New Springfield XDM 3.8 compact

Springfield has introduced a compact version of the XD(m) pistol called the 3.8. Its name refers to the barrel length which is 3.8″ long, 0.7″ shorter than the standard XD(m). The name is sure to confuse many who will think it refers to the .380 cartridge.

The 3.8 model features non-slip slide serrations which have a kink in them, unlike the standard model which has straight serrations.

XD(m) 4.5 serrations.
Caliber 9mm
Magazines capacity 19 Round
Barrel 3.8” Steel, Melonite®,
Sights Dovetail Front and Rear (Steel) 3-Dot
Trigger Pull 5.5 – 7.7 lbs
Frame Black Polymer
Slide Forged Steel
Overall Length 7″
Height 5.6″
Weight w/ empty mag 27.5oz
Available colors Black, Bi-Tone SS/Black
MSRP $697 (black/blued model)

UPDATE: Tyler Kris is the first to get his hands on one.

Steve Johnson

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  • OK. That does it. I’m losing all respect for the XD brand! This is blatant copying of what Glock is doing!

    They were innovative, this is just out right copying….get with it guys, you’re better than this!

    Now that I’ve slammed them let me quickly add that the magazine capacity is impressive and the compactness of it almost rivals my personal carry the Glock 26. The price point is an issue though. Otherwise (my complaints aside) I’ll definitely take a look and rent one to see how it fits me.

  • Jason Smith

    Springfield is one of those companies that needs to learn that a shorter barrel does less for concealment than a shorter grip.

  • Dom

    Jason – I agree with you, in this case. The original XD line – which is starting to look like the one to have, as the XD(m) evolves into gimmicks – featured compacts that had grips short enough to leave most pinkies dangling. So they knew it once. The problem, I think, is they are trying to do something weird that doesn’t necessarily involve the best and most practical self-defense designs with the (m) guns. No .45, no short grip, no manual safety option, etc. I think these are supposed to be geared toward competition…but I don’t get it at all.

    And might I add, 3.8″ (and really, outside of caliber, why use decimal for inches? I can’t measure that!) is 0.2″ away from 4″, which was the XD Service model and Glock 19 barrel length. To me, these dimensions are closer to that of a service pistol and have little to do with being compact – especially without a short grip.

    The Croatian brain trust must be faltering…

  • Dom

    Steve, is Springfield actually calling this a compact? Or did “compact” come from TFB? Inquiring minds want to know…

    • Dom, I called it a compact. Springfield describe it as “3.8” short barrel for enhanced concealability”. Other pundits are also calling it a compact.

  • Zach

    Just another vote saying this is essentially pointless, in the context of the original XD 4″ and subcompact 3″. This gun would not conceal any easier than a 4″ XD, and probably worse due to the slightly thicker grip frame. This seems like a gun designed for fashion (ala Taurus) rather than function.

  • I’m missing something here. Below are the specs on the Glock 26. This XD compares favorably except in the wt category which is because it carries 9 more rounds than a standard magazine in the Glock 26. Is everyone forgetting that the service pistol in the glock line is the 17, not the 19? The 19 is compact. The 26 is ultra compact. This pistol fits the definition of compact.

    Caliber: 9 x 19 mm
    · Action: Safe Action System
    · Length: 6.29 inch / 160 mm slide
    · Height: 4.17 inch / 106 mm
    · Width: 1.18 inch / 30 mm
    · Length: 5.67 inch / 144 mm between sights
    · Barrel Length: 3.46 inch / 88 mm
    · Barrel Rifling: Right, Hexagonal
    · Length of Twist: 9.84 inch / 250 mm
    · Magazine Capacity: 10 / 12 Subject to local laws and regs.
    · Gun Weight: 19.75 oz / 560 g empty without magazine.
    · Magazine Weight: 1.98 oz / 56 g empty
    · Magazine Weight: 6.35 oz / 180 g Full. Approximate subject to ammunition type.
    · Trigger Pull: 5.5 lbs / 2.5 kg
    · Trigger Travel: .5 inch / 12.5 mm
    · Number of Safeties: 3

  • If the thing did not jam, it might be worth a look. I have had nothing but problems when I bought XDs. I will stick with my Glocks…thank you

  • Dave

    Now I understand why it seemed like SA was giving a bit of a push for its XD 9sc recently. The 3.8 will take some market share from it. I’ll bet we’ll see clearance prices on XD 9sc now — I’ll be buying my SC finally I guess!


  • Vak

    Two things :

    -First off, I’m glad I’m not the only person to have noticed the slight similarity that those new serrations have with the ones featured on the gen 3.5 glock. On the other hand I must say they look actually better than the glock’s fish grills, and who cares if they copy something good as long as the customer benefits from it.

    -Who, of Springfield and HD (or whatever the hell the name of the croatian company is), is responsible for this “innovation” ? Is it springfield who pushed this design on HD or is it HD who developped it alone and just sold it to Springfield ?

  • uzim16

    I’m always wondering: XD is an American product or just imported from Croatia?

    • uzim16, good question. Does anybody here know where they are produced?

  • Jason Smith

    Just to clarify my earlier posting: It doesn’t matter whether this is marketed as a “compact” or a “subcompact” or whatever. The fact is that SPRINGFIELD says that they shortened the barrel by .3 or .2 inches to enhance concealability. This is the equivalent of a Glock 17 frame with a Glock 19 slide…the exact OPPOSITE of what most people agree would be an ideal CCW Glock (G19 frame with G17 slide).

