Sig P250 2SUM two gun set

The Sig P250 2SUM1 is a package made up of a full-sized and a subcompact 9mm Sig P250 pistol. The idea is that the full-sized model will be used for home defense and/or sport, while the compact will be used for concealed carry.

Only one fire control unit is provided and it must be switched between the pistols.

Top Gun Supply is listing it for $759.95.

  1. 2SUM … twosome … get it? 

Steve Johnson

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  • Pretty neat combo and a good price too. I do wonder if switching that fire control unit around would get a bit tedious if you were doing it twice a day. I could see it being reasonable if you used the compact for carry and HD and then the full size for range days, competition, training, etc.

  • Freiheit

    Pass. I’f I’m buying two guns I want two guns. There are two receivers in that box. BATFE will see that as a sale of two guns. If I have one at home and I’m out with the CCW piece what should the family at home use?

    It’s a neat idea, but having to swap out the FCG sinks it.

  • Freiheit: The fire control unit is the serial numbered part of the P250, not the frame. The frames are notched in order to display the serial number on the FCU.

  • Matt Groom

    Ho-hum. I would prefer a two gun set, successive serial numbers of course, kinda a “his and hers” combo. Or a centerfire/rimfire combo set. This is just a Small gun/Smaller-version-of-the-same-small-gun set.

  • Carl

    The idea that you should use different guns for defense depending on where you are (at home or not) is rather strange. I say train with one gun and carry it everywhere, including at home.

    Also, presumably these Sigs can just as well be carried openly.

  • I like the concept. I’ll be more interested when it comes in .40 or .45.

  • Bandito762

    I don’t get it. Can both guns be shot simultaneously? If not this is a waste.

  • Griffin

    Well I own the compact Sig P250 .45 acp and its a little difficult to conceal…

  • jbomultigun

    Seems like it would be an interesting product for those who live in a location where buying a firearm requires jumping through a lot of hoops.

  • Cymond

    I like this idea for people on a budget. The idea is that it is cheaper to buy 1 FCU and several parts kits than to buy several guns. I bought an XDM earlier this year for $650, and all I have is an XDM. Although I love my XDM, I cannot possibly carry it concealed unless I wear a coat. Naturally, doing so prevents me from taking my coat off when I go inside. My next purchase will probably be an XD subcompact for another $550+.

    If I had bought this, I would have a full-size and a compact for roughly $100 more.

    This idea of a modular handgun is also great for people who live in a place where handgun ownership is severely restricted. The person only has to register 1 gun, but can re configure it into a variety of sizes and calibers.

  • Does anyone know why the P 250 is non compliant in Caliornia. I do not yet own a gun, but i was looking into getting this one, and in my reseacher I notice that it is non compliant. I anyone knows please respond. Thanks.

  • Big Tony

    I agree with the sentiment that it’s silly to have “2 guns” — but you can only use one at a time. I just don’t see the purpose of this. Like Carl, I say buy one gun that you will actually use and carry, that fits your expected mission profile. If you decide that you have an additional need that gun #1 won’t fulfill — okay, get a second gun. But who would do that on the condition that they have to disable gun #1 in order to use gun #2?

    Have you guys seen the advertising tag line on the Sig website?? “Two Glocks $1,200, Two M&P’s $1,160, Two XD’s $1,090, 2SUM from SIG, HUNDREDS LESS!”

    Sheesh. They should asterisk that with a disclaimer “* please note that two Glocks, M&Ps, or XD’s actually ARE two guns; we at SIG are comfortable however selling you the ‘illusion’ of two guns in order to save you ‘hundreds.’ Void where prohibited by common sense.”

    @ Pete — I think the P250 is not Cali compliant because it lacks a visible loaded chamber indicator, and a magazine disconnect (so the gun cannot fire if the mag drops out.) Because in Cali, heaven forbid anyone should be expected to be smart enough to be conscious of whether they have a round chambered, and of course, if there IS a round chambered, and the mag drops out, the last thing you should be able to do is actually use the one round you have left. Krazy. It’s amazing that we gun owners have existed in America for over 200 years without accidentally shooting ourselves out of existence, absent the wisdom of the California legislators and anti-gun freaks who want to make every dangerous thing “safe.” I’m sorry, but person+gun is inherently dangerous, that’s the whole point of it. If there is a failure in that equation, it’s the person . . . not the gun.

