More on the SWAT / Lego gun incident

I am late in blogging it but in case you missed it … Last week Jeremy Bell, a Toronto resident, was arrested by SWAT officers when someone in the neighboring apartment saw him handling a gun built out of Lego bricks. I found his twitter page where he tweeted the experience …

Hilarious! 12 cops and a chopper! I could imagine this response in a city where handguns are illegal, but unless I am mistaken handguns are legal in Toronto.

Brickgun’s Glock

He was building the gun from a kit sold by a company called Brickgun. In a recent tweet they said that they are overwhelmed by the orders that have been pouring in since the incident.

Thanks for Chris and Jon for sending me the links.

Steve Johnson

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  • Ben Dover

    That’s ridiculous on all sorts of levels. I have the same fear in my house, though. The houses are close together, so I’m just waiting for some kid playing in his backyard to see me cleaning a handgun and tell his daddy who calls the cops on me. Being in the South, I imagine we would all just laugh it off, but there’s always a chance that the parents and cops would be stupid and take me away.

  • AC

    This isn’t funny at all, especially in a country where handguns are not illegal. The Canadian government is trying to make people think guns are illegal, and if you own you you’ll get swat teamed.

    I have to disagree with Steve. Nothing funny here at all.


    • AC, true, I would be pissed if I lived in Canada.

  • Phil

    So someone looked into his house, noticed he had a gun and called the cops? Good grief.

  • Jeff Powell

    Wow that is dumb. I lived in Toronto for a little while and my brother owns some handguns. I think the reason it was a big deal was because it was in an office and there are strict laws on how citizens are allowed to transport restricted weapons such as handguns. Its pretty ridiculous. However, if I am not mistaken, you are allowed to transport handguns to your place of business (I think they mean gun shop). Either way I am glad no one saw me with the glock 17 or even the airsoft pistol in my apartment! Maybe this incident will help people wake up a little from the fear of an object?

  • Lance

    This and other incidents in England prove that anti-gunner just dont want to ban guns but anything that looks like one.

  • Andrew

    From what I can tell, though Toronto technically has the same laws as the rest of Canada, its mayor hates firearms with a passion. Mayors thankfully don’t have the authority to confiscate them, but they do have influence over the police, zoning boards, and whatnot. Under his rule there have been no approvals for new shooting ranges/gun stores, and outdoors conventions have had their showroom licenses denied. Guns aren’t illegal, but their infrastructure is being eroded.

  • Timmeehh

    “unless I am mistaken handguns are legal in Toronto.”

    It would not be illegal in the home, however having a gun at work is illegal.

    In Canada you are required to keep the gun in a safe at all times, unless you are at the shooting range or transporting it to or from the range. Of course you would first need a permit to own a firearm, then a permit to own a handgun, then a permit to transport the handgun and of course the handgun would have to be registered.

  • Greetings from Texas,
    When Helene and I first moved to HomePlace from the Houston our biggest fear was of being “Wacoed” due to the combination of Military Vehicles and Military style firearms in our collection. We were quite relieved to discover that for the most part the neighbors wanted to ride the green machines and shoot.
    As for having a handgun in Canada, my understanding is a person is allowed to have one for either collectors or sentimental purposes. However, if the weapon is discharged for any reason, including self defence, the weapon is confiscated and destroyed. The person owning and, or discharging the weapon faces prison. If this is not correct, or is no longer correct I would like to know.
    I lost all desire to ever go to Canada for the same reason I abandoned a life long dream of visiting Australia.

  • jdun1911

    I’ll sue the guy the rat on me.

    I’m also a support of MAD (Mother Against Canadians).

    BTW part of my shipment arrived from YHM that I order almost a year ago. Unfortunately, the parts I wanted didn’t came in (barrel) to built my 14.5 inch AR15 upper.

    I could built my 10.5 inch upper but I want it to have MI T9 rails which I don’t have. Almost $600 worth of parts and can’t complete one single upper. The gun gods must hate me.

  • Paul

    Neighbor fail.

  • Henry Bowman
    • Henry, LOL, nice one.

  • Timmeehh

    This was on the news tonight:

    “RCMP recommended Galloway be charged as well — with unsafe storage and careless use of a firearm. The Crown disagreed.”

    “Canadian law says guns must be registered and stored, unloaded and safely. Citizens are allowed to fire their guns in self-defence but only with as much force as necessary.”

    “Last month, Galloway was given a bravery award by the Canadian Association for Self Defence, a group started two years ago by Quebec resident Norman Lapierre. It boasts 2,500 members, including police officers and lawyers. Its mandate is to lobby for the legal right to carry concealed, loaded handguns, as long as the owners get proper training.”

    Wow, maybe there’s hope after all.

  • subby

    I’m not from there but with these kinds of reports from the U.S, I’m not sure who to be afraid of more, the police or the criminals.

  • jdun1911
  • Steve

    Canada’s news agencies are littered with propoganda. I’m not surprised to read this story, and if it’s not true, it darn sure could be. Your government over taxes and under benefits you, the citizens of Canada. Beatiful country side, but not on my list of places to live. Been there and left there. I’ll leave it at that. By the way, keep you doggon motorhomes in the slow lane when heading to Florida!

  • David

    No where in Canada are guns “illegal” as our laws are federal, not municipal or provincial. This is so stupid, I’m glad no one has ever seen me walk to my garage with a gun in my hand (for cleaning)

  • Robson

    For “Steve” (wrote on December 22nd, 2009 )

    I know it’s more than 2 years since you wrote this… but I just can’t leave it like that… U saying that the government in Canada, over taxes them and under benefits them ??? hahaha… sorry bro.. You should really take a few trips around the world to see what life is like in countries where in fact they over taxes people and under benefits people… LIKE BRAZIL where I live…

    DO THE MATH !…..

    • Greetings from Texas,
      I would respectfully disaggree. The fact that other countrys are worse doesn’t keep Canadian taxes and firearm laws from being terrible. Solution – MOVE! Vote with your feet.