    There’s a reason that 1911s with Commander length slides and Officers length frames took off.

    I’ve never owned an XD, but I’ve shot a few. I have no grounds to accept or reject them based on their reliability or ergos. HOWEVER, I do reject their design philosophy of short barrels and long grips.

    I’ve also always been curious about the question that VAK raises: Who drives the XD design? Springfield or HS?

    Those XD 45 Compacts look like they hit the sweet spot for me: 4″ & 5″ barrels with 10 round grip frames. Did they ever make a 9mm like that?

  • Matt Groom

    Can we get a 6″ barrel please? Why the hell are all guns built with 3″-4.5″ barrels now? How is 5″ a long slide? Who gives a crap about 3.8″ barrels when the slide is the same width as an N-frame S&W cylinder? Why would I carry a 9mm when I could carry a .44 Magnum that’s the same size? Is there really anyone out there going “Gee, I wish I could get a full-size pistol with a truncated magazine and a barrel of less than four inches”?

    I agree that the name is terribly confusing. “It’s a Three Point Eight? Don’t you mean a ‘Point-Three-Eight’, as in ‘thirty-eight’? It’s an auto! Do you mean .38 Super? .380 ACP? .38 Casull?”
    Dumb. Bad marketing.

  • Carl

    The slides and upper part of the frames on these firearms look very tall compared to other brands. It looks like there is a lot of material or empty space that could be removed if you were to optimize the design.

    The extractor seems like it sits on top of the slide. Where does the brass go?

    It says “U.S.A” on the slide… …for those who care about that. 😉

  • Justin Grigg

    this is the reason i didnt buy the XD. because of the size. the G19 has got the perfect balance of grip length and barrel length. all the XD models have either too long or too short of a grip for me, aside from the compact .45 model. i don’t understand why they dont make one that size in the other calibers. grip length hinders concealment more than barrel length.

  • That long grip is something that I think is a plus. For my Glock 26 I have an adapter so that it can accept the 15 round mag from the Glock 19.

    Having a 19 round magazine is a big plus. And long barrels are harder to conceal in my opinion than larger grips. Besides you have better control of a weapon if the grip is larger (I’m not talking about king kong size but you get the idea). Its a win to me. Plus you have the added pleasure of knowing that in a pinch you can just carry your gun and maybe not that spare magazine.

    20 rounds. A full size grip. I’ll definitely take a look..but that price bothers me.

  • Dom

    To answer Uzim’s question – my XDs indicate they were made in Croatia. That is my understanding: the XD is the HS-2000 imported and re-branded, and there is some work between the HS company and SA in terms of what models to produce and where to take the brand. I am not sure if the same is entirely true of the XD(m), but I would guess so.

    To clarify my earlier comment…I have nothing but respect for HS Produkt. The HS-2000 is a superb gun and deserves to be imported to larger markets. Just not sure what is going on with the XD(m) series.

  • Karl

    Springfield XDs are all designed and manufactured by HS Produkt d.o.o. in Karlovac, Croatia. Springfield is HS’ biggest customer. If you want to see the HS2000-series of pistols in their native BDU, visit

    Overall the XDs are good alternatives to GLOCK; my XDs have been extremely reliable and consistent from gun to gun. Triggers are fine, takedown is a snap, and the internals are really well made.

    However I’m not convinced that the full-size grips offer any advantage over GLOCK. I think the grip texture is better than the Gen 3 GLOCK when your gloves are wet from snow or rain, and not as good as the RTF. Grip angle is 1911-esque, so the handgun points very naturally, but the lightweight frame and high bore axis contribute to a lot of muzzle flip when firing Federal Hydra-Shok 124grn 9mm +P+.

    If I were in a time-is-life situation, would I choose the XD? I like to think that I would, but the truth is, I don’t (I own 3 XDs, yet I carry a custom HK 45c). On the other hand, if I had to outfit an police force inexpensively… well, I’d choose the GLOCK 17 RTF. But if I were a die-hard 1911 shooter and I wanted a polymer handgun to work and compete with, it might make a fine choice.

  • Carl

    $697 buys a G17 or G19 and four 33 round magazines (plus whatever stock magazines the gun comes with).

  • From the articles I have read:

    XD was designed by and manufactured by HS-Arms in Croatia as the HS pistol. It is imported by Springfield under the XD name.

    The XDm pistols were designed by Springfield Armory in cooperation with HS arms, but are still manufactured by HS and imported by SA. They weren’t available in the EU until a while after the US release. (And are called the HS XDm in the EU)

    • guys, thanks for the info

  • Mark

    I like the XD line, I own 3 of ’em. However, I just can’t get on board with the XDM line. Sure, the trigger is marginally better, and the take down process is more convenient, but besides that it is all a bit gimmicky to me. Like others have said, what is the point in shortening the barrel length for “concealability” when the grip length is what truly matters most? I just don’t get it.

    I think the XDM line is what SA is pushing design wise. They were smart to pick up the HS-2000 and market it for the US, but as far as them working to “improve” that design…they are only failing.

  • Zach

    Carl, the black piece on top of the slide is only a loaded chamber indicator. The extractor is an internal design (like a 1911 and unlike most modern pistols) and is in the usual spot but not visible in the photos.
    The slides are only moderately bulky – frame rails are fairly large. Believe me XD slides are small compared to Ruger P-series! For a really small slide, look at a Steyr M9.

