ATI AT92 pistol (MKEK Yavuz 16)

American Tactical Imports are now selling the MKEK Yavuz 16 branded as the ATI AT 92.

American Tactical AT 92. Full size model.

If you are thinking that this pistol looks familiar, you are right. The Yavuz 16 is a copy of the Beretta 92FS (M9 pistol). It is made by the Turkish state-owned arms manufacturing giant MKEK. I was told that the story behind the pistol is that one of the MKEK factories did manufacturing work for Beretta. Once their relationship ended, which I presumed did not end well, they cloned it and started manufacturing it for local law enforcement.

Some years ago Beretta switched the guide rod and trigger from steel to polymer. The AT92 is all steel, which should please some customers.

AT 92 Compact Nickel Finish

It is available in a black or nickel finish and in a full size and compact model. Because of BATFE restrictions on the size of imported pistols, the compact is not much smaller than the full size model.

Caliber 9x19mm
Capacity 15 round
Frame Aluminum
Magazine Uses Standard Beretta 92FS magazines.
Finish Black or Nickel
Barrel 4.92″ (Full Size) / 4.33″ (Compact)
CA Approved No. Lacks mag safety.
Front Sight Fixed blade
Rear Sight Notched rear
MSRP (Price) $549 for all models.

Many thanks to Chris for supplying information.

UPDATE: Dutch Ton pointed out in the comments that these guns are manufactured by a company named Yavuz 16, which is part of MKEK.

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  • I wonder if they accept standard 92FS/M9 mags? I assume if they are a copy that that would, but then it could be like the Taurus copy and not so much.

  • Matt Groom

    The Beretta-owned Stoeger makes the Cougar now, and those are built in Turkey, so maybe it’s a licensed copy, or perhaps the license is up?

    Is the frame made of Steel? That would be interesting.

    • Matt, definitely an unlicensed copy. I did not ask about the frame.

  • reeners

    it isn’t even a real beretta!

  • That’s quite interesting, I feel almost tempted to buy one. I wonder why they chose a steel frame? So people would buy it over a aluminum Beretta?

  • Burner

    So, why is a Turkish made copy of the FS92 almost the same price as the original? Considering that the labor cost is a fraction, and it is a copy after all, why would anyone buy it at the MSRP price?

  • Lance

    Not a fan of it. Before I got my M-9 for work and fun. I had a Beretta copy the Egyptian Helwan 920. It was a direct Beretta copy. BUT it jamed every time i brought it out to shoot. The finish sucked and the edges where sharp as razor blades. This copy comes from the same part of the world. I wouldnt trust it.

    For the same price as a Beretta M-92FS, just get a real Beretta M-92FS. I found out if you want a type of pistol just save and by it. No knock offs or your spend more money fixing them.

  • Dutch Ton

    The Yavuz 16 is not the Turkish name of the pistol. The company’s name is Yavuz16 and is part of the Girsan Machine and Light Weapon Industry Company in Giresun-Turkey. The Girsan company is part of the MKEK organisation. Yavuz16 is producing a lot of different pistolmodels, some of of them as a copy of the Beretta M92 or a compact version and almost all of them in blue, stainless or duo-tone. Almost all models have the caliber 9×19 mm and 9×21 mm. Examples are the Compact MC (oal/bl/w: 200,5 mm/110 mm/925 gram), Regard MC (217 mm/125 mm/969 gram), Tugra (221,3 mm/130 mm/1000 gram), etc.
    Yavuz16/Girsan is not an unlicensed copy-maker, but a leading manufacturer for the NATO-Allied Turkish Armed Forces, police and other national services. They also sell their firearms to several Asian governments (Malaysia).
    The US price for the AT92 seems rather high to me.
    The Turkish MSRP is 1.745 Turkish Lira (YTL)
    I am not sure about the fitting of Beretta M92 magazines, but have asked them by mail just now, so I let you know later on.
    Their website is: (you can choose English)

    • Dutch Ton, thats interesting. I talked to the importers (ATI) and they confirmed that Beretta magazines can be used. These particular pistols are marked as MKEK so maybe they are made in another factory?

  • Dutch Ton

    Steve, I doubt that.
    I have all the recent catalogs of all the Turkish manufacturers of firearms in my files and none of them is making a Beretta-M92 model as a firearm.
    From the models of the other Turkish factories you can see to which European manufacturer they have cooperated with. Like Sarsilmaz to the Italian Bernardelli for instance.

    I have seen these Turkish pistols “live” in Germany last March. I suppose they have several sales strategies, because I have seen them elswhere with markings of Yavuz16 and Girsan but not as MKEK yet, untill now.
    So, that is nice.
    And by the way, I think that all Turkish guncompanies finally lead to the Governmental MKEK

    • “I think that all Turkish guncompanies finally lead to the Governmental MKEK”

      I also think so!

      I updated the blog post with your information.

  • HK_USP_45

    I agree with Lance for the most part — the Beretta is an outstanding gun, and the knockoff isn’t much lower in price — so just buy the original. Knockoffs usually tend to be OK, but never as good as the original.

    On his second point, I wouldn’t really say Turkey is the same as Egypt in regards to quality of weapon craftsmanship. Night and day. The stuff I’ve bought that has been made in Turkey has been really good stuff. Usually stuff that rivals near-top-notch stuff, yet at a fraction of the cost (though not in this case). One example is CZ — some of their shotguns are made there, and I have seen some pretty high quality stuff from them.

  • Wiley-X

    Saying Turkey is in the same part of the world as Egypt so the quality would suck is like saying China is in the same part of the world as Japan so their cars should be great.

    Turkey is known for making some really nice shotguns so I’d expect that their handguns would be nice too.

