H&K / Umarex HK416 D .22 Tactical Rimfire

Umarex is manufacturing this .22 LR rifle patterned on the HK4161 . It features …

  • Metal receivers.
  • Functional dust cover.
  • Full length picatinny rail.
  • Adjustable stock.
  • H&K style diopter iron sights. Adjustable for elevation or windage.
  • 16″ barrel.
  • Pistol grip with compartment (for spare batteries, tools, etc.)

The rifle will be sold with either a 10 or 20 round magazine but 30 round mags will be available for purchase.

The previous Umarex .22 rifle, the Colt M4, had some serious problems. Justin Biddle, Umarex’s Marketing Manager, assured me that they have been made changes to the Umarex action and sorted out the issues experienced by the M4 owners.

Hat Tip: On Point Supply

  1. Note that it is just patterned after the HK416. It is not a “real” Hk416 chambered in .22 and is not an AR-15. 

Steve Johnson

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  • Hey Steve,
    I have no first hand experience with the Colt Umarex, but I heard a lot of bad things about it too. If you want a good laugh check out my post from a while back:


    Hopefully the marketing manager you talked to from Umarex is right, because if these H&K ones work well I’m sure they will sell like hotcakes.

  • John

    So maybe this is why HK went after GSG not so long ago?

    • John, yes, this is why.

  • Thomas

    hey steave if hk wins the iar compatition do you think they will start 2 attack umarex

    • Thomas, its all legal. The have licensed the H&K brand name.

  • d

    watch this thing be as expensive as a .223/5.56 AR

  • SB_Pete

    Hmm, looks good. Big question’s are how much do they cost and how AR compatible are they? If they cost $500-$600 and have a functional bolt catch/release and hold open along with the ability to accept AR accessories then it is basically a metal receiver’d version of the S&W M&P15-22 with HK416 looks. That I would jump in line to pay for.
    If, on the other hand, it is basically a Colt/Umarex M4 with HK416 styling, well, bleh.
    The S&W has me sold despite the plastic receiver because the bolt catch/release/hold-open functions normally and it can accept not only AR pistol grips and stocks, but aftermarket triggers as well.
    Anyways, thanks for the heads up Steve, curious to see these for real. I imagine they will be at SHOT.

  • Not that I’m biased or anything, but I’d much rather buy the S&W MP-22 AR trainer if for no other reason that S&W actually likes us. I still have a bad taste in my mouth from SHOT ’09 when Umarex wouldn’t let media photograph the Colt .22 AR without adult supervision. I was like “uh…I’m a writer, this is the whole reason I come to SHOT.”

    • Caleb, weird that they would not let you photograph it! Big mistake on their part.

  • CUrob

    Found a short… very short… commercial with it in action…
    go to 0:33 to see it…

  • CUrob

    Found Pricing…On par with Colt/umarex and S&W

    Umarex Model 416 Action Semi-automatic Caliber 22LR Barrel Length 16.1″ Finish/Color Black Grips/Stock Collapsible Stock Capacity 20Rd Sights Adjustable Sights


    SKU: UX2245200
    Quantity: – out of stock –
    (Notify me when the product is in stock)

    Weight: 17.00 lbs
    Price: $ 541.83

    • CUrob, thanks for the link. LOL, I hope it is not 17 lbs!

  • War Wolf

    After the Colt M4 .22 debacle I am a little suspect of the Umarex rimfire product. While they look nice I will stick with my Spikes Tactical ST-22. It is a real AR with real AR internals and externals including a Lothar-Walther match barrel with proper .22 twist rate.

    Here’s a photo of mine:


  • Maxpwr

    I heard there is supposed to be a pistol version of the 416 in .22LR also.

  • Komrad

    I don’t understand what people have against polymer. It can’t corrode, is lighter than most metals, is less expensive and, in some cases, is more resistant to impact.

  • Mike

    I have had a Colt/Umarex M4 since last summer – have had no issues/problems with it. Put close to 2500 rounds thru it. What are all these problems you speak of?

  • Trent

    Just looked it up. 416 has the same controls as m4. Charging handle is the only thing that works. no hold open or bolt release.

  • george

    does the dust cover stay closed on this model ??????

    • Dad


  • wizardrp

    I have the Sig522 and have ran about 1500 rds through it flawlessly. I’m sure a lot of the other tactical 22’s are excellant, but the Sig522 is a superior weapon at a modest price. In my state (N.C) they come with 25 rd mags and you can order the 50 rd drums from Botach Tactical. Great gun Great price.

  • newraptor

    I have one of these HK .22’s. I have had it for about 2 weeks now and have put @ 800-900 rounds through her. Bought her in Carthage, NC. I’m in Fayetteville.

    The pistol grip is nice but prefer my Hogue grip on my .223.

    The magazine is 10 times nicer than a Sig 522 mag due to the fact that it has tabs that allow you to pull the follower down for loading whereas the 522 you must push the loaded round down with another round. The HK mag does cost though…about twice as much as the 522 mag.