  • Hey guys…I just got one in! I’ll get some pics and specs up soon. I’ll try to get a video of me shooting it for the YouTube page…

    • TyKreis, cool, post a link when you have it online.

  • Stella

    I love my XD45 and XDm 9 and think that the improvements found in the XDm are worthwhile—read: far from a gimmick. In fact it’s one of the best shooting plastic nines I have ever used. That being said this release from SA is a head scratcher, especially with the XD faithful frothing for the (unlikely) advent of a XDm 45.

    For a CCW pistol, no matter the whizzbang of the XDm, a subcompact XD or a compact XD 45 are far more practical choices within the line.

  • Cymond

    The biggest problem for me when I try to conceal my XDM (doesn’t work) is the grip length. Either the bottom of the grip prints through the back of my shirt or the sights on top of the slide print out the front of my shirt. The grip is long enough that I have room for another finger, but I wasn’t graced with an extra finger on my hand, so the space is really just used for that 19 round magazine. The XDM is, however, a very fun range gun and is part of my car emergency kit.

    On another note, since the only thing they’re changing is the barrel/slide length, maybe they’ll offer the upper as an accessory for the full-size XDM.

  • Nick

    I have an XDm9 as my daily carry, believe it or not. A wee bit big, but about the same size as my Gov’t 1911 I was carrying before. While I don’t seem to have any real issues concealing it, I have wanted a smaller version for a while, purely out of comfort’s sake. However, if I’m going to buy a smaller carry, I want a smaller grip more so than a shorter barrel. I think a thinned grip about the length of the SC line would be awesome. They would need to redesign the gun, but if they could basically take the SC line and cut the gun down to just under an inch in thickness and use a thinner double stack magazine of about 10 rounds (in 9mm, anyway), they’d have it made in my book. Same general size as a G26, and about 2/3 as thick. That would take a huge bit out of Glock’s market share. Sure, you’d lose some of the capacity the SC’s 13 round mag is known for, but you’d have a far more concealable handgun than the G26, and still match it in capacity.

    For now, if I buy a smaller carry gun, the XD9SC will get the nod.

  • Steve, I have nothing to back this up but I imagine they will be produced in Croatia.

  • WPD907

    As a law enforcement officer who firmly believes in carrying off-duty what you carry on-duty the XDM 3.8 fits the bill for an on-duty compact firearm that can be carried off-duty with the same ammunition count. I currently have a Sig Sauer P226 for duty use and a S&W 3913 for off-duty carry. I find the S&W lacking as I carry two magazines just to get the same round count as my Sig Sauer plus some extra when it is loaded and I don’t carry an extra magazine. This pistol gives 19+1 rounds in the weapon and 19 in the extra magazine.

  • paul

    I carry a glock 22 at work, I carry a XD9 subcompact at home for self defense. Funny thing about it, I *NEVER* carry it with the short mag, I always have the extended mag in because the full sized grip seems to have more of an impact on my shooting than even a couple of extra inches of barrel. I was waiting for exactly this gun. Don’t get me wrong, the glock is a great gun, a real workhorse, but it doesn’t fit my hand the way an XD does. And honestly, that’s the only point that should matter to you, which one feels better in your hand, because the other differences are truly negligible.

  • jonesy

    As far as Glock vs. XD(m), the XD(m)s have an external safety, the 1911-style grip safety, and Glocks have none. Whether you value that is another argument, but that is why I gave my Glock 26 up for an XDm when I decided I wanted something bigger than 9mm with me. The XD(m)s are not supposed to be concealable, it’s a full-size handgun with the attendant advantages of maximum ammunition capacity and velocity. I’m not a huge guy, but the XD(m) fits my hand nicely, there’s no “room for an extra finger.” I don’t have a problem concealing it either. You get and IWB holster, a good belt, and leave your shirt untucked. Shoulder holsters can work well too. J-frames have their place and Glocks are great guns, but you won’t find a 16 round .40 caliber with an external safety any smaller, more reliable, or ergonomically adjustable, than the XDm.

  • tucks907


    If you think XD is copying Glock then look at the new Generation 4 and their changeable backstrap/double recoil spring. Who is copying who now? Competition is healthy it makes both brands better.

  • Randy

    OK, I have also lost all respect for Springfield over the XD on and on and on it goes saga. Smith and Wesson got into the gimmick business with their new “gun of the month” production for a long time. I had a XD .45 and traded for a XDm 9mm, which is a great gun, but after the 3.8 entry I’ll probably trade it for a Glock 19. My carry gun is a Glock 26. Take a break Springfield, pleasseee!

  • I own a glock 22 and 23, I own a an XD .45 the Sub compact .40 the XDm .40 and I have not had issues with any of them. To be honest I like the XD’s better then my Glocks. They handle better, The trigger and barrel not to mention capacity of the XDM makes it worth any trouble concealing. I have found the crossbreed holster makes it easier to conceal if you find yourself struggling.
    I personally am looking forward to purchasing the 3.8 simply because of the success and quality of my other XD’s. To the guy who had trouble with jamming what kind of ammo are you using? I have run several brands and powers through all of mine…1000’s of rounds and only recall one jam. Unlike my glock which is ammo picky…I agree though I like both brands competition is healthy and I am looking forward to what these 2 companies create.

