is great to take fishing, or anywhere a snake might show up. I also own several other revolvers in various calibers. They all have a specific place and use. The Judge is kind of expensive to shoot, since the 410 shells are about 85 cents each, but it is a blast to target shoot with, since it will blow a hole the size of a basketball in a paper target. I don’t understand the put downs, but I would bet those folks don’t actually enjoy shooting all that much. I haven’t met a gun yet that I didn’t enjoy shooting, unless it didn’t fit in my hand. The Judge Defender is one of those, it has grips that are made for a very small hand. My Judge is a Tracker and it fits just right! Enuff said.

  • Coonan Fan

    I own a 3 inch chamber Judge; it is a fun gun to shoot. I don’t use it for a protection gun because I don’t trust it, but it is a fun gun to shoot. I even killed a rattler with it and it is the only hand gun that I have ever shot a flying clay pigeon with.

  • Judge fan

    Doing target practice with my judge up close where most gunfights take place statistically it does good with bird shot. After shooting melons I’m fairly sure it will remove someones face. And I saw the box of truth the guy shot from ten feet away. What mugger is gonna try and rob you that far away. I’m a medic and almost all the gsw’s I work have powder burns around them.

  • linda

    What is all your opinions on the Governor vs the Taurus in all aspects??? thanks.

  • brian

    I recently ordered a 3in chambered stainless steel Judge from my local dealer. I was a bit surprised when this particular model showed up but i liked the gold accents so I took it. Wasn’t until after i got home wit it along with a box of 3in shells that i realized it is chambered for 2 1/2 as there are no markings on the gun indicating chamber size. Started to take it back until I learned it was a special edition. Not crazy about the ” El Juez” markings but the gold is a nice touch and who knows, maybe it will be worth slightly more someday. This gun is a BLAST (pun intended) to shoot! As i work 2nd shift and my wife and kids are home alone in the evenings, i feel better knowing my wife has the firepower and hit probability of a shotgun in an easy to use package. I’ll admit when these guns first came out, i wasn’t crazy about there looks, but they have grown on me and the size and weight really isn’t all that disproportional at all. So i say, don’t knock it till you try one! I will agree that the rubber “gripper” grips are ugly as hell but are very comfortable in use. I keep mine loaded in alternating rounds of buckshot,45lc,Winchester defense disc,45lc,bird shot, five rounds of bad news for whomever comes around uninvited!

  • I just got a 45 S&W Gov.It is a good gun..But I can not go Hunting.In OHIO. You have to have a 5 in Barrel.But I like it over all..When I’m not home I know my woman is safe…

  • Ronnie

    Does anyone have a Taurus El Juez pistol for sale?

  • rick

    I was recently in a situation where my lady friend her daughter and I were in a bad situation. Her daughter had called and said that her other daughter and husband (wantabe gangsta) were arguing. went to the house and simple said young man you have 30 seconds to leave. he left, but as he left he mumbled be back with my crew. well long story short we went to leave and seven of his crew showed including him. I reached under the seat of my Hummer and pulled my EL JUEZE and one of the thugs said you have five shoots and there is seven of us. I said five will leave with a limp and I’ll pistol whip the other two. the wantabe thug son in law was the first to run. never had to pull the trigger so it proved that some things are better shown not used, but they I think know I was serious.