FN’s FNP pistols now rebranded as FNX

A strange marketing decision that is sure to lead to some confusion. From the press release …

The new FNX 9 and FNX 40 pistols offer the key features demanded by today’s serious handgunner. New ergonomic polymer frames have a low bore axis for flat shooting and less felt recoil resulting in improved control. Deep checkered grip panels are comfortable and designed for no-slip shooting. Four interchangeable backstrap inserts quickly offer a custom fit and feel. The profiled stainless steel slide has cocking serrations front and rear, a 4” hammer-forged stainless barrel delivers long life and pinpoint accuracy. Fully ambidextrous operating controls make the FNX perfect for competition and personal defense for both right and left-handed shooters. Each FNX comes with both a decocker and manual safety making it one of the safest hammer guns on the market. Every part is proudly made in the USA.

FNP-9 is now the FNX 9

Hat Tip: Caleb @ Gun Nuts

Steve Johnson

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  • Jason

    The FNX pistols are different from the FNP pistols slightly. The FNX pistols have more rail addresses on the picatinny rail and they also use the more rearward mounted manual safety of the FNP-45 pistols, as opposed to the stamped metal ones like the FNP (as pictured above). I have no idea about any other differences below the surface.

    • Jason, ah thanks. I thought it was just a rebranding. I will update the post.

  • Jason
  • Lance

    Still a gun that sucks besides the Hi-power FN has no success with pistols. I take a Beretta or Glock way over the FNX pistol!

  • SpudGun

    Oh why do these marketing types insist on using the letter ‘X’ when it comes to shilling their firearms over and over again?

    The 90s were ten years ago, come up with something new you overpaid idiot branding consultants. What does the ‘X’ stand for anyway? Xenophobe, Xylaphone, X-ray?

    They’ll probably reply ‘It stands for Xtreme dude’ to which I’ll reply ‘I went to school, I know how to spell extreme and I’m looking to buy a handgun not a popular brand of carbonated soft drink…you morons.’

    Bah! And indeed. Gah!

  • Clark
  • Jason Smith


    What did you not like about the FNX pistol when you fired it compared to the Glock and Beretta?


    I guess “X” is the gun/sports equivalent of “i” in the computer industry. As in iPhone, iPod, etc…


    Yes it does. Didn’t FN used to have compact versions of the FNP line? I wonder what happened to them?

  • Lance

    The trigger pull on a FN is bad it cant hold +p ammo and it dosnt have a good grip like the Beretta 92 or Glock 17.

  • Bill Lester


    Since when can’t the FNP work with +P ammo? They are rated for all appropriate SAAMI cartridges, which includes 9x19mm +P. The manual’s relevant page: http://i50.tinypic.com/2iw0vaf.jpg

    I’ve also shot lead bullet loads without any problems, something that can’t be said for a certain brand of which you appear to be so fond.

    Grip? Purely subjective. I can tell you from my perspective, the FNP is more comfortable than either the Glock or Beretta 92. I experience no slide bite with the FNP like I do when shooting Glocks.

    Trigger pull? Again, subjective. In my hands, better than the Glock and about the same as the Beretta.

    Do you have any actual trigger time with an FNP or are you regurgitating claptrap from GT?

  • Jason Smith

    Bill Lester,

    You beat me to it on all points. I’ve never shot an FNP, but I’ve always wanted to. I’ve owned, shot and competed with Sigs, Berettas, Glocks, & M&Ps. I always end up back with Glocks, though.

    It would be foolish to discount a gun unless I had time behind the trigger myself. Of course, I’d never buy a gun without shooting it myself either, so…

    Beware anyone who says “X” is better than “Y”. I’d rather go up against Joe Schmoe with an HK P30 than Dave Sevigny with a Lorcin.

    Also, even though I prefer Glocks, I’m not a fanboy. I genuinely WANT other guns to be good. I WANT there to be marketplace competition and I WANT there to be quality options for the consumer. Too many people badmouth guns because it justifies their own purchase.