  • Joe Cronin

    It’s Springfield XDM ; it’s cool .

  • Maryland Dom

    The Glock faithful can eat one!
    Springfield has done it again, and I’ll have a new weapon in the collection soon. Glocks are good, solid handguns. But there is a reason law enforcement uses them….budget. Raise the price to a XDm or a Sig, then what would you Glockheads shoot??

  • Jason Smith

    Still a Glock. Or an HK. Or a M&P. or an FN. Or I’d go back to a 1911.

    But, definitely NOT a SIG with the way their quality control is these days (I used to love ’em, but sold them all for Glocks). Definitely NOT an XDm.

    You asked, I answered.

  • Steve Williams

    I see a lot of negative talk here about the XDm, but I handled over 110 hand guns before deciding on the XDm 40. It has great capacity, handles well, and after almost 2000 round throught, I have only had 1 jam, and that was during the first 50 rounds. It is very accurate, and easy to service. Yes Glock has made a great hand gun for a long time, so has H&K, but almost every one of these has borrow ideas and features from each other. The 3.8 may or may not have earned respect yet, but I really like my XDm.

  • Travis

    If you actually look at the glocks RTF slide serrations, their exactly opposite of this


  • Carl

    Travis, good point. I think tire treads usually go the other way as well.

  • Mike

    I carry an XD Sub-Compact 9mm every day concealed. With 1500 rounds through it, my only complaints are:
    1. The bore is too high, as with all XD and XDm’s. Glock and Sig are much more refined.
    2. Weight for the size of the weapon is on the heavy side in comparison to other subcompact double-stacks.

    Otherwise, it’s a great pistol inside of 25ft. I shoot whitebox at the range and shoot +p Blackhills for defense. No jams or feed issues. The pistol does get very dirty in comparison to other pistols I have. I agree with those above. Give me a 4″ barrel and a short grip for concealment + accuracy. I run a modified baseplate on my 13rd mags so I can fit 15+1. That’s plenty capacity.

    I can’t get into the XDm weapon system. I rented one and for the size, I’ll carry my SigPro. Too chunky and unrefined. SigPro conceals better, has lighter operation and a track record.

    I hope this is not the death-nil for the XDsc9/40. Cabela’s has them on sale for $499 this month. The XDsc’s are excellent CC weapons and it would be a shame to see them go after only 7yrs.

  • Matt

    I’m just hearing a bunch of Glock lovers bashing Springfield for the serrations on the slide….why don’t you fools look up the 4th gen Glock…Glock stole just about everything from the XDm for their “innovations.”

  • Jakc B

    I can’t wait to get one

  • Roel

    This gun is awesome! I have a SC XD40 for carry and it looks like I found my second gun. Same caliber of course.

  • Justin

    OK. for some reason everyone seems to think the shorter barrel is for easier concealment. When it is actually for better balance. the shorter barrel improves the draw time and ability to point at a target. This is a pistol designed for compitition shooting and target shooting. it is still a full sized gun. I have done research and I have not seen one time that Springfield says it is a compact.

    And the XD line is made and developed in Croatia. The XD was sold under unother name before Springfield picked up the ball when the little Croatian gun factory started to drop it. All the XD’s and XDm’s are made in Croatia. If you have one or pick one up look at the top of the slide forward of the ejection port “Springfield Armory HS Produkt Karlovac Croatia” all in the Springfield Armory crest.

  • CJ

    Whoever said they have issues with their XD jamming needs to send it in! SA will happily fix it, and make it right. It is very unusual for them to jam.

    As for this new 3.8 version. I’ll stick with my SC.
    as for glock vs. XD- both are fantastic pistolas, can’t go wrong with either one.

  • Bravo Sierra

    Between myself and my brother in-law, we have 4 XD’s and 2 XDM’s. I bought mine for range duty mostly, and for zombie attacks (think 6 loaded 19 rd mags and 1 in the pipe). That’s 114 +1 rounds of 9mm.

    Although I don’t carry it, the XDM has turnd out to be my favorite pistol. It’s flawless in every way. I’ve shot 3,500 + of every king of cheap ammo I can find, brass, aluminium, steel, and not one jam or failure to feed. I can’t say that about any other brand or type gun, and I have a whole bunch. But I can see how those who can only afford one can get excited since the decision is much more important to them. My suggestion is to shop till you drop to find the right fit.

    FYI. My carry piece is a Kahr 45. The gun is thin, but the grip is full size in length. It was a nigthmare to break in, and is sensitive to certain ammo. Once I found it likes high pressure ammo, problem solved.

    At 5’7″ with a short waist and hip area, I have a lot of trouble carrying long barrel guns. Even my Karh with a 3.64 barrel and 6.32 overall length needs a DeSantis high riding Top Cop to remain hidden. If the XDM came in 3.5 instead of 3.8, I’d probably buy it. In my case, length is an issue but I can cover the larger grips with a sliding paddle holster.

    Ya see folks, it all depends on who is buying and what their needs are. Don’t be a “brand” whore. They’re all good to someone.

    Personally, I want one of each.


  • Dion

    I can’t believe the drama between the two weapons! I first looked at the XDM and liked it over the Beretta px4. But for my wife and I, I am looking more towards the 3.8. I don’t care if it’s “gimmicky” or not! Or if it looks like someone else’s weapon? Does it draw better? Is it a more comfortable carry? Does it get the job done? That’s what I care about!

