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  • Needs a different stock.
    Love the idea of a giant 12 gauge revolver shotgun to go with my Taurus Judge. 🙂

  • Puke, MTs-255 (in russian – МЦ-255) – produced in wood stock a long time ago, and it’s avaiable in different calibers – 12, 20, 410. – there’s a its owners opinions and impressions.

  • Tom

    Just in case anyone in Canada is wondering, revolver shotguns are considered semi-automatic and must be limited to five shells.

    • Tom, LOL, seriously? Semi-auto? Stupid idiots who write the rules.

  • Clodboy

    What’s with the flimsy stock?

    Looks like it would bend like crazy under the recoild of a 12 gauge.

  • Andrew

    Under our laws, if all it takes to cycle the action and fire another round is to pull the trigger, then it’s semiautomatic. It makes a sort of sense. If you had to cock the hammer manually it would fall under the other rules.

    Also, what’s that thing to the lower right?

  • It would be interesting to compare one of these with the old Street Sweepers. I wouldn;t own either as I prefer hunting guns, but it would be nice to shoot these once in a while for fun at a range.

  • With an M4 stock, 18″ barrel, a red dot, and a front pistol grip it would be a nice home defence shotgun. Maybe it is even less complicated for use than a traditional pump-action.

  • Kyle

    Why don’t they import these to the states?!