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  • Lance

    The rifles barrel looks too short for a good long range sniper rifle.

  • So freaking cool. I’m looking forward to seeing one at SHOT.

  • That thing is just sexsi!!

    Has anyone seen a fair comparison between the 408 Cheytac and the 416 Barrett?

  • Rodriguez

    Lance, You don’t need a long barrel for a long range rifle. In fact a longer barrel in modren rifles are there to stablize the bullet faster for shorter ranges. With good rifleing, crown, and projectile the barrel lenght is not the biggest determining factor in long range accuracy. Now there is a minimum barrel length needed to get the optimum power from slow burning powder used in modren rifle ammunition. Otherwise you are still burning powder and releasing pressure from the rifle barrel to early.

  • LOKI Weapon Systems is the exclusive US distributor of the Nemesis rifles. You can confirm this with Advanced Military Systems Design, and in regards to this change. THOR GDG, and KGI, are not able to offer this product any longer.

  • Mike Cook

    I just ordered a Nemesis from Knesek’s. I see the one in the picture has a S&B scope but I have been looking at a nightforce. I need some feedback… I can’t wait to get it!!! 🙂

  • Brad

    Mike Cook,

    I would checkout Larry Knesek very well before doing any biusness with him or his company there are many reports on the internet of him conning people out of money and promising guns that he cant get. I know from personal experiences that the kid is a thief. So if I was u I would Google him and you will find all.the info that I have found on the kid and his dealings.

  • Mike Cook


    I just picked my rifle up from my dealer and everything looks good. I didn’t wait for the Nemesis and after reading everything on his XM408, I changed my order. Larry Knesek at Thor is 100% good to go! He answered all my questions and shipped the same day it came in. I am a business owner myself and I know how hard it is to make everyone happy and when you can’t, they go online and talk shit. Does anyone have reloading data on the 408? I will post photos soon. Happy hunting!!