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  • War Wolf

    I already have one of their milled 9mm uppers and it is a thing of beauty both esthetically and functionally. I am really looking forward to the milled lowers to hit the market and I will convert my Spikes 9mm to the billet lower as well as my Spikes dedicated ST-22 (.22LR). I will leave my 5.56 in its current configuration with the forged lower because I really never shoot it all that much anyway.

    Spikes is a great company with GREAT customer service. All my black rifles are 100% Spikes and all are 100% flawless.

    Spikes is also bringing a milled .308 lower to market soon too. They will accept the new (yet to be released) P-Mag 7.62×54 magazines. Lots of my money will be flying Spikes way in the next 6 months.

  • Erwos

    War Wolf: AR-10 in 7.62x54R? Sign me up!!! Do you have more info about that?

  • Matt Groom

    7.62×54 AR-10?

    In the words of Shela Broflofski: “WHA-WHA-WHAT?!”

  • War Wolf

    Erwos: If you go to and look up the user “badazzar15” you will find clear references to the .308 Spikes offering. Badazzar15 is the CEO of Spikes so I am not just directing you to some stooge who thinks they have the pulse of the industry. Tom is his real name and he is very responsive to questions from everyone interested in his products.

  • Erick

    “Spikes is also bringing a milled .308 lower to market soon too. They will accept the new (yet to be released) P-Mag 7.62×54 magazines.”

    Pretty sure he meant 7.62×51

  • Tom

    I’ve got a Spike’s lower on my own carbine, and I have to concur with War Wolf. Spike’s has great products and fantastic service, and I would not hesitate to purchase a billet upper from them in the future.

    I think you guys need to go easy on that typo too. I’m sure he meant 7.62×51, since the .308 PMAG has been a long time coming. A .308 lower from Spikes is news to me though, and would be the perfect excuse for me to build an AR-10 style rifle…

  • Lance

    Tell your friend Steve that you found a upper that wont explode!

  • War Wolf

    Sorry about the typo. My comments were made very early in the morning. Thanks for going easy on me. 😐

  • I’ve enjoyed reading your gun Blog here, it is just wonderful. My friend Stephen Dent, who is also a big gun collector, agrees so too.

    I look forward to future postings. Until we meet again.