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  • Thank you so for the link!

  • Lance

    Cute pic the M-4 with M-203 is adorable!!!

    Poor dog the crbines are heavy for K-9s.

    Cut pic though.

  • Great picture. I might also say that I think it’s great that our troops, despite being so far away from home and living in those conditions, can still find an outlet such as this. God bless our troops and the USA.

  • CMathews

    I think the point here is that dogs make great gun racks. All of my buddies that went to the sandbox all found dogs and kept them within their units. It is just sad when you have to leave the little guy there.

  • Chris


    It should read, “Too” cute not to blog.


    • Chris, fixed 🙂

  • gunner

    without the rifle that looks just about like my pit bull pup, “ranger”.

  • max

    the dog is dead, its not cute…its a kind or R.I.P made by the soldiers…. 🙁