LaRue OSR now called OBR (Optimized Battle Rifle)

LaRue Tactical was forced to renamed their OSR rifle after Dick Swan of A.R.M.S trademarked the term “OSR”. Dick has been going after many tactical gun companies. Earlier this year he successfully sued Troy Industries and is currently litigating against LaRue and Magpul.

The good news is that the OBR, after much delay, is shipping.

Thanks to Isaac for the info.

Steve Johnson

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  • Paul

    Mark Larue has taken an interesting spin on the current #17 lawsuit as put forward by ARMS. As posted on, Larue is offering a FREE replacement mount for any ARMS throwlever mount that the owner INTENTIONALLY breaks the lever off and sends it in with before and after pictures.

    While this will likely add fuel to the fire, it certainly is an interesting counter-tactic.


  • I actually like the OBR better.

  • Clark

    It looks like an awesome rifle, but I wonder why they would put a CTR cheek riser on an adjustable stock AR platform. That charging handle isn’t going to work unless you keep the stock extended full length all the time.

  • Danny

    Since when did battle rifles started coming telescopic sights. it looks more like a sniper rather than a genuine 7.62 battle rifle like the G3,SLR etc.
    I think it resembles the AR 10 in certain aspects, its too expensive

  • uzim16

    there are so many AR producers. how many of them do make parts or at least some parts by themself?

  • Karl
  • jdun1911


    It is an AR10/SR25. More toward SR25 because it use the same magwell as the SR25 which is now the standard for AR 7.62 rifle

    It has been proven that optics improve the performance of any rifle. That’s why almost every new rifle that comes out will accept optics. Old designs like the M14 and FAL has been modified to allows optics on them.

    The G3 IMO not a very good rifle but that’s for another discussion.

  • Too bad these are only being sold as complete rifles – LaRue won’t sell lowers to us CA gunowners 🙁

  • Titleist

    Reliable 7.62 Semi Autos are very hard to find and keep running. Larue has been working on this rifle for a long time, and it’s almost impossible to find something of theirs that’s not top notch quality.

    As for the cheek riser it’s quite simple: the cheekweld almost becomes a chin-weld for a number of shooters due to the dimension of the rifle, specifically the 20moa cant that’s built into the rail. So some may require the riser to get a comfortable cheek weld. Some may not. I’m planning on using a standard Magpul ACS stock on mine.

    Also the price is VERY competitive. Keep in mind LWRC’s REPR is about 3400, the KAC battle rifle is 6300, and the upcoming LMT .308 is in the 2800-3200 range as well, same with the SCAR H. So the fact that this is ready to rock at 2500 dollars (base config) is a fantastic deal for what it is.

  • drewogatory

    (cough,cough) Fulton Armory Titan(cough cough). Still another shameless plug for a fantastic product. No affiliation,btw,just a very happy customer.

  • BC

    Seeing a lot more ability to litigate as opposed to innovate from ARMS lately. Just another reason (beyond ARMS limited products) to buy from like Magpul and Larue, who are actually making quality products.

  • Brian, do you have a link to the resolved Magpul suit?

  • John

    I thinks its kinda obvious who Brian works for…

  • Dusty

    It’s kind of obvious who ‘brian’ is. Last time stuff like this happened, it was traced to dick’s wife. Sad thing is, she fails to address what larue is doing with the throwlever replacement. Oh, that’s because they know that Larue makes an absolutely superior product.

  • Jack

    Brian is “Dicks ” son in law

  • Brian, your email address is invalid. Judging by other posts you have made on other websites you are almost certainty connected with ARMS. This blog is not for propaganda.

  • Uh, Steve, you deleted the comments from “Brian” …

    Those comments are part of litigation right now and should not be removed.

    Mark LaRue

    • Mark, I emailed you on 6 Feb asking if you wanted them deleted. You did not reply and because they were a violation of my comment policy I deleted them. I was not aware they were part of a litigation. All you told me was that your lawyers were interested in information about “Brian”, although you did not specify what info you wanted.

      Please feel free to email me.