    If the California lawmakers want to make everything “safer” in California — stop interfering with the rights of competent, law-abiding citizens to own and carry firearms. WE are not the problem, and the guns themselves are not the problem. The problem is that California has fostered an environment which creates more crime than it prevents. When the rights of honest, decent people are infringed upon, the only people who benefit are criminals.

    *sigh* Okay, sorry for my little rant!

  • Mohh

    It’s probably not compliant in California because it holds more than 10 rounds. I guess they haven’t seen some of the competition shooters that can change out a magazine in a matter of seconds…

  • Jason

    I think that some of you are missing the point with the whole “2 guns” thing. The point is that your one gun purchase gives you options that any other one gun cannot. For work, sport, or protection you can, if you so choose have a full sized 45. To go out for a gallon of milk at 1 in the morning or for an evening out, in about a minute, you can convert your full sized .45 (or maybe you configued it as a .40 that day) into a very carriable and concealable sub compact 9mm or .357 sig if you so wish… in just over a minute! Not to mention that such an option gives you more round capacity and comfort than a sub compact 45… oh yeah and you don’t have to buy a second full price gun to do it. For the price of the “2Sum” they are giving you the size option almost for free! Sure with two guns you simply change guns (and holsters- another expensive purchase if comfort is at all a concern), but you have bought two guns to get there… and they are not Sigs.

    Seriously, how many of us have ever shot two guns at once in home defence, work, or any other situation where a shot mattered? The point is that you can maximise your purchase so that with one purchase and a few part purchases you can have up to 4 different calibers in three different frame sizes. A gun customizable to all your versatile needs… in one gun! This is amazing. Sign me up!

  • CMC Discount Guns

    Freiheit…”what should the family at home use?”

    Are we really to assume there is one gun for the and for concealed carry?

    The real answer is hopefully a 12 or 20 gauge short barrel shotgun with #4 or larger shot with an attached flashlight. (generally considered the best home defense firearm)

  • Walt

    I agree with Ben, no need to conceal at home. Sawed off 12 gauge is what I use to protect my house.

  • Dan

    Jason hit the nail on the head. I just bought the 2sum as my first gun(s). I liked the idea of a modular weapon that can be upgraded, or modified as the budget allows. Before I bought the 2sum my brother asked if they could be shot simultaniously. Instead of answering “no” and listen to him try and make a point that isn’t there I asked him “when am I ever going to need to shoot two guns simultaniously.” Sure it looks cool in the movies to see the guy bust out 2 guns, start blasting, and every shot is a kill shot but come on it’s hard enough to hit the center of a targer with one gun standing at the gun range. Lastly, the comparison of the 2sum to 2 glocks or H&k’s isn’t a fair comparison, you get more for your money with the 2sum then you do with any SINGLE glock or h&k

  • deeeese

    @bandito … why would you want to shoot 2 guns at the same time simultaneously?

    people who ask such questions have no business being around guns… in my unhumble opinion

  • Bandito762

    I didn’t mean one person shooting both, but if I am at the range with my buddies it might be useful to be able to shoot one gun while my friend shoots the other. I can see where my comment would have seemed ridiculous.

  • Ronekind

    I bought the 2 sum set. Its a great value and the versitility is nice. While I will be keeping it in the Full sized role its nice to have the option to swap out if I need to. Its one gun with two variants. Its shoots great and I wanted to buy a 9mm (zombie apocolypse) anyways. This way I get a great weapon in a Sig and I have options to one change size if needed and or buy a new slide and chaging the caliber in the future. No matter what I keep the same action at all times, same trigger pull no variations which I think is very important when choosing any weapon. (not a big fan of the DA/SA). As for being able to shoot two different weapons, well buy another one if thats all you have. Some how I doubt anyone on this blog has any issues drumming up another weapon for his buddy to shoot.

    P.S. I really didnt have to let the weapon cool at the range when I swapped out to the Sub compact. My only complaint on the system is the spring from the trigger to the hammer if your not careful it can fall off. When you think about it though you are probably not going to be making any “tacticle” change over from Full to compact.

  • Charles

    The “2SUM” is a companion kit for someone who already has a P250 Compact, which is what they already sold the most of.