    The stock is by far the most awesome piece of eqpt! Everybody comments on how nice and comfortable it is.

    I, again my opinion, I think the sights are the worst thing about this rifle. Front post is too wide and not height adjustable unless you switch it out for the other that came with it (i am assuming that is what it is for) or you file it shorter and the rear is the drum type like on the MP5. I went with a cheapo reddot sight for now because just trying to sight it in was an exercise in patience.

    Quad rail had about a 1/32″ of twist movement. Just enough to be annoying. The reddot linked the quad to the upper and tightened everything up.

    Bolt catch/release does not work as on an AR15 BUT it will hold the bolt open on an empty magazine. You reload with a full mag and then pull the charging handle to release the bolt and chamber a round. You can work the bolt catch by placing a finger in the mag well and pushing up on the actuating lever.

    Dust cover works the same as a AR15. Stays closed till you chamber a round or fire a chambered round, then the cover opens and stays open until closed again.

  • newraptor


    Rifle broke after 800-900 rounds of Remington/Federal. Firing pin is barely striking the edge of the round and seems to be a very….sharp….strike.

    My guess is a broken firing pin. I called Umarex, talked to a very nice lady on the phone who said that they would email me a UPS label in the next day or two. They did…and included a form that must be filled out and sent with the rifle.

    The rifle is enroute and I am waiting to see what happens and find out what the problem was.

  • Duane

    Just wanted to add to the list of features. This rifle has a compartment in the buttstock also. It has about twice as much space there than it does in the pistol grip. And just for the record, it weighs about 6.75 to 7 lbs-depending on where you get your specs from.

  • ZMAN

    Is it all machined aluminum? (Rail, receiver, etc.) or is that Polymer junk like on my 10/22’s?

  • Duane

    The receiver, upper and lower, are machined aluminum. The quad rail in front of the receiver area is aluminum but the rail area over the receiver seems to be polymer-does not feel the same as the quadrail area. I have not fired my rifle yet but am impressed with the construction and appearance.

  • joe

    its really quite simple, if you live in the states and can get a 223/556 hk416/417 then do so and buy a 22lr conversion kit, as the rifle is easier to sell, works with most ar-15 parts/lower recievers, trigger sets etc but if u live in the uk obtaining a 223/556 licence is virtually impossible without owning a serious ammount of land and obtaining about 6 various licences, also you would need to buy one fitted with a fixed trigger mech that cannot be changed from semi auto. however the .22lr licence is the easiest to obtain in the uk and hence because this rifle meets also the requirements for a standard varmit rifle this is allowed. to sum it up if u want a hk416/417 in the uk buy this, i personally prefer the hk to the simply becuase hk designed it to be an ar15 with all the modern upgrades that the ar required, it is so compatable with an ar15 it makes it an amzing rifle to own, so if u can get one buy one, leave the .22lr alone unless it is the only licence u can get.

  • joe

    oh and i forgot to mention this rifle is not compatable with ar-15 lower recievers

  • Dave

    I just picked up my HK 416-D, made by Carl Walther in .22 Rimfire. I payed about $530. for it. Everything on it is metal, the entire top rail, the side rails, and the bottom rail. The flash suppressor is metal, The top and bottom receivers are metal, and pinned together for opening.Opening it like an AR, reveals the trigger group, and the bolt group. The safety is like an AR, the bolt release on the left side is exactly like an AR, but only for looks. The forward assist is where it should be, but again only for looks. The front and rear sight are screwed on to the rail from the side and can be removed. The rear sight is an HK diopter style with four settings. There are seven sling attachment points. It has an M4 style barrel, and the four position stock style is like an enhanced ModStock. The pistol grip has one finger groove. The markings on the left side of the magazine well state HK, Then HK 416D, Cal. .22 L.R HV. The right side states Licensed Trademark of Heckler & Koch Inc. Made Carl Walther Germany. The right side of the lower receiver also has the classic Markings of an HK for fire and safe. It comes with a 20 Rnd. Mag. and I was able to buy 2 30 Rnd. Mags. for about $30. Each. The serial# is well below 5000. The only thing is I haven’t fired it yet. When I train someone, I start with .22’s, then move up. This gun fits that bill.

  • Kevin k

    Alright ive got a good question to ask for the people who own the 416 in 22 i know the lowers r not interchangeable with m4s BUT can u swap the lowers between the pistol and rifle modle have not seen any pics or any talk of it at all i know it makes it into a sbr i was wondering if thats another reason why i havnt seen it done

  • Reddog81

    I am trying to remove my Buttstock Tube Lock so I can ad a single sling ring adapter. I have looked into the tube and I cannot see a screw to remove it. How do I remove the tube to access the tube lock.

  • Calvin Fredrick Guerrero

    Does anyone know if you can add an ambidextruous mag release on this?