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  • Wow that’s very cool.

  • subby

    Make a nice Christmas gift .

  • Griffin

    can you imagine the money he could make…

  • 54Bravo

    It LOOKS great but I wonder if it’s rated to handle full house +P and +P+ loads? ; )

    • 54Bravo, LOL, i suspect not +P or +P+

  • It would be funny if they tried to fire it.

  • IndyDEW

    I have a lego glock with a working slide and trigger!

  • War Wolf

    It shoots .40 caliber +P dowels.

  • 54Bravo

    Also, I probably wouldn’t go with the Glock ‘RTF’ option on this model, with the increased risk of splinters and what not.

  • SpudGun

    ‘I say, I say, I say, I knew a man with a wooden Glock, it had a wooden trigger, wooden sights and a wooden magazine.’

    ‘How was it?’

    ‘It ‘wooden’ work.’

    Wakka, wakka, etc.

    Now I’m going to wait for Homeland Security to ban it because you could spray it black, get it through metal detectors and use it take over planes.

  • Wolfwood

    Ah, but is it dishwasher safe?

  • Henry Bowman

    “It LOOKS great but I wonder if it’s rated to handle full house +P and +P+ loads?”

    Is that Pine and Ponderosa Pine?

  • Tony Chow

    Uh, if the barrel is made of wood, presumably it’s not safe for firing actual ammunition.

  • spectraldesign

    It would be interesting to see the wooden frame in place of the polymer one on a real Glock. Then again, it would probably lose the durability the pistol is known for…

  • 54Bravo

    TONY & SPECTRALDESIGN: ya think??? not to mention the risk of infestation by termites!

    A local surplus store had an all-wood training model of a M2 .50 hanging from the ceiling years ago, before they closed. It was a cutaway model too that I always thought it was really cool. I would have loved to have it as art in my living room. Then again I can see ATF showing up one day for an “inquiry” after someone reports it,seeing it through the window. (such is life in the city) : (

  • 54Bravo

    SPUDGUN: Yeah, I was thinking the airport angle too-LOL. When the Glocks first came into the gun scene in the ’80s, I remember this brief uproar in the media about the “plastic gun” that they wouldn’t be able to detect in airports.

    That was, of course, until some of the gun magazines actually TESTED it (you know reporters, actually checking out your story, first?) and showed how easily it was seen. Idiots….

    It would be hilarious to bait some reporters or gun control dolts on this, “look at this wooden gun that they can’t catch in the airport metal detectors! O M G!!!”

  • 54Bravo, I wouldn’t be surprised if some anti-gun nut tried to put a spin on something like this to push their agenda.

  • Don

    Looking at the other pictures of that thing… wow. It appears to be indescribably well made. Unbelievable!


    p.s. the that the CA version of this wooden gun shall not be made of woods which rate higher than 1350 pounds-force (or Tasmanian oak) on the standard Janka hardness test. I heard it… in a book… somewhere…

  • Who made this gun.