    The “2SUM” contains:
    a fire control unit;
    a Full Size “Exchange kit” [frame, slide, barrel, and mag]; … and
    a Sub Compact “Exchange kit” [frame, slide, barrel, and mag].

    Because there is only one serial numbered fire control, ATF considers the “2SUM” to be one gun.

    With your P250 Compact and your “2SUM” kit, you can assemble any 2 of 3 possible pistols:
    Compact + Sub Compact
    Full Size + Sub Compact
    Full Size + Compact

    Carry the Compact concealed, and the Sub Compact as a back up.

    Carry the Full Size as a duty gun, and the Sub Compact as a back up.

    SIG also sells individual “Exchange kits” which have:
    a frame, slide, barrel, and mag.
    Because there is no serial numbered fire control, ATF does not consider the “Exchange kit” to be a gun.
    It can be sent directly to you, no FFL transfer is necessary.

    The fire control units fit any size, any caliber.

    The “2SUM”s and the “Exchange kits” are caliber specific;
    except that the grip shell [frame / lower receiver] units in 9mm / 40cal / 357SIG, are interchangeable, but are size specific.

    In 45acp the grip shell [frame / lower receiver] units are size specific and are not interchangeable with the 9mm / 40cal / 357SIG grip shell [frame / lower receiver] units.

    Joe Friday lives with his wife and 12 adult children in a 3 room apartment in Kalipornia, Obamerika.
    He is allowed to buy one gun per month.

    In Jan, he bought a [$500] P250 Compact in 9mm;
    and a [$325] Compact “Exchange kit” in 357SIG.

    In Feb, he bought a [$675] “2SUM” kit in 9mm,
    and a [$325] Sub Compact “Exchange kit” in 357SIG.

    In Mar, he bought a [$500] P250 Compact in 40cal,
    and a [$325] Full Size “Exchange kit” in 357SIG.

    In Apr, he bought a [$675] “2SUM” kit in 40cal.

    At the end of each month, what combinations could he assemble, and what was his total cost at that time?

  • Partsfreak

    I bought the P250 2sum in .40 cal. It is perfect for MY situation. I didnt plan on running around with 2 guns playing mall rambo. I have the option of shooting the full size, or carrying the subcompact as I wish. I didnt pay anywhere near retail for it, and it was indeed a better deal than buying 2 of any other .40 cal handguns I could find new in box. It shoots well right out of the box although the trigger pull is a bit long. I got used to it within the 1st box of ammo. The best part of that is that when you get used to firing one, it is the same on the other as well. The cal exchange kits come with everything but the firing mechanism listing for somewhere around $350 or 375 but Ill bet they can be found cheaper soon. It is the easiest gun to disasseble & clean besides the UZI that I have ever had.


    WARNING: I purchased a SIG P250 2SUM in 40 caliber and made the mistake of not researching the item which compared it to 2 guns in Glock, M&P’S, Springfield XD’s for HUNDREDS LESS. Believe me folks the deal is much less!
    A great deal if it were 2 guns but it is a Full Sized P250 designed to convert over to a subcompact, you make ONE OR THE OTHER. You CANNOT order any kit from SIG or a dealer to make both P250’s weapon operational at the same time. Believe me I learned from this mistake, but talk to SIG about this and they hang up on you. My advice: Buy another gun and stay away from SIG. Springfields and Glocks are GREAT!!! CLIFF

  • Billy

    I think that the idea is more for Lawenforcement that the civilian market. A department can issue each officer a single serial numbered gun and keep extra frames on hand for other assignments.

  • Jason

    In response to Billy’s comment, no, I don’t believe this weapon was marketed to law enforcement; they are very stringent in which weapons & calibers they will allow. They are not well known for officer choice or for footing the bill for extravagancies such as off duty carry. I have not read of Sig having any military or law enforcement contracts for the 2SUM and I also believe that law enforcement, far and wide, have been moving from 9mm (which the 2SUM package is) to .45 & 40 for the greater stopping power and therefore perceived protection in civilian liability issues.