  • B. Sierra

    What’s all the hub about and why does anyone care who copies who?

    Gun brand wars? Really? Two words… grow up!

    It appears not many have read the second post on this issue, so let me repeat myself.

    I’ve had an XDM in 9mm for 18 months now. I’ve put over 4000 rounds of every kind of cheap ammo I could find, and it is the only pistol I own that has never had one feed or ejection error. Not one!

    My Nephew has a Glock 23 in 40, he loves his pistol and I like it too. No errors there either. I have a Kahr 45, it’s so picky and only likes high pressure ammo, but I love it and it’s easy to carry. But not fun to shoot.

    I’m not a gun racist. It’s all good so be careful who you decide is the enemy is. It certainly is not us fellow gun onwers, no matter what brand or model we like. Don’t be like the elitist scum who are trying to take them away.

    I don’t care what you carry and you should not “lose respect” for what I carry or complain about who “copied your brand”. Your brand vs my brand is like Ford vs Chevy. This is not complicated so go fight the real enemy and not each other.

    Now if you want to warn me about some malfuntioning piece of crap (like my Kel-Tec PF9), then I will appreciate and respect your help. Otherwise it’s a matter of preference. Period!

    Your friend in arms…


    PS. that means arms of any brand and in any caliber from BB’s to 50 BMG

    PPS. I’d like to state that Kel-Tec fixed my PF9 in record time and now it’s a decent hot summer shorts pocket gun, but not for putting thousands of rounds through.

    PPPS. I still want one of each

  • Swagger Lee

    Get a grip guys! Literally! I held one of these today and I am buying it! I love the full size grip, not only for the feel and comfort, but to retain the capacity. I hate those stupid “mini” grip guns where your pinky hangs off the bottom.I’m not the guy in the burger king commercial with the “really tiny hands”. Stop whining and don’t buy it if you hate it so much. I hate selling my P97 .45 but this thing is beautiful and it fits my hand like no other, and will be no harder to hide than my Ruger.

  • Craig

    I’m very novice when it comes to handguns. But, I do know this; of the .40s I held yesterday at the gun counter, the XDM 3.8 felt the best in my hands. It was the perfect combination of size, weight, and balance. It just felt perfect for me.
    Surely there is not one perfect gun for all. However, when I make the purchase it will most likely be this gun an for no other reason.

  • John

    I’ve recently handled the XDm 3.8, in 9mm. It has a nice feel but I’m not sure that it is worth paying an additional $100 for this pistol, over the XD9. I would also like to see the XDm 3.8 offered in a Compact version, like the XD45 (Which, I own and love!). Springfield really hit a home run with the XD45 Compact. You get two guns in one, depending on what magazine that you use. Springfield came up with a great idea, when they thought of providing a full size magazine, with the sleeve that matches the grip. I would like to see glock do this with the model 19. I do like the removable grip insert on the XDm 3.8. I can’t wait to see the 4th Generation Glock. The ability to change the Glock Grip may turn me back to my old favorite.

    Don’t be a hater, encourage this companies to continue to strive for improvement. Look at things have improved over the last twenty years.

  • Mike R

    This week I was shopping for a 9mm. Never owned one. I had the opportunity to try the Sig229, the Glock 17 and 19, the S&W, and the XDM. S&W was the least accurate, Sig the most accurate, and the Glocks tied (in my mind) with the XDM for feel and accuaracy. I’m going to buy the XDM because I liked the grip safety, dual side mag release, mag capacity, better feeling grip and the rougher edges of the slide. I can’t afford themuch higher price of the Sig, or I would buy it. For $575, the XDM 3.8 with the case and accessories will be my choice on Monday when I go back to the shootng range.

  • Ed A.

    I’ve just bought the XDM 3.8, 9mm … haven’t even been to the range yet.

    Does anyone know who (if anyone) makes a concealed carry holster it will fit?

  • phillip

    i love my xdm 40 and i had the chance to shoot my cousin’s glock 20 10mm and glock 19 and my next gun will be the glock 19. still want to get the xdm 9mm as well.

  • Dave

    I just gotta say I have been and I’m still a Glock fan. That being said…my buddy bought an XDM 9mm with the 4″ barrel. He took it out of the box and handed it to me and angels began to sing when I wrapped my paw around that amazingly comfortable grip. The gun is so ergonomic and was so comfortable to shoot, I had to have one. I ordered the XDM 9mm 3.8 and love it. I have to admit, I picked that model because it was, well….sexy looking! I already knew the XD line shot well and I like shorter barreled auto’s like the G19. They just feel better to me, but to each his own.

    My XDM 9mm shoots flawlessly like my Glocks and I have had no issues with it. The other reason I went with the 9mm XDM is the 20 rounds of asshole repellent that it holds. I am a law enforcement officer and carry a G23 and I hate the .40 S&W. It cracks like a whip when you shoot it and I just simply don’t like it. A .45 ACP has a smoother and more controllable recoil than that .40 S&W. There is no magic bullet out there that will stop a bad guy with one shot. Shot placement is everything and the 9mm is a very capable round. Just ask all the anti-terrorist units around the world how well the 9mm works. You will be surprised. That being said…the more rounds the better. I’d rather have a .380 that carried 20 rounds than a .45 that carried 7 rounds. Typically speaking, the team with the most ammo usually wins the fight. Springfield rose up to the challenge and built a weapon that fights and keeps on fighting when other guns have gone dry.

