Remington ACR for sale soon, says Remington MPD

Last weekend in Paris at the Milipol ’09 defense expo Remington MDP (Military Products Division) were saying that the Remington ACR will go on sale in “the next month or so”.

ACR on display at Milipol ’09. Serial number: ACR00067.

The Bushmaster website still says it will go on sale in the first half of 2010.

It has been promised so many times before that I will only believe that it is on sale when it is on sale and not a moment before!

Many thanks to Aurélien for the tip.

Steve Johnson

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  • Erik

    Heard that before. The more cool modular rifles available the better and I am curious what the street price will be. If the SCAR is any indication it will be a lot.

  • Will it be as over priced as the SCAR? Too bad it’s not a .308

  • SpudGun

    My hype levels over this rifle have reached a critical peak – it better be good.

    *Keeps fingers crossed that this isn’t ‘The Phantom Menace’ all over again*

  • Lance

    I hope its not over $2000. Looks sweet.

  • George

    I keep hearing it’ll be under $2k per rifle, we can only hope.

  • Titleist

    George I hear the same thing. When this thing emerges from vaporware hell that’d be cool.

  • JD

    I wonder why Remington decided to show an older ACR and not the pre-production latest model.

  • d

    I dont see anything indicating its the older one?

  • Aurélien

    I’m the one who gave the picture to Steve, and the guys at Remington MPD said it’s the final production model.

    One thing is sure, it’s way lighter than the HK416 and SCAR.

  • Supposed to be $2040 retail

  • We the people would like to see a Remington ACR Rifle in our life time, I’m 67years young and like to have my fun at the range. WILL there every be a
    ACR ?????????????

  • Oto

    the bushmaster website has a ticker counting down, its at 5 days and such hours and minutes. Is that for the launch of the ACR rifle salers? I know its prob for shot show, but hey, we can all dream!