    Anyway, I hope FN’s pistols shake out in the marketplace. If they’re awesome, I hope they succeed and people post their experiences with them. If they suck, I hope they get improved until they’re awesome. It’s a win-win situation for gun lovers.

  • HK_USP_45

    Lance, have you ever shot one? Just curious. Because if you have, I don’t think you would say they suck. You would perhaps say you prefer other guns to the FNP, but you would not say they suck. They’re really quite good.

    So you say FN has only had the high-power that was successful, but what other Beretta has been successful other then the 92F/S? And Glock only makes one model (different calibers, same gun). So it’s really kind of stupid to say FN only has one great gun.

  • Bill Lester


    Yours is an equally good post and very refreshing to see. I’m sure we’ve shared the similar experiences of reading people comment on things in which they clearly have no knowledge or are so blinded by their personal preferences that “everything else is junk.”

    I’m not surprised Glocks work well for you. They do so for who knows how many people. The design is almost a work of art in simplicity. As da Vinci said, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Unfortunately for me, I’ve just never had as good a result with Glocks as I have with other pistols. I get slide bite within a few magazines and the grip angle doesn’t point that well for me. I wish neither was the case but such is life.

    As for facing Dave Svigney with a Lorcin, I would only do so if team mate Jessie Abbate performs CPR. 😉

    If you get a chance to try an FNP, do so. They’re a good pistol. Keep an eye out for a Guest Post on the FNP-9 courtesy of yours truly.

  • Max

    “The trigger pull on a FN is bad it cant hold +p ammo and it dosnt have a good grip like the Beretta 92 or Glock 17.”

    You’ve got to be kidding me. I’ve got an FNP-9M, it has an excellent trigger, extremely smooth, it works perfectly with +P ammo, and the grip is as good as the grip on my CZ PCR, which can only be described as enchanting. Beretta has a terrible grip, it is much larger than it needs to be. I like my Glocks too, but the 23 and 27 I own have much worse grips than my FNP.

    This is the first I’ve heard of the FNP being remade, it is one of my favorite pistols since I bought the 9M. I really hope they bring back and expand the compact lineup, they are barely any smaller than the fullsize but they are perfect to me. Nice short grip, still holds 15+1, it is my ideal carry pistol.

  • calamaridog

    When I was at the SHOT show recently, I spent about 30 minutes at the FN pistol display talking about the new FNX pistols with a FN rep.

    The fit and finish is excellent. It’s made in the USA. The retail price should be around $550 or so.

    The features are typical of the latest duty/self defense pistols. Ambidextrous operating controls and adjustable backstrap will appeal to LE agencies. The new sights are exceptional.

    The gun is DA/SA with a decocking lever. I believe a DAO model is in the works too.

    The magazines are very stout and the gun comes with 3 magazines. The magazines do not work with the FNP models, they made some changes. 14 rounds of .40 or 17 rounds of 9mm.

    I shoot Glocks and older Sig Sauers mostly but I am very excited about this new gun. I want one.

  • new gunner

    i just ordered a fnp 40 and i cannot wait untill i get it. i have shot the 9 and think the gun is amazing! ill admit the first time i dry fired one it sounded like and old cap gun i have, but after the first live fire shot i was in love. glocks are pretty great guns, but i dont like the angle of the grip, or the fact that it doesnt have a safety or a hammer.

    • Lunchbox99X

      Yeah I gotta agree with ya on the Glock issue. I understand the features we don’t like are the top selling points. I hate the idea of no safety.
      I have a SIG 2340 .40 Cal, a Beretta 92fs my wife has a SIG 2022 .40 Cal and she bought a FN FNX-9 have not had a chance to shoot it yet, but I gotta say I think I like the feel of it better than my other guns! If it shoots as nice as it feels I will add another FN to the collection! I saw a FN FNP-45 and damn that looked pretty sweet. I really love the 15+1 Dbl Stack and the DA/SA. I have always wanted the M1911 and truth be told may acquire one but only if it was retired from U.S. service a.k.a. stamped “U.S. Government Property,” having said that, I’m not real fond of the SAO trigger. But that’s just me! Anyway thanks for the time!



