The “god gun”

The MILES training system “god gun”.

From Bryan Jones’s blog

A rifle or sidearm for instance could not disable a tank while conversely heavier weapon systems can do more damage or cause injury to greater numbers of individuals. However, the most powerful weapon in the NTC is a small blue sidearm called the “god gun”. This electronic weapon instantaneously “kills” personnel or vehicles and removes them from the fight when participants are within the kill zone or blast radius of virtual explosions delivered from both grenades and IEDs.

Bryan took this photo when he visited Medina Wasl, the fake Iraqi village at Fort Irwin’s National Training Center. His blog post about the visit is definitely worth reading.

Steve Johnson

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  • Jim

    Canada used to use a similar version of miles. great thing about the god gun was that you could have it programed to fire 105 tank rounds on full auto rifle. Instant kill everything.

  • Jim

    I don’t get it.

  • A gun that kills EVERYTHING you point it at?! *places fingers together like Montgomery Burns* Excellent…

    Too bad its just a sim device 🙁

  • john

    Is it a simulator of different weapons? From pistol to artillery shells?

  • Bugs

    Each different weapon that uses MILES gear has a laser projector designated for it. It is attached to the weapon, and in the case of a personal weapon, it shoots its beam when it detects a blank has been fired from the weapon. The beam identifies what the projector was attached to. A MILES device attached to an M16 send a code identifying the weapon as an M16, an M2 sends a code identifying the weapon as an M2, etc.

    Soldiers wear what is basically a rugged, high tech laser tag rig. It detects hits on the soldier, and takes them out of the game when they get hit.

    The god gun can be set up to send any weapon identification it likes. I don’t remember the specifics of what some people were taken out with when I last used it, but I think it was nukes.