VBR-B Compact PDW 9x19mm

I am in full agreement with David Crane, who says that the VBR-B Compact is “arguably the most intelligently-developed PDW weapon/ammo concept to date“. Why? It is small, can fire 9x19mm armor piercing ammunition, uses glock magazines, includes a foregrip and is not much bigger than a Desert Eagle pistol.

I highly recommend the detailed article David wrote about is at Defense Review.

UPDATE: PersonalDefenseWeapons.com also has info about the gun.

Steve Johnson

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  • Carl

    Looks like sci-fi meets wood shop. But I agree it’s a good concept. It makes no sense to burden soldiers that have no offensive duties with heavier weapons than what is absolutely needed.

    I wonder why the big pistol manufacturers don’t enter this market more.
    Glock for instance could make a long slide version of the G18 and add a foregrip and telescopic buttstock and they’d have something similar.

  • SpudGun

    Of course, back in my day, a 9mm PDW was called an SMG and there were thousands of them.

    Some of them even had a 30 round magazine, could fire armor piercing 9mm ammo and had a foregrip.

    Thank goodness we ditched those tried and tested weapon systems so we could have VBR-B Compact PDW instead.

    Look, maybe I’m thick, but this just seems like the ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ with some better ammunition.

    Someone please point out the error of my ways and educate my dumb ass.

  • It looks like a crude movie prop from distopian future saga…

  • Lance

    I dont know it still looks too bulky and cumbersome to me, welll so is the Desert Eagle! Never can beat a Beretta 92 and or a Glock 17.

  • I’m more impressed with the round then the weapon. I wonder if NATO is considering adopting these new 9mm loads. Weapons like these might give SMG’s a new life again.

  • Crabula

    So why not get a Baretta M93r or a HK VP70 so that you have the benefit of better shoulder support. My point is that designers have been working on the same basic concept since well before the first sketch of an Artillery Luger or stocked Mauser C96 was doodled up at someones desk or on a napkin or something.
    The VBR-B seems like a step in the right direction, but not a particularly huge one. That being said, I really like the foregrip. That seems like a definate improvement over other similar designs. None of the similar designs seem to offer very much in the way of ergonomics. I would definately take this over that silly CAA Glock mod that you posted right after this.

  • Andrew

    That foregrip gives it an almost identical profile to a Taser. I doubt many police departments will be adopting it and causing confusion, though.

  • AK™

    Why not just use a MP5 variant?

  • Austin

    Would that be considered an AOW because of the thumbhole grip? I know they didn’t count as pistol grips in the Assault Weapons ban, so would it count as an AOW here?