    If you want a concealable weapon…the XD line probably isn’t the best route to go. If you want a gun that will give you all the possible advantages you can have in a gun fight, this one will fit the bill.

  • Cyan Lite

    XDM 3.8 9mm owner here. Love the match barrel accuracy. Shot it today for the first time, and I was shooting quarter-sized bottle caps at 25-yards routinely. Very impressive for such a short-barrel gun. Light recoil, but its really the full-sized grips and its texture that helps you hold the gun better.

    Having said that, this is my daily concealed carry weapon; and yes the grip is very hard to “hide”. My wife even told me that I was printing today. The paddle holster that comes with it is right-hand only, but it fits very well, very close to the body. Would work wonders for me but I’m left-handed. I tried a Glock 26, but its very hard to shoot and control the recoil with only two-to-three fingers on the grip.

    Would I rather have a 16+1 capacity in exchange for a smaller grip? Yes! But unfortunately it’s not available. In the mean time I’m just gonna have to wait for my Crossbreed Supertuck to get in for the ultimate concealment.

  • Jarhead

    Lots of criticising here from folks who, once they comment, reveal their lack of expertise. The only real faults the XD-M really has as a concealed carry piece are it’s price tag and the gun’s thickness dimension. Just like all but the slimline Glocks, it’s too “fat”. And if Springfield wants to really take the world by storm they need to get more competitive on the price, with Glock. So what if the XD line has a lot of the Glock features. Big deal – how many manufacturers today have incorporated details and features of the 1911 into their designs in one way or another? Springfield is really on to something here with this gun and I applaud them for it. And if they really wanted to go over the top with this gun they should have had it made here in America rather than adapting another communist made plastic pistol (like the Glock) to American preferences and political correctness. Shoot straight (gun and mouth), keep you head down, and be safe…

  • JRS

    I’ve been researching this and have read alot of blogs AND the website. I have come to realize the SA has built this pistol to increase the user’s control of it. I have shot the .40 cal 3.8 and I am better able to control that pistol than I am able to control a Glock. I wonder if people here are comparing a broken in Glock to a unbroke XDm? For me the XDm seems to fit better. Put a box through a XDm and dont be shy. Then do the same with your glocks. I also cant get over how some people confuse a measurement with a caliber…I hope youre not reloaders:)

  • Cookie Monster

    I own both a Glock and an XDm 3.8. The XDm outshoots my Glock but I love both of my children the same……………………………They are both great guns so lighten up folks…………

  • ratko

    yes people we make the xdm in croatia and you buy it at springfield if you like something good you pay for it nothing is free on this world :)proudly born and make the freedom of my town karlovac

  • Scott

    I am not trying to burst any ones bubble here but has any one gone to the xdm web site to view the specs? This pistol is still a 3.8 version. The grip has been made shorter than the xd sub-compact. So this is more concealable with a longer barrel than the Glock 26 or xd sc. Should be interesting because the grip is almost the same length as the Glock 26. This should be a nail driver!

  • Chris G

    I own this gun and it is outright bad A*ZZ………….looks 10x better then a glock, shoots accurate as hell right out of the box, and is 100% concealable………..XDMs rule the world

  • smokey

    WHAT is the matter with all you people? So what if the xd’s look like a glock from which ever generation. They are all a GUN, built and designed to do the same thing, and carry out the same function. Yes Glock may have been the first one to have come out with plastic/polymer guns, for their purpose they intended, but apparantly springfield have reached the highest of highs that exist with the 1911, which is seen as one of if not the best handgun out there. they have nothing else to do. If they were to build a 1911 today in 2011, it would still be the same as the 1911 built in 2000, same as 2005, same as 2010. It doesn’t change, so then, WHAT IF THE PEOPLE TRIED SOMETHING NEW????? And thats what i think they did. Made a gun lighter than the 1911 for a more comfortable concealed day to day carry on your person. Increase round capacity and design to appeal to competitive shooters, while maintaining some feel of the 1911 (grip angle for those who like it from the 1911). WHO SAID THEY WERE TRYING TO SAY GLOCK’S NOT THE BEST?? They try to get a gun out there that is bound to fit everyone, people who can shoot and have no problem with the “pinky finger” off the grip, & people who preffer to shoot with that full grip, those who want maximum concealability (sub compact & short barrel) and those who prefer longer barrels to increase accuracy, a whole bunch of different caliber to choose from. So i think thats cool & original.
    Look at how many other manufacturers out there who have ventured into making plastic/polymer guns. Look at the Diamondback. Even the takedown is similar to that of the Glock, & i dont hear anyone saying a thing about that or the smith & wesson M&P. They all look alike, they’re all plastic/polymer, they’re all striker fired, big deal..
    Its not that i dont like glocks, infact any gun with a full grip that i pick up i put my rounds on target verywell. Thats what i think you ALL should try to do, get proficient like that & stop arguing about who’s copying who or whose grip angle is better or sucks.
    Imagine you in a situation defending your life with your glock, from two armed bad guys, you exhausted one mag, & gone 15 of the LAST one. One of the bad guys exposes him self in the middle of his mag change, you improvise on this and put your last two shots in ths chest/upper body. Now he’s down. The other Bad guy moves to a more secure location still challenging you, but you out of the fight, (NO BULLETS). You make use of an opertunity and run over to the bad guy you took down reach for his gun, but to your surprise its an xd, with a fresh mag in the well & another on the ground. What you gonna do? say “Oh no, this is the look alike, & critique it for to copy the glock,? I didn’t think so, you immediately have to adjust your self to the xd’s grip angle, be happy if its plastic/polymer or all steel, & take the fight to the bad guy. Get to a stage where you are able to operate any pistol thet comes into your hand, Khar, Kel-tec, tanfoglio you name it.
    So in all fairness, XD’s are their own gun, even if it is made similar to any other polymer frame pistol out there..

