Email. IMPORTANT. Please read this.

I am having some major email problem, especially over the past few days, although I know I have lost some emails during the past few month.

If you have sent me an important email or reply in the past few days, and I have not yet replied, please email it to me again.

If you have emailed me more than a month ago, and I have not replied, please resend your email.

Just indicate in the email that you have resent it.

My email address has been changed, although the old one will still work. See the contact page for my new email. Please use this address in the future.

Sorry about this.

Steve Johnson

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  • Lance

    It seems they dont want to replace the M-4. But want to adfd some improvements to it via M-4A2 model. It looks like a Colt improved arbine or a H&K-416 would be the front runners if the Army moves ahead if they are alowed to test new M-4s.