AR-7 styled after the AR-15

The AR-7 was designed by Eugene Stoner for the US Airforce in 1958, a couple of years after he designed the AR-10 (which went on to evolve into the AR-15). This Henry AR-7 Survival Rifle, I am sure, would have put a smile on Stoner’s face.

“bronco” developed a conversion kit which allows a standard AR-15 pistol grip and stock to be attached to the AR-7 receiver. A forum posting over at the Predator Wild forum seems to suggest he may be willing to sell these kits.

The stock / pistol grip kit.

Next Chapter has written a review of the Henry AR-7.

Many thanks to Heath for sending me the link.

Steve Johnson

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  • I thought it was pretty clever!

  • Very nice looking conversion.If the conversion is built to take reasonable abuse.It would definately be on my X-Mass list. However if the cost was not significantly less than the Colt-22 LR conversion.Then I would go for the Colt .22 LR.

  • Grant

    How do i get that conversion kit for my AR7??!! email me!

  • mark

    this COMPLETELY defeats the purpose of the ar-7.

    • Sam Suggs

      I am with mark on this one get a 10-22 this is just a waste of a good ar-7

  • me ohmy

    the AR-7 I own was one the very first rifles I ever bought..I RETIRED IT.
    it is an original charter arms..not an ARMALITE.
    suckiest gun ever made.. total jam-o-matic, doesnt work with CCI Stingers
    and yeah they float.. but they suck!!!!
    so I got into Marlin 60’s/70’s and haven’t looked back..