  • smokey

    Unbelievable!! with all the fuss argument and controversy surrounding the XDm, (its heavy, hard to conceal, its bulky. etc). What are you people talking bout. I recently got my XDm 3.8, and guess what, NO PROBLEM WITH IT!!.. In the hand, you feel the weight but its not everlastingly heavy to say you cant carry it. I shot the glock 34 with 17rnd mags fully loaded, they feel about the same weight. I stuck it in a IWB holster and stuck it in my waist and it conceals ok, and the weight of it is not killing me. Its fine. Its comfortable in hand and in waist. Its a sweet looking piece of machine, all my friends from the range and who carry, love it. It kinda looks like the 9mm Baby Eagle. Gonna shoot this thing and see what its made of, see how it handles.

  • Smokey

    I tell you something, i put 50 rounds through my XDm 3.8. It was flawless, no failure to feed, no jams, no misfire, nothing, the gun performed just perfectly, and was fun to shoot. I was able to put rounds on the steel targets pitching them fron their stands easily, and to tell you the truth i cant say much bout the recoil because i dont remember getting any, i mean if must have been so little and light that i cant say if had a lot of recoil or muzzle flip, i realy cant remember. All i remember is that it was barking loudly and rounds lacing the target. Im going to visit the range again specifically just to concentrate on and get a feel of the recoil and notice the muzzle flip so i could speak to it, but like i always hear people say, the heavier the gun the more recoil it absorbs and the less you feel, so if thats the case, i guess the weight serves its purpose..

  • Nick

    Been getting lots of emails from this particular blog post lately from people touting the fact that their “new” XDM 3.8 has 50, 100, 200 rounds through it without a single jam. I posted under this name back in late 2009 saying the original XDM9 was my daily carry, so I love the XDM line. But folks, 50 jam-free rounds doesn’t mean jack! Get back to us when you pass the 5,000 round mark with no malfunctions, as I have with my XDM, and then I’ll be impressed. They’re great guns, but even an old Bryco/Jennings can usually handle 50 rounds trouble free. It’s nothing to write home about. . .

  • Steven

    I’m trying to figure out where are all these so called gimmicks other posters are associating with the XDM. Everything about this firearm is essential and useful. Just because SA has done it better than the pistol you carry doesn’t mean it’s a gimmick. Quit being jealous and just buy one, it’s top gun.

  • bull

    I agree with several of the posts…you really need to get over if it looks like another manufacturer-copied features etc. That’s the retail world. I’m a novice shooter who came into the hobby without any preferences. Shoot it and see if it fits in your hand and if you can be accurate. I have a XD9 subcompact I bought used (2003 version i think). I’e put 1000’s of rounds through it without 1 failure…and it’s wicked accurate.
    Leave your preconceived notions outside the range….Shoot one…you’ll be impressed!

  • They’re all copying from H&K so go figure…

  • Smokey

    Yeah, i agree. So what if they copy. Who ever they are copying better make sure Springfield doesn’t copy them and become better than them. And so far Springfield not going on too bad, the XDm is happening, it’s going good so far, giving them a run for their money. I have shot both Glock (17, 34) and Xdm 3.8, and im pitching steel and paper from anywhere, and every where, with no problem. Even a Benilli shotgun, & ”ping”, steel target drop to the ground. Everything i get in my hand i buss it up wickid..Matters not who copy who, they are all good guns, with their strong & weak points..

  • Smokey

    I tel you what, last week sunday (15.05.2011) i introduced a new shooter to the world of firearms. This is a NEW NEW shooter, so new that he was affraid to even be around a firearm. This is a 38 year old man with a wife and 2 kids. He would literally get nervous and shaking just being in the vicinity of a firearm, it was real funny to see.
    After much explaining and coaching, I got him to a certain level of comfort but to be on the safe side loaded a mag with 1 round and handed him the firearm, a Xdm 3.8, told him to load and make ready. He took aim at the target and fired his first shot ever. At the explosion, he almost threw away the firearm. Thats how new a shooter he was, BUT the shot was an ALPHA, a good ALPHA. After much coaching again, I got him calm and this time 5 rounds in the mag. His second string of shots were very impressive. This was a little 6″ styrofoam plate target, all shots on the target in a good group. We moved to a range paper target and up mag capacity to full 19 rnd compliment, and it was so very impressive to see his follow up shots are fast and no shot was off the tagret, for a new shooter..
    Now i dont know, but he and the XDm worked out well, for a new shooter, quick follow up shots, shots on target, no malfunctions, three boxes of fifty. The XDm is happening, i dont care what nobody wants to say, XDm for my money..