  • Deadprez84

    the only difference between the fnp and fnx 9 are the grips, and frame, the fnx is more modern, i would say like robocop, but it truly looks more intimidating then the fnp, im a glock man myself, fn has a lighter recoil, same features as sig, even takedown field strip is remedially easy !!!

  • LUKE

    lance if you think the beretta 92 and glock 17 have a good grip then I think you are a crazy man. Those if I had to pick would be the worse grips I could think of. I find the FNP/FNX pistols very reliable and as accurate as my berettas which is saying alot. They feel better in hand than the imported springfields.

  • Frank

    I own an FNP-357 and I am happy with it. It can be converted to a .40 S&W with a simple barrel change. Magazine fits both SIG 357 and .40
    It is a good solid gun.

  • rm

    That’s not an FNX in the pic it is an FNP.

    FNX has a new safety that allows condition one carry eliminating the need for two model lines (SA vs. DA). It is also a longer lever. The texture of the grip is also like the 45 model not the old style.

    They are NATO and +P rated.

  • GW

    Thoughts I would leave my 2 cents…first Lance…do some research before you post it makes you look silly. I have the FN PS90, USG 57, FNP45 and just bought the FNP9, I also own the Beretta 92 and the Glock 17. I bought the FNP9 because of how impressed I am with FN’s weapons…they really are like no other. They are well built, look good and work perfectly. I have never had one issue with any of them and since I work next door to the gun club…I shoot at least 3 times a week (rough I know). Owning the FNP45 I prefer the FNP9’s grips, the FNP45 is rough holding without gloves, I prefer to shoot bare handed but usually wear gloves when I take it to the range. The minor differences between the two I chose the FNP over the FNX…the slide looks the same…how many notches do you need on a rail on a pistol and I prefer the grip pattern on the FNP. The only real other change is the safetey and for my carry the FNP is excellent.

    Compared to the others the Beretta has a massive oversized grip unless you have huge hands I could not see anyone prefer that over any 9 in this class. Compared the Glock I would say no difference between the two grips in my opinion. Stock trigger I would lean to the FNP over the other two followed by the Glock then the Beretta. I modified my Glock and put in the Ghost Trigger upgrade (best investment you will ever make on a Glock) so out of all of my pistols nothing beats the pull and travel on my Glock now.

    Anyway just my opinion, but had to chime in when unfounded claims are made.

  • Frank

    I own the FNP-357. I found a site that sells barrels for .40. This will allow me to convert the FNP-357 to an FNP-40. Two gun calibers for the price of a barrel. Versatility is always good.
    I am happy with the FNP-357 and it is my conceal carry.

  • Jon

    Just picked up my FNX-9 last week already ran a few hundred rounds through it and plan to run about 500 or so more this weekend… so far i like it the only thing i dont like is the ejection for the brass doesent clear the shooter more kinda comes in on you.(nothing like getting pegged in the forehead with hot brass) had a few of my friends shooting it noticed the same thing but its nothing you cant get used to or learn to avoid. other wise i really like the gun and am more than happy with it. and i see some people comparing it to other guns, i also use beretta 84FS and glock 21 and i love those as well this ranks up there with them but for reliability and ease my glock is my favorite weapon. so all in all its as accurate as my berreta and so far very reliable and easy to break down and clean (like i said only had it a week). so far i have no problem telling some one to go check this gun out its really worth it.

  • KC

    Two cents added to the above comments. I own just about every gun mentioned, except the USG 57. If the FNX releases are any improvement on the FNP series then it’s diffinitely a keeper. I love my FNP.45. Granted…it’s a hand full but the show stops right there with you if ever needed in a self defense situation, a proven fact. Taking in the size of the new FNX, it’ s going to be a conceal carry dream. Thanks for bearing with me.

  • I have the FNP -40 for a couple years now , is an excellent gun , no problems of any kind , smooth and accurate , soft recoil , I own also a Glock 19 , which is outstanding gun , I have read about some problems with the FNP – 40 , but mine keep shooting everything that I load on her.

