New FNAR with 16″  barrel

The FN’s FNAR rifle will be available next year in a 16″ barreled model.

I love the clean lines on the rifle. Anyone who has read the blog for even a short period of time will know my love of short barreled rifles 🙂

Introduced last year, the FNAR is a military style rifle based on the Browning BAR. Unlike the BAR, the FNAR features a pistol grip, detachable box magazines and plenty of picatinny rails.

Steve Johnson

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  • Reed

    I’m sorry, but the FNAR is the ugliest rifle I have ever seen. It looks like a hunting rifle someone slapped a pistol grip and mag onto.

    • Reed, serious? To me it looks like a sleek sports car 🙂


    People complain about the looks of this rifle, but it certainly isn’t any uglier than an ar-15 to say nothing of a SCAR. Is it uglier than an FN FAL?

    Looking at the other military/civilian rifle offerings, it seems a little silly to single out this one on the basis of aesthetics.

  • Anon

    I agree with Reed; I think it looks ugly, awkward, and tacky. That’s just my opinion, of course. Many people argue “function is more important than form”, but you wouldn’t buy an ugly sports car just because it’s fast would you?

  • James

    I also think that the FNAR is the ugliest rifle I have ever seen. Beauty is obviously a subjective thing, but I just can’t see how reasonable minds can disagree on this one. 🙂

    If they would just take the pistol grip off the weapon, it would look soooo much better.

    On a more serious note, while I am a short-barreled rifle fan myself, I’m having a tough time understanding why someone would want a short barreled version of this rifle. Tactical deer hunting from inside a truck???

  • Rex

    I’m in the “ugly” camp. I’d like it a whole lot better if:

    1:There were no pistol grip, (Sort of M14ish at that point)
    2:It used a common, inexpensive and readily available magazine. (I.e, DPMS, FAL, or G3)

    Proprietary mags ftl.

  • Don

    I like it but if it was mine I’d want either a regular stock sans grip or maybe a thumbhole stock.


  • Big Daddy

    Guns are like women, it’s not how good looking the weapon is it’s how good it works.

    Just because she’s sexy and sleek doesn’t mean she can make your bullets shoot hard and true.

  • KP

    I think it looks cool! in a MAS49 way. 🙂

  • Jim

    This really does strike me as a rifle without a home. It is the mean between all things. It is part hunting rifle, part military rifle. I don’t see a good use for this particular piece. I also find it to be very unattractive.

  • J’mo

    You seriously are ejecting it on pure aesthetics? Have any of you actually handled this rifle, or are we just bashing it based on internet pictures? The shear comfort this rifle gives the shooter, from the abnormally shaped buttstock, to the odd angle of the pistol grip should be the only aesthetics you should be looking at. The M14 was a landmark in accurate semi-auto rifles, and it got even better with the advent of the M21, given, but just because I like the Pentium II processor doesn’t mean I’ll turn down a Quad-core pinnacle of technology for something that obsolete enough to be counterproductive. This rifle is more comfortable than any rifle I’ve ever held, even ones with thumbhole stocks. The recoil is smoother than an AR-15. So before you bash it anymore, go to a gun store and hold it, cycle the bolt, play with the uncommon magazine, shoot one if you get the chance. Don’t be afraid of change…

  • Squidpuppy

    Here’s the thing: I have plenty of black rifles at this point – don’t really need any more. And I have plenty of semi-autos with exceptional functionality and performance, and in a host of great calibers; so anymore it comes down to pure pride of ownership and “gee whiz I want that” – nothing else. Which all means new purchases for me often fall into the aesthetics arena, and this thing just don’t cut it.

    Maybe if I could have only one, the ergonomics and action design would win me over, but that just ain’t the case. I’ll pass, thanks. There’s no reason form and function can’t be beautiful; the Edsel was a wonderful car, mechanically speaking…

  • This rifle was designed and is marketed as a military / police marksmen rifle. It is not intended as a hunting rifle, that is what the Browning BAR is for.

  • p

    I find it a morphidite mish mash of a weapon.

    Its a hunting action, its complicated, finicky, and more than a little clunky.

    Hanging all the other stuff on it takes away from whatever grace it might have had.

    I understand its supposed to be a tactical autoloader that can handle the heavy rounds, but it never has had the reliability and accuracy that a true tactical rifle needs. As a former gun shop worker, and part time gun mechanic, its parent action as been a steady source of income for me, so I should not complain too much, but battle rifle or tactical rifle, its not.


  • Arms Tech Ltd.’s Super Match Interdiction Rifle is a much more attractive tactical conversion of the sporting BAR.

  • Sean Ingram

    I like how it looks and it’s probably better balanced than the original light and heavy barrel versions. I like it because I’m partial to high powered chopped rifles that don’t lose much accuracy or velocity because they’re a few inches shorter. The best example that I currently own is a Ruger M-77 bolt action “scout rifle” in 308. I move much better in the woods hunting with this smaller and lighter rifle than I can with the full sized version and it’s just as accurate as the full sized rifle and the velocity difference doesn’t matter up close.

  • Brian

    The 16″ is a little better balanced, needs some weight in the butt of the stock. The only thing I could use it for now is wild pigs or urban warfare.
    Keep in mind that this isn’t a hunting rifle and probably will never see use by the U.S. infantry or Marines. Police tactical teams, coast guard, and security forces are the likely market. I certainly would take this in lieu of an M16/AR15 any day. I’ve never liked the 5.56 and yes I’ve used them for the original intended purpose. My suggestion to any one worried about looks is to line up some Frozen pumpkins at 200 meters and shoot a couple with your pretty 5.56 using both 55gr FMJ and 75gr Hps. Then take an ugly .308 and do the same with 150gr FMJ and 168 Hps. After you witness the effect on cranial simulation you won’t worry about pretty rifles any more. Pretty rifles sit on the rack.

  • sdcharger

    They claim 1″ MOA from the 16″ barrel too.

    I don’t think it is any uglier than any other tactical rifle.

    I want one.

  • Brian

    being a long gun guy i don’t believe in sub moa from a 16″ barrel. Take it out 200-300 meters then talk sub moa. In 16″ barrel land all I care about is less than 2 ” at 50yds and rapid target acquisition. Punch through walls and doors to get the target. Bring enough gun and use it.
    Rub a little lipstick on the lettering and it will pretty up for ya 🙂

  • warren

    I totally love mine. I own one, glad I purchased it. The rifle just fits up nice and is well balanced. Not a 24″ barrel, front heavy, knock your shoulder off, bolt action, deer rifle! Not that I dont absolutely love the Remington 700’s they are great too! The FN is all about fit, comfort, and function for the shooter. Not for winning the miss america pageant. The FN is a tactical platform and is only going to draw interest from law enforcement, target punchers, and folks that believe the end of the world is near. Not that it wouldn’t serve its purpose as a hunting rifle because I’m quite sure someone has already done it! 2 drawbacks to the FN. First is extra magazines are expensive. Second, the thing is loud. I mean darn near shakes the ground under your feet. At least my 16″ barrel does! Absolutely turns peoples heads toward me at the gun range. Other than that it functions, it has accuracy, it delivers rounds where you want them. I have nothing bad to say about my FNAR.

  • Blane

    Lose the pistol grip and I will buy one in 16″. Too para military for deer camp. It would make a very nice deer rifle for multiple targets.