    This is clearly aimed at the civilian and off duty law enforcement that would like a full sized home defense caliber weapon for the residence and WANT the convenience AND affordability of converting a trusted, reliable, and well known (used) weapon for lighter and more concealable carry in civilian clothing (Or the family that would like a safe, quality gun usable for shooting recreation by large and small hands such as husband/wife or parent/older children- My Walther P99 does this with changeable S,M,L grips). This is just the natural out growth of the line of thought that big game pistol hunters found with interchangeable large caliber pistols (different caliber for different game) such as the Desert Eagle & other interchangeable barrel/clip pistols: one gun with versatility (for an additional price, but more affordable than buying two specialty calibers).

    I really don’t understand the hang up on expecting two guns for the price of one while still expecting quality; especially from a high end, prestigious firm such as SIG. NO ONE shoots two guns at one time except for mentally deranged bank robbers who want to go out in a blaze of “glory.” Thankfully and statistically, you will not hit your target shooting two guns at once or “gangsta” style for that matter for the simple reason that your eye doesn’t align with the sights (but don’t tell people that shoot this way, we don’t want them to shoot straight!). If you want two “different” guns, then, historically, you buy them.

    If, on the other hand, you have always wanted a full sized pistol for home and the range AND have always wished you could “magically” or conveniently make it smaller for concealed carry personal protection, SIG has answered its patron’s wishes with this new choice. The idea, though confined to a niche market, is sound and others will follow, I’m sure.

  • Tom Miller

    great idea. I bought a two gun 9mm set for 550 dollars with full size and compact. I now own a 357 sig and 40sw assembles uppers for another 300 on a promotional deal. I can change out any combo in about 45 seconds and I just wish more companys would go modular. The trigger pull is great too for a double, not being able to single is the only disadvantage. I have put about six hundred rounds through the 9s with no problems,tipical sig Tom miller

  • mitchelli

    Ive purchsed the 2sum kit and like it. Ive also read the post’s here
    debating two guns vs. one and one half guns. My question is, is it possible to purchase and register a seperate fire control assembly?

  • D.Plaisance

    @Tom Miller

    Where did you find such a good deal for the 2sum for 550? Also I can’t find a exchange kit for .40s&w, are they just hard to come by? Where did you get yours?

    I am trying to choose between the P250 and the XDm. Anyone that has both or shot both, I’d love to hear your opinions!!!

    Also I keep going back and forth between 9mm and .40. I know the .40 has a bit more stopping power and 9mm ammo is a touch cheaper. I will be using my pistol for CC/Hog Hunting/Range Fun. ok give me everything you got. 🙂 thanks -DP

  • chris

    got mine for $500 but looking for another firing control asembly

    • Partsfreak

      Chris, Sig won’t sell the FCU assebly but there is a place on the web called JC Weaponry that does. Current pricing is 199.00 each.
      Since I bought my 2Sum (.40) I have accumulated some 9mm cal exchange kits. It is nice to have a few complete pistols once you end up with a drawer full of frames and slides.
      P.S. the .40 & .357SIG magazines are the same. All you need is the barrel to change cal between the 2.


    I recently purchased a Sig 2Sum in .40 from a local retailer for $459. on sale. At this price it was like buying a gun and getting a conversion kit for free. It was also available in 9mm. I love the convenience the combo provides. It is very accurate and feels great in my hand. It is comparable to having an over and under shotgun set with two sets of barrels. It allows you to use the configuration that fits the situation at the time. Besides the different caliber conversion kits, Sig also offers different size grips in the compact and full size versions. Small, medium and large grips are offered seperately to tailor the fit to the individuals hand. The subcompact is only available with the small size grip. They also offer a short trigger to lessen the reach to the trigger for those with smaller hands. All of these options make the P250 a truly modular system to customoize it’s fit and firepower to nearly any user so the same weapon can be made to fit the man of the house or his wife depending on who is using the gun at the time. I own many handguns including Kimbers, Glocks, Rugers, Brownings, Hammerli’s and others but the Sig 2 Sum modular system is a truly unique set up and if the weapon fits your hand better, you will shoot better also.

  • The spec for DAO 5.5 to 6.5 lbs. This seems a very light weight for a DAO but why is there a 1 lb variance? Is Sig saying that they cannot accurately make a gun with a specific trigger pull?

    • bob

      On sale at cabela’s in LaVista nebraska for $504

  • sandmanwilly

    i just made it easy and bought two of each in 40 and 9mm for under 850 for each of the two 2sums with transfer fees and shipping… i do not feel like switching them out