  • Mike

    There are enough external and internal differences w the pistol and magazines to warrant a new name.

    It’s accurate, reliable, and durable enough for anybody by any objective measurement. Subjective issues like grip feel and trigger pull will obviously vary.

    Without a decent DAO option and a compact model, it is going nowhere fast in the US LE market.

  • John R

    OK, this is an ancient thread but I’ve been meaning to respond to Lance’s assertion that FN has had no success with pistols other than the Hi-Power.

    Any gun enthusiast with a passing interest in history knows the FN Model 1910 (also a Browning Design). And then there’s the current success of the FN Five Seven.

  • HK_USP_45

    John R — I agree with you, but even FN says they have not had the success with the handgun market that they want. They’ve been pushing the FNX and the FNP to law enforcement because they want to capture more of the market. But by me saying they haven’t had success in the handgun market I am CERTAINLY not saying the quality isn’t there. I think FN makes extremely well made products, and I think their FNP/FNX handguns are very underrated. But then again, I’m a huge FN fan, and have been since I first was issued an M249.

    I think part of FN’s lack of success in handguns is that for decades they were primarily focused on long guns. Since the Hi-Power, they really didn’t push the handgun market until the FNP. But hey, the long guns they’ve been making are epic — the FAL (in the same class as the Kalashnikov and AR series rifles), the minimi, as well as their M240 lineup.

  • to John R.
    I went back and looked at his comments. I think Lance is young and inexperienced. His comment, “FN has no success with pistols.” clearly shows this. Expeienced shooters already know this is an “inexperienced” comment.


  • Mike

    I suspect he meant recent success. Depends on how you define success and what market you apply it to.too. I like FN’s pistols, but there market share for anything since the HP, especially in the USA, is still near the bottom of the barrell. I work multiple ranges frequented by people shooting for recreation and CHL Q as well as city, county, state, and feds practicing and Qing, and you can go weeks w/o seeing an FN pistol.

  • Christmas 2010 I found myself wanting a 9mm it would be my first auto. After looking at an SR9, Glock 19 and an XD I chose a FNP9. Now price did have a little to do with it (priced better than the Glock and XD) but I liked the feel better than the XD, trigger pull better than the SR9 and looks better than the Glock. To say I’m happy with my decision is an understatement. Between the holidays a friend was in town and we took the FNP9 out shooting and I was plesently surprised, what a sweet shooter. My friend who happens to be a Beretta owner felt the same way and wished he had his 92 present so he could have shot them back to back. As for the Glock 19, that happens to be what my brother-in-law shoots so I’ll get to see how it stacks up. In my opinion the FNP9 is a nice piece the trigger pull is great it’s light weight has a good grip is quite accurate and there is a lot of history (and quality) behind the FN name!

  • Spence

    Looking for my first auto handgun and had really narrowed it down to the XD(m) or Glock both 9mm but came across this info on the FNP. Very interested being a leftie. This gun looks like what I’m been wanting being totally amidextrous in every way. I was leaning to the XD b/c of only the amidest. mag release. Also, wanted something simple so wife could also use it. Any lefties prefer the FNP? Thx.

  • Dad

    I am also looking at the FNX for the same reasons as Spence. While I have trained strong and weak hand, I am a lefty as is my wife. I have handled the FNX at shows and in my opinion, the grip is more comfortable than the Glocks or the XD’s. As for the Beretta, I was in the service during the transition from the 1911 to the M9. While I was not happy with the change, at the time, it has grown on me and I feel quite comfortable with it today. I did not feel the the FNX was really better or worse, only different. Until I layed my hands on the FNX I was down to the Ruger SR9 or the S&W M&P. Now my list is growing again.

  • I found this thread somewhat amusing and interesting starting with Lance’s comments. Gun people sure can be opinionated, can’t they? I own a lot of pistols. I also train people with pistols every week as both a concealed handgun instructor and an NRA pistol instructor. Lots of good guns out there – Glocks, Berettas, SIGs, Springfields, FNs. – the differences are often minor and very subjective.

