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  • SpudGun

    I don’t know who Mr. Bane is, why he has a new hat or why you are showing us a picture of his new hat.

    I am confused.

    • SpudGun, he is a very well known shooting TV presenter and blogger. LOL, I am blogging it because I like the hat and can justify the post by the face that he is holding a gun.

  • SpudGun

    Oh I get it, on other websites, it’s girls in bikini holding guns but not on the Firearms Blog, oh no, it’s a man in a hat.

    I must say he looks very happy with it. So hoorah for the hat!

    • SpudGun, don’t let me monopolize your time. Feel free to visit other websites. Youtube has plenty of girls shooting guns, with fascinating discussions written by 13 year olds who, after playing call of duty, feel qualified to debate the pros and cons of just about any gun.

      If you don’t like something I post, just ignore it and hope that I will have the energy tomorrow to blog about something else.

  • SpudGun

    I’m only having a bit of fun Steve, I suppose my sense of humor doesn’t always translate well in written form.

    I’ll ease off for a bit. I didn’t mean any offense to Michael Bane personally and I’m sure he is a great man and well respected in his field.

    I won’t post on any hat based articles in future.

    • SpudGun, alright, we are good. Just bear in mind that blogging is a mostly thankless task, pays far less than minimum wage and is something I do after my real job (same as for every blogger). If everyone who disliked a post commented as such, there would be 1000 complaints for every post. Just enjoy the ones you do like and ignore the others.

      I am sure Michael was not offended.

  • CinSC

    greatly appreciate your blog. It’s a good balance of text, images, information and fun, and, as you say, without all the nasty politics. Don’t be discouraged, it would be a shame to loose you!
    Thanks for all your hard work,

    • CinSC, thanks 🙂 I am not going anywhere.

  • KP

    I want a cool hat. 🙁

  • Dom

    You know, not only do I like this post, but I think it could be a monthly feature. Pictures of readers and fellow bloggers in our finer moments enjoying some finer things. Shooter and Stetson of the Month Club. That’s a regal, ten gallon hat, and what looks like a nice 1894!

    Also, I don’t get the Outdoor Channel, but I liked Mr. Bane’s blog… which for todays post, shows he knows how to pick out good, uh, tomatoes:

    Seems like a righteous feller.