SCAR 16S is now a black rifle

A matte black finished model of the 5.56mm FN SCAR will be on sale to consumers next year. I think it looks great (… and yes, I know getting excited about a gun being black is pretty sad).

Earlier this year FN gave dealers the chance to pre-order a limited edition black SCAR. One dealer is trying to sell one of these for $9,999!

Now, it appears, that the black SCAR is going into full production and will be offered as a standard model, not a limited edition. I suspect there will be some unhappy customers who pre-ordered a limited edition, only to find it is now a full production model.

Other than the opportunists on Gun Broker, I have seen the black SCAR listed for between $3000 and $4000. When it is actually available, it will probably sell for the same as the tan, aka. Flat Dark Earth, colored model ($2500 – $3000)

Interestingly, early prototypes of the military SCAR had a black finish:

Military prototype.

UDPATE: Replaced top photo with better quality image. Thanks Elaine.

Steve Johnson

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  • SpudGun

    It looks like we’re being spoiled for choice over the next year – FN SCAR, HK MR 556, Remington ACR and Steyr AUG A3.

    Steve, ring all of these companies and demand that they send you the rifles for a side by side comparison – if they give you grief, just say ‘I’m Steve from The Firearms Blog dammit!’

    2010 is shaping up to be very expensive so far. 🙂

    • SpudGun, LOL, my name is not (yet) feared 😉

  • Vak

    FNH finally listened to the cries of the people who wanted a black SCAR. And I’m really happy, as I’m one of them.

    (seriously, I know that with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan the OPERATORS OPERATORS need a color that goes well with sand, but there’s also people who like “classy” weapons)

  • Lance

    Dont care if its any color its still a plastic junk rifle which breaks easy.

  • Komrad

    This doesn’t change the manufacturing process so why is it limited edition? Isn’t it a simple matter of putting different colored plastic pellets into a vat? It still looks nice.

    • Komrad, because people are more likely to buy a limited edition 😉 But no, it is now a “standard” model, not limited.

  • Lance

    Steve I dont know what you mean? I thought Black plastics where a limeted edition?

    • Ah, I can see how my comments could have been misconstrued.

      It seems that is was limited, but is now a standard (full production) model.

      I have updated the post to clarify.

  • Jim

    Are SCARs supposed to be any good? For $3000 they had better be.

  • Lance

    Not in my Opinion Jim there alot flimiser than a M-16 and they have a very breakable butstoke and they over heat easily. Most SOCOM oprative have chosen to stay with M-4s over the new SCAR which is a over priced peice of junk in my opinion. If you want a so called new gun a H&K 416 or a XCR is FAR FAR FAR better in my opinion.

  • Brandon

    $3K is a lot. You could buy 2 Les Baer Police Specials with that much cash. Not as durable, but I bet they’d shoot tighter groups.

  • Lance

    A les Bear is alot more durable and accurate than a FN pice of junk.

  • Destroyer

    rumors, rumors, rumors…thats all i see. I suggest that somebody talk to SOCOM personnel, small arms experts, gunsmiths, and real firearms experts about the SCAR before listening to AR15-fanboy rants.

  • Brian

    I’m trying to understand why I would want to have a $3,000 .223 semi?
    Does it shoot 1/4 MOA? Can I drop it off a cliff, swim through salt water, drag it through wet sand, mud, and still drop a whole clips worth of ammo without cleaning the action? This must be some awesome weapon. Oh yea, and when I run out of ammo can I use it as a club without the stock breaking off? For $3000 I can get an AR-30 and then stay out of the swamp while I kill gators. One .338 Lapua is the right NATO tool.

  • Arrius

    This is a very interesting blog to say the least. I say this ,given the fact that as I write here, dealers are still offering the black scar as a limited 500 piece run. I am sure that many are also aware that dealers were required to complete special requirements in order to aquire one or any of the limited 500 black scars. At this writing ,the dealers who have taken pre-orders have met the requirements set by FNH to secure their spot in the receiving line for some of the limited 500 which have not yet arrived at FNH USA. Given that the pre-orders were completed based on the product being clearly stated in print as a very limited 500 gun run. This in itself constitutes as legal and binding contract within any part of the USA. The legalities would be very real if this rifle was to be less than the 500 gun run it was advertised and sold ,to be.

