FN confirms SCAR 17S for 2010

The semi-automatic FN SCAR 17S, which chambers 7.62x51mm NATO, was supposed to be on sale this year, but FN-USA have announced that it won’t go on sale until 2010 …

Released for 2010 is the highly anticipated SCAR 17S now available for civilian purchase. Chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO (308 Win.) and slightly heavier than the SCAR 16S, this unique carbine offers long-range accuracy, exceptional reliability and match winning versatility.

Both SCARs have fully ambidextrous operating controls, a free floating, cold hammer-forged Mil-SPEC barrel with hard-chromed bore; a receiver-integrated MIL-STD 1913 optical rail plus three accessory rails for mounting scopes, electronic sights, lights, or lasers. The side-folding polymer stock is fully adjustable for comb height and has six settings for length of pull. The SCAR also features a tactically advantageous reciprocating charging handle for quick ammo and magazine failure response.

SCAR 17S (top) and its smaller brother the 16S.

Steve Johnson

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  • subby

    Its hard to get too excited over traditional rifle design advances like the Scar given its competition the Robinson arms XCR and Magpul ACR. Although you must admit the SCAR name sounds kind of cool.

  • Will it actually be 7.62x51mm NATO or will it be .308 Winchester? More importantly what will the informational stamping say?

    The stamping (as I understand) affects weather or not you’re allowed to export it from the US under the current administration.

    Which is of particular interest to us Canadians because Fabrique Nationale de Herstal doesn’t have a Canadian distributor and thus we have to export them via exporting FFLs.

    This issues has posed a problem in getting the 7.62x39mm Robinson Armament XCR out of the US.

  • Of course anyone wanting one to be non-restricted would require the FFL to swap in the long barrel from the FNH catalog before shipping, which I understand is only available in 7.61x51mm.

    Perhaps they will make some in Belgium… yeah that’s it.

    • How, I don’t think they will be .308.

  • SCARred

    I wonder how long before FN announces a “limited edition” black SCAR-H. Gets tiresome after a while. I wanted one of these but I have a limit to how much I want to be taken for by the manufacturers for what is a relatively cheaply made mass production gun.

  • Martin

    Does anyone know why there is a silly little chunk of plastic on the end of the 308 mag? I don’t see the purpose.

  • Lance

    Id take my M-14 over a FN pice of junk anyday. The FAL is FNs only tru successful 7.62 rifle.

  • subby

    FN should just get over themselves and just call the rifle its true name. The SCAR SPECIAL FORCES RIFLE!

  • Lex

    Why did FN delay the release? One reason is that they might have a backlog and the other is marketing…. FN used the SCAR rifles to force dealers to buy packages of their guns. This year, to get allocation for 3 SCAR rifles, you had to buy a PS-90, FS-2000, 2 FNAR’s, 1 or 2 Five Sevens, 2 shotguns, and a number of FMP9’s, 40’s, and 45’s if my memory serves me right….. Either way, in order to have the option to buy the SCARS, you had to buy $8k to $10k in other guns.

    The market has fallen off for just about all kinds of guns, including the SCAR’s which are barely selling for over cost on certain places like GunBroker. FN stopped production of the model of free guns that the dealers were supposed to get as part of a package and offered a different model. They knew they had a commitment and stopped production anyway forcing dealers to take a different model (regardless if they wanted it or not).

    FN will release the SCAR .308 at SHOT Show this year as a way to force dealers to buy their crap that is dead weight. Most smart dealers won’t buy into it because they know the market is dead and FN guns aren’t holding their value at all – a lot like the Five Seven models are being sold right at dealer cost on GunBroker.

    The reality is that the .308 will be even more overpriced than the .223 version and the dealers that buy the packages will get stuck with a lot work to move the poor selling guns just to make a few bucks on the SCAR .308 models…

    Sadly, the best thing to happen to FN this year is the shooter at Ft. Hood used a Five Seven and FN got a hell of a lot of free publicity. Even with all that publicity, it didn’t bring the value of the gun up above dealer cost…

    Am I bitter towards FN, yep. Just like Sig Sauer – they care about making a buck off their dealers and once they get paid, they could care less about you as a dealer.

