Browning BAR bullpup conversion

Waffen Greger, a German company, makes bullpup conversions of the Browning BAR (the hunting rifle, not the military BAR).

Once converted the overall length of the rifle is just 31.5″, about 12″ shorter than a standard BAR1. Aside from the length, a significant benefit would be the better balance offered by the bullpup configuration, with the action sitting right up against the shooters shoulder.

The standard magazines that are supplied with the rifle hold just two rounds, although they can supply three or four round mags. In Germany, hunting with semi-automatic rifles holding more than two rounds is prohibited.

Many thanks to Mehul for sending me the link to this company.

  1. Assuming a standard .30-06 BAR with 22″ barrel. I am not sure if Waffen Greger cut down the barrel during thier conversion process. 

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  • SpudGun

    Not sure if there would be that much of an advantage in having a bullpup for a hunting rifle – but there’s no denying that it sure is pretty.

    My next question would be – how much? It certainly doesn’t look cheap.

    • SpudGun, I did not see a price. I guess it would be a lot … although probably out of reach anyway (unless you live in the EU).

  • Freiheit

    I like it. Theres something very steampunk looking about a bullpup with a wood stock instead of polymer around a classic rifle.

  • Carl
  • c trapp

    It looks as though they put an HK SL8 rail on top of it. But I have to go along with Freiheit: This surely looks great.

  • Don

    I wish it was a converted browning automatic. I’m a total sucker for modern twists on old military rifles.


  • Beamwalker

    It would be useful hunting in the woods or thick scrub, where a long barrel takes more time to get on target and has the chance of getting hung up. And it would make freehand shooting easier by putting less weight on the forearm. Interesting. But I don’t know if I could cut up a BAR like that, I love the way they look straight from the factory.

  • DF

    South paws beware! Ouch.

  • Steve,

    My pleasure as always! I know that if there is a place where these guns would be appreciated, it is here. I was sent this link by a friend in Europe and found the work very interesting – the shaping of the wood for the stock alone must take a lot of time and cost big money. The ridiculous pad on it is a bit of a letdown to my old eyes though that is an option that anyone could remedy by specifying a better quality pad, I guess.

    Freiheit’s comment on the “steampunk” appearance is spot on. Even old farts like me can live with that description and enjoy it.

  • Any idea if it’s an actual conversion you do yourself, or if they buy the BAR and sell you finished product? It looks pretty neat though.

  • CMathews

    Damn, Carl beat me to it. But I second the fact that it sure is purdy. If I had the money I snatch up one of those Walthers, but they are WAY out of my range.

  • Clodboy

    There’s another German company that makes – I kid you not – a bullpup over/under double rifle, the “Steinkamp SW1”.

    • Clodboy, LOL, what is hilarious! I will blog that today or tomorrow.

  • That’s not such a bad idea Clodboy, I’ve lamented the length of my shotgun when hunting in heavy cover. It could also be an issue in a small blind. I like it, faster pointing, better balance.

    But I think the real reason it exists might be Germany’s civilian firearms laws, particularly regional ones. Much like manual action ARs and AKs in the UK and Australia.

    I hope someone can chime in and clarify this.

  • Vitor

    Wood + Bullpup = Pure Class.

  • Clodboy

    Over/under configurations traditionally have a large following in Europe.
    Not only with shotguns, but also for double rifles (“Bockbüchsen”), large/small bore combos (“Bergstutzen”) and shotgun/rifle combos (“Bockbüchsflinten”).

  • Clodboy

    Oh, and we’re not even done yet with the German bullpup extravaganza:

    The Sommer & Ockenfuss Shorty is a unique bullpup “Griffrepetierer”, or “grip-action repeating rifle” that chambers the next round by pulling back the sliding pistol grip assembly.

    Unfortunately, the maker has since gone belly up and the official homepage is no more, but here is a site with some pics and info (only in German, sadly)
    Fortunately, the patent is also available online, which includes a fairly detailed description in English:

    • Clodboy, thanks for the links, that is awesome!

  • c.trapp

    @DF since they build them to order and manufacture each rifle by hand, it would be no problem to get one of those based on left- hand BAR. And I think it wouldn’t cost much extra.

  • Jake

    Can you just buy a kit for this?

  • Lots to like. No pricing or order information. Barrel Specs and other info not listed. Other caliburs in the future? Trigger options and stock options?
    More questions and little answers. Catalog or brochure in the offering?

  • sentenza

    It may be a great solution for driven hunts with red dot sights or 1-4x scopes. The magazine “system” appears to be slighty complex, rendering difficult a fast change. I think that the project opens the way to many enhancements such as free floating fluted barrels, BOSS muzzlebrakes, fiberglass or laminated stocks, full detachable magazine (and a different stock design). With proper handloaded cartidges BAR can express an accuracy you couldn’t expect… I have been loking for something like that for years. I will buy one if under 2500Euros.