    As for the quality of the scar, 5 stars. Socom seems to have no serious issues with the rifle. Their have been issues raised within the standard rank and file infantry units about the gun overheating and jamming. In the end though much of this was written off as operator error as in failure to clean and properly maintain the rifle. Hmmmmm imagine that a dirty mistreated rifle failing to fire. Socom has not seen such issues simply because of the realization in if one fails to care weapon it will at some point fail to care for them. Unfortunately the latter can be and usually is a deadly situation all due to lack of effort. In Vietnam more than one dirty M16 with little to no maintenence jammed or simply failed to fire when needed most. Bottom line is the SCAR is rugged ,reliable,shoots straight and tight but if neglected ,like any other firearm,it will misbehave.

    In closing I had just communicated with Bob at FNH not but a couple weeks ago . At that time the SCAR was still in a limited 500 gun run of which none have arrived in the USA yet. I would like to see some validated links posted here that show this rifle having been moved to full production. Again as for the quality ,I would trust my life to the SCAR in any combat situation.

  • Arrius

    Hello all on the blog. I wanted to share the most current info on the Black Scar Release. On checking ,the blogs author is absolutely correct in that the Black Scar 16s will be put into full open production at some future point. Given this FNH has taken the following action. As of this week, 100 pre-release limited Black Scars have been shipped and in most cases have reached the qualified dealers. Their may end up only being 100 of these pre-release rifles as FNH had already said this special edition would be less than 200 and at this time it looks as if their may only be 100. Those who purchased one of these limited 100 will receive a limited edition certificate from FHN listing the guns serial number and description of its limited pre-release status. Given the limted quantity ,serial numbers on these first 100 will of course be very low. The final and perhaps best benefit to those who purchased will be the place of manufacture of the limited pre-release scars. The pre-release units shipped will be a 100% manufactured in Belgium rifle and shipped from same. At the time of this writing I have been told that the unlimited public release of this gun will be manufactured outside of Belgium.The information in this post is current and obtained from FNH and a select few resellers who have already received one or two of the 100 guns shipped. The sellers I have spoken with though had already pre-sold the units they received and expect no others for resale. With such a low number the true collector should start their search now. Those who simply want to shoot and put wear on the gun should not have to wait long for the unlimited release which should without a doubt be more affordable and just as accurate.

  • Gabe Ratliff

    I purchased this black scar over the weekend at a gun show in ky. I have to say i really am impressed just how much different this gun is than the ar15. It feels lighter immediately after lugging it around for hours at the show. No hard case, i paid 2850.00 plus tax, ended up being 3010.00 total, and all it came with was a magazine and lock. now lets review the fn mag that everyone is saying is great..Its a real big disappointment being its just a colt mag painted black with a green follower… I put this mag in my stack of slacker mags, and immediately purchased a dozen HK mags for it…If you have ever used the HK mags for the AR then you know how great those mags are. there light years ahead of any other m16 type mags out there.. Those set me back 40.00 per mag, not a bad price for such a great mag.. If you have an ar or a scar I really really plea with you to try the HK mags, you will thank me after you hold one… and the follower in the hk mags are simply perfect… But the scar is so far so good. i did notice the white paint in the lettering was almost wet, tacky feeling, and it would smear if you rubbed your finger across it.. It comes with some kind of thin cosmoline feeling rust protection on the guts, so i suggest you clean it before firing.

  • Bob

    On 30 June 2010 SOCOM announced that it is cancelling its 5.56 portion of the SCAR program and will only procure 7.62 NATO components. Is anyone aware of any reaction by NSWC (Crane) reaction to this since it has many ongoing peripheral procurement programs in place?