  • theH

    “Id take my M-14 over a FN pice of junk anyday. The FAL is FNs only tru successful 7.62 rifle.”

    Yeah im sure FN makes pieces of junk since FN manufactures 70% of the US military’s small arms…

    the SCAR 17S is a brand new rifle…comparing its success to the “right arm of freedom” is a little early to say the least.

    My contention stands: the SCAR series of rifles are BA. Go FN!

  • Lance

    The SCAR has problems with heating I doubt you ever even handeled one so theH id think you fallen for comercial hype.

  • Destroyer

    “The SCAR has problems with heating I doubt you ever even handeled one so theH id think you fallen for comercial hype.”

    Funny thing, i have never heard of the supposed problems that the SCAR has from my brother in 75th Ranger Bat (you want to talk about a prick when it comes to firearms…). I think you just don’t like how the SCAR looks lance…every post about the SCAR you bash FN. You don’t even know what you are talking about. There’s a reason why FN is among the top sellers of small arms in the world…it lives up to John Browning’s legacy. Please name a better firearms company….I dare you!

  • Lance

    Destroyer I work for the DHS anwhich can be parts of the DOO ive fired more wepons that you can dream of. Ive talked to people they have problems with this plastic gun.

  • Lance

    Colt Remington/Bsuhmaster, Ruger, H&K and IZMASH

  • Destroyer

    well anybody can fire the weapons, but do you actually maintain them? work on them? take them apart at armorer level? there is a lot more than field stripping and firing a weapon: you have to understand the metallurgy, the mechanics, physics, and chemical reactions that go on inside them. Like it or not, the SCAR is an improvement over the M4/M16…that is why it is being tested. It is important to test instead of staying with the same platform for decades.

    The AR15 direct impingement design is obsolete (BUT A FINE WEAPON FOR CIVILIANS AND POLICE), kindly get over it.

  • Joey Jingles

    This last wednesday Michael Bane was with FN and the show was about the 308 rifles and specs. In the show they had an ACU pattern camo SCAR. Is there any indication that another camo beside the dark earth is coming ??

    Might also like feedback in buying. This week I have searched for HK SL8-6, and Sig 556, and Colt LE 6920, and now the FN 16. Anyone shot them all that can give hands on opinions ?

  • kay

    I’ve been looking to buy 308 rifle my first choice was the h&k 417. But now I’m thinking about getting the scar 17s. I wanted to know which was better ?

  • Lance

    Get the H&K its far far better.

  • Lance

    Better ergonnomics size and weight. and more durable.

  • Tactical Joke

    I’ll be interested when FN starts selling replacement parts and I can get a short barrel. Until then, FN might as well be Heckler und Koch in my eyes and I have no interest. YMMV.

  • johnny c

    Hey subby, both of those other gun makers you mentioned do not make a 7.62×51 rifles

  • Tom McIntire

    I am very sorry to see this site diagress into :

    1. Mine is Better Than yours.
    2. This Company is Better than that.
    3. I am right, you are wrong.
    4. I am smart you are dumb.
    5. This gun is better than that.

    Sounds like a few kids squabling.
    I think most guns have their better and worst qualities. Arguing about it isn’t going to convert anyone to your way of thinking.

    Differnt Companies are constantly trying to find improvements in what they produce in order to gain a larger share of the market; be it civilian or military. Over the years guns and markets have improved. Companies do this in order to stay in business and increase their profit.

    This is how the world turns. It isn’t all bad for us
    ” The Consumer ! ” The bad ideas and companies dissapear and the good ones stay in business.

    To me, it seems, that the choice we make in our personal firearms is a personal preference. For us to argue which one is best or not is just free advertisement for the companies.

    Let them convince us, through advertisements and informercials why theirs is better than the competion !


  • Bill

    From a scientific standpoint we need to look at the evidence, if something happens once, or was something someone heard through a friend…it’s probably not as reliable. Plastic/polymers are very reliable and durable within the function they were designed. If you try to use scar 17s stock as a hammer or bludgeon tool, it will probably break. But if you use it for its intended purpose it will probably last a very long time. Metal construction is not always better. All rifles have strengths and weaknesses, and lemons, no matter their composition.