  • Smokey

    Hey Josh, i agree, the H&K is a real nice and comfortable firearm, well i speak for the P30, real comfortable in the hand but i pick up a glock 17 and a 34 and perform well, i pick up the Browning and i do well just the same. I pick up the XDm, and guess what, i do well just the same, so i really dont know what to say.. Guess im accustomed to anything i pick up. I buss it up jus di same.. give mi it, mi buss it…anything and everything…

  • wendell chenault

    Ok been reading your posts. How many different ways can you face the serrations. Any way you point them you will be coping somebody. Don’t want to hear any more of that. Question is how does it fit you hand, how well does it shoot, how accurate is it and are there any problems. Everything I have heard on how good it is has been good. Only concern is how well can you conceal it. Some complained about the long grip, well guess what, in case you haven’t seen it they now have a XDM 3.8 with a 13 round mag and a 19 round mag. Take your pic on what you want. I went and looked at the full sized grip XDM today and the dealer is getting a newer version this Thursday with the 19 and 13 rd mags. Depending on how the 13 round fits my hand I will probably get the newer version. After I shoot it I will come back and give you my 2 cents worth. Personally I can’t see where anyone else can complain about this gun. You complained about the grip size and SA listened and gave you the chance to choose what you want.

  • rummie

    Like i said, i have no problem with the XDm3.8 9mm. It fits my hand ok, i shoot it accurate, but im different, because any gun i pick up is fine with me. I still get the job done fairly good. The only complain i might have is with the Glock 19, and this is because the grip is so small, for me its slightly hard to just grab it up and grip it comfortably (hands are kinda large) but with a little hand work i still handle it fairly well. For me, the XDm comceals so neat, i wear it all day everyday and no one knows. I mentioned in an earlier post, that i like the fact that Springfield thought of everybody. They make guns from sub compact, long barrel, shorter barrel full size grip, compact grip, interchangable back straps to try fit to all different hand size, right hand and left hand shooters, its all there. So far i haven’t had an issue with my XDm3.8. and im looking forward to it staying that way. I can only hope they make a higher capacity mag for the XDm 9mm, like the glock or XD’s 32 rnd mag, i think it is by mecgar. But its all good so far..

  • wendell chenault

    Picked up my XDm the other day….I got the one with the 13 and 19 rd mags. I haven’t shot it yet but as for carrying this is what I think of it so far. I have been using the paddle holster that came with it to carry it in and it has been very comfortable. No printing by the grip and the barrel is not sticking me in the side of my hip. Even with the 19 rd mag, it is not printing no more than any other gun.

    As for the feel of the gun, with the 13 rd mag in, my pinky hangs off the grip but rests comfortably under the bottom of the mag, also seems to add stability for me with the size of my hand. Put in the 19 round and it feels just like the full grip 3.8. The only problem I have had with the 13 rd mag is when I start to eject the mag, my next to last finger will hold the mag not in place but will not allow it to drop out. The mag release is stiff compared to my other guns but it will loosen up with use.

    The gun feels very good in my hand, like my SR9, better than my Glock 19. Good overall feel and balance. Can’t wait to get it out and shoot it. I’ll come back and give you a report on that when I can.

    Be safe and shoot often,

  • wendell chenault

    Finally got to compare my Glock 19 and Springfield XDM 3.8 on a side by side shoot. I’ll try to be to the point and blunt.

    *Grip feel-XDM by far!

    *Sights- I personally can see better from the Glock over the XDM. XDM rear sights need to be more Glock like.

    *Weight balance- About the same, no preference.

    *Recoil- XDM by far. I have 2 mags with mine, 13 and 19 round. Even with the 13 rd mag on the XDM to make it more the size of the G19, I had much more control over the barrel end on the XDM over the G19. The XDM has 2 springs compared to the 1 on the Glock. I could get back on target much quicker with the XDM over the Glock.

    *Trigger pull- Good with both, not gritty on either. XDM seemed to to have alittle longer and had a touch more trigger reset than the Glock. Glock seemed to have a touch harder pull than the XDM. Both predictable and good.

    *Versatile-XDM remember I have the one with the 13 and 19 rd mag.

    *Accuracy-Once I figured out the sights on the XDM they both hit in groups about the same. As I shoot the XDM more, the edge may go to it.

    *Neither gun jammed or had any problems, shot about 125 rds between the two. More on the XDM since it is newer.

    Something else, go to to look at the new IWB holsters that have no J hooks or clips. Maybe get on free.

    If I forgot something or you have a question, make your request known on here.

    Shoot often and be safe,

  • charlie

    I own an xdm 3.8 9mm .Before buying this gun I did my home work rented lots of different guns.I chose this gun over Glock ,Hk,Sig,M&P,etc…….Reason for the purchase it fits me .Give this gun as well as other guns a try.Don’t let this Glock fans influence your purchase.try them all .

  • wendell chenault

    Charlie the more I shoot the XDM the more I like it. Fits my hand soooo much better than the G19. Now considering selling the G19 and keeping my SR9 and XDM. You gave good advice,shoot em all if you can and get what fits you.

  • Phill

    *Note to all readers! This IS NOT the XDm 3.8 compact. It is simply the 3.8. There is a specific 3.8 compact model with both the 3.8 barrel And a grip about half the size of this full size frame shown in the pictures. the compact comes with an 11 round flush fit magazine and a 16 round magazine with a slide on grip extension. Please do not call something, something its not!

  • wendell chenault

    Noted Phill BUT it does say at the top of the page XDm 3.8 COMPACT. Guess someone just mislabeled it. No big deal. Thanks anyway.