    I already have a Beretta 92 so I don’t need a second.

  • Jim Hawkins

    Just a quick check of gunbroker dot com reveals the following…

    Beretta 92F $579

    Taurus PT92 $450

    Unless the wholesale cost is considerably less than the the MSRP and dealers can move them at a comparable price to the Taurus I don’t think they will sell very well. It’s not a Beretta and therefore cannot command the premium price of a Beretta.

    You can get an actual Beretta in excellent condition used for much less than a new one. That will make it even more difficult to sell copies at a higher price.

    • I confirmed that the frame is aluminum.

  • Turkey, the name brings trust,quality, and above all reaally cheap crap!!!! I’ve bought their shotguns and if this is the norm these guns would be a bain to the shooting comunity. Snakeoil salesmen in sheepsclothing indeed,

    You look at the quality control and ask yourself do I really need this or what?? But I digress “It’s better than a shap stick!!!!!!”

  • “These particular pistols are marked as MKEK so maybe they are made in another factory?”

    Actually, these pistols were manufactured by Girsan at their factory. And the only ones in the country marked MKE are the first 2400. The newer ones we’re getting will be marked Girsan for the MFG.

    Business is always interesting. At the time we started importing these, Girsan still had a valid contract with a different US importer who their business arrangements fell through with. After they signed up with us, we worked with our friends over at MKE to figure out a way to legally export from Turkey and Import to the US these guns so that we could pick up the fumbled ball from the previous importer. To make this happen, Girsan manufactured the guns and sold the slides to MKE. Then they made the frames and sold those to MKE. MKE put the slides on the frames and boxed them, which was enough for them to stamp their MFG label on them in Turkey. Then we bought them from MKE at a very slightly increased cost to off set the labor they did and viola.

    Since that shipment, Girsan’s contract with the other importer expired and now they have one with us, so current and future shipments do not bear the MKE marking.

  • Noah

    Does it make any difference about the quality from the old marking guns or the new marked guns? Also to everyone else CDNN has these guns for sale for $299. I have a few turkish guns pistols and shotguns and they are very good guns. Not quite the quality of the origional but If you are like me a cheeper but reliable gun is good to leave behind the seat of my truck.

  • Bad4u

    I bought one yesterday. I was super impressed with the pistol. I had a Beretta, Taurus, and the AT92 all out at the same time at the gun shop, and I could tell a world of difference between the Taurus and the other two. The Taurus had just a little slop in the slide and the trigger. The Beretta and the AT92 were solid as rocks. For $379 plus tax, I went with the AT92 over the $600 Beretta because I really could not tell a difference between the two. If you are in the market for a Beretta, compare one side by side to the AT92, I bet you can’t tell the difference.

  • Noah

    OK just got the at92 compact the other day. I already have a beretta 92 m9. The at is a very good gun especially for the price. Cost was $299 from cdnn, plus shipping total was $317, ffl transfer was $27, total under $340. Gun shoots very well and feels wery good. Cant say enough good things about the gun. I highly recomend it!

  • tj

    I shot 150 rounds of Federal FMJ through my ATI G92 this weekend, got it for $299.00 + $17.00 ship through CDNN. The guns fit and finish is much nicer than expected for the price. The only difference from my FFL guys M9 is the ATI does not have a chrome bore and chamber. The pistol is very accurate and functioned through all 150 rounds without fail. I do not have a bad thing to say about it and feel at this price everyone should own one.

  • Joe Smith

    I bought one yesterday, I haven’t had the chance to shoot it yet. But our EMA director has one and he loves it. I bought mine for $400.

  • Morgan James

    I own this gun and love it. Perfect copy of the m9, a bit cheaper (mine cost $450), and is an absolute nail driver! I’ve put about 600 rounds through this gun without a hic-up. Hands down the most accurate semi-auto I own (at reasonable distances of course). Furthermore, I love the fact that no composite components are used in the manufacturing. That was my main reason for buying it over the Italian made Beretta. One last thing, all Beretta 92FS parts are interchangable with this gun.

  • Rick

    I bought this today for $350 total including $5 background check and $16 taxes. I had it side by side with a Beretta and everything is identical in looks and function. I haven’t fired it yet, when I do, I’ll post again. The vender informed me that all parts are interchangeable from the Beretta.

    Feels very solid and no rattling or slop anywhere on this pistol. Turkey has been producing firearms for a minute and they are decent quality for the most part. I was checking out a S&W 9mm that just felt like crap. These have a good solid feel…if it shoots like it feels, I think I will love this one!

  • Rick

    I fired my AT C92 two weekends ago. I went through a couple hundred rounds without ANY malfunctions. Decock worked fine, chambering was flawless, and accuracy was very good as well. I would definitely recommend this firearm to anyone who’s looking for an inexpensive weapon for home use. I really enjoyed this one and am looking forward to getting out again to burn through some more ammo.

    As mentioned above in other posts, this is as close to an M9 or Beretta 92FS as you’re going to get for this amount of money…$350 is very reasonable for what you are getting.

  • tornacı

    I have seen one without enlarged head hammer pin for preventing
    possible cracked slide throw backs, but, strange enough, having
    counter recess formed inside the grip panel. Purchasers should be
    awared for this absence.

  • AndyG

    I currently own 4 of these pistols. Two full size and two compacts. Have fired more that 400 rds through each one. No problems observed at all. They have all feed FMJ 115, 124 and 147 Gr bullets and 115 JHPs Have fired Brass cases and nickel cases no problems with any of them. They are all accurate and use M9 magazines. For those worried about prices they all cost $299 from CDNN. out the door cost was $ 333 ea once I added FFL costs and shipping. I would highly recommend them.

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  • Shadi

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