    I had an FNP-40 and only got rid of it because of an offer I couldn’t refuse. Replaced it with an FNX-40. The FNX is in rotation with my SIG P226 Elite 40 and Springfield XDm 45 as a carry gun. Its fit and finish is supurb. It is 100% reliable. Great trigger, some of the best feeling grips I’ve come across. FN has been making handguns a long time. Most have been for military use. They’re built like SIGs, tough and reliable.

  • Mark

    Recently purchased the FNX-40. After 1000 rounds I have no regrets. Many improvements over the FNP. It was either the M&P or the FNX. The SA DA is what punched my ticket. That said, my next purchase will be the M&P 9 long slide. However the M&P will go directly to the shop for a trigger job. The FNX trigger is much better (in my opinion, which is the only one that matters to me 🙂 ) out of the box.

  • #
    Lance on 24 Nov 2009 at 1:32 pm link comment

    The trigger pull on a FN is bad it cant hold +p ammo and it dosnt have a good grip like the Beretta 92 or Glock 17.

    Really sorry Lance did not return to defend himself. Lance if you are still out there
    Abe Lincoln once gave me a great peace of advice I would like to commend to you. He said “It’s better to remain silent and appear a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

  • Lunchbox99X

    I would like to say thanks to all of you guys for taking the time to comment on this pistol. And yes I even extend a thanks to the morons that have talked trash without even trying the gun out! You guys know who I’m directing that to!

    Happy Thanksgiving 2011

  • Pablo

    I have FNP 45 and FNP 40 both stainless and black great pair! Great guns to shoot and carry. The FNP 45 get a little bit before you get use to caring it but it is one of the best defense guns I have used. Served in the Army for 16 years I have done some shooting of arms around the world, believe me the are a piece of art!

    • My first 9mm was a Glock 26. I put a Pearce mag extender on it to fit my paw and it’s a regular in my ccw rotation. It’s incredibly reliable, has never jammed no matter what kind of crap I shoot through it, acquiring a sight pic is quick, and point of aim = point of impact at 20 yds. It’s invisible in my ankle holster or tucked in the waistband of my pants. It’s easy to take down to clean, and is utterly dependable. I carry it and shoot it with confidence and competence. But I don’t love it. I think it’s the trigger. Most of my other pistols have triggers that look like triggers. I think if Glock had a proper trigger it might be my one of my favorite brands. So I ended up wanting another 9mm. I tried Sigs, Berettas, Kahrs, and an FNP-9. To my surprise my fave was the FN. You have to handle one to appreciate its balance in your hand. When I picked up that FN 9mm with a full mag, waved it around and got a sight picture, my hand said, “Mmmm, I like this.” My Sig carrying buddy thinks the FN is butt-ugly. Maybe, but I don’t care. I purchased the X9 instead of the P9 cause it was a newer and supposedly improved model and, although I love that gun, I regret I didn’t spring for the P9 instead. I just think the metal safety and decock levers on the P9 look better than the plastic ones on the X9. I’ve put about three hundred rounds through the X9 and even though it was true love from the first time I took it to the range, the more I shoot it the more I like it. I -wish- both the DA and SA trigger pulls were waaay shorter, but that’s not to say I don’t love the gun. If I had to get rid of all my handguns except for one I’d keep the Glock 26; but because of its balance and its trigger I would never like it.

  • Jeremy

    I just recently purchased the FNX 40 and all i can say is WOW. The trigger feels great in SA and DA. The low bore axis makes it fire smoother then anything else I have fired. This weapon has assumed the full time role as my carry piece. I also own a Springfield XDM 40 and i have to admit its a great gun but the FNX reigns supreme. Great product!!! GOOD GAME FN!

  • aj

    The FNX grips don’t appear to have any substantial palm swell. I tried the FNP and liked it ok but I have large hands and usually go with the largest grip size. Does the FNX have options on that front? I’ve been wanting something to carry cocked and locked that carries more than 7 rounds but can’t seem to get my hands on a CZ75B. Whats the word on this peace?