Taurus 1911 pistols in 9mm and .38 Super

I let y’all down! Somehow the Taurus 1911 pistols chambering 9mm Luger/Parabellum and .38 Super which were launched earlier this year slipped below my radar.

I also did not realize they were now available in stainless!
Model 1911SS-9
Caliber 9mm
Capacity 9+1
Action SA
Construction Steel
Finish StainlessSteel
BarrelLength 5″
FrontSight GenuineNovak®
TriggerType Ventilated
Grips CheckeredBlack
Weight 38.8oz
Frame Large
Length 7.87″
MSRP (Price) $780.00

The .38 Super model is very similar to the 9mm. Both types of are also available in a blued finish.

You can browse the line of 1911′s at TaurusUSA.com.

Steve Johnson

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  • Hrmm.

    If I could get one of these, I might just be convinced to also buy another Phillipines double stack 1911 just for the frame… modify the ejector a little, buy a big pile of the largest Para compatible 9mm/.38super doublestack magazines I could lay hands on, and BOOM! Son of Spacegun*!

    Started with Frankengun, Para P16-40 converted to 10mm with other internal goodies, and a pile of lucky-find competition extended .40 magazines, for 19+1 capacity.

    Frankengun was to recieve an “upgrade” fitment of a 10mm carbine upper. Unfortunately the Para LDA system doesn’t work with the Mech-Tec CCU units due to one frickin’ 1/8″ wide strip of missing metal (seriously, if I had machine tools at home I’d have shaped a wafer and superglued it in place).

    So, with Frankengun “un-pictured”, I thought a bit and found an RIA ‘1911A2’ cheap. Cheap because they apparently are not qual-checked at the factory and mine needed tweaking to run. But, for $250 I got a new (and decent) .45 upper and barrel for another project, and what is essentially a cast clone of Para’s double stack, single action frame.

    Carbine + RIA frame = Spacegun!

    Son of spacegun… ok, maybe not right. Son of Frankengun, that works. Then I could combine the RIA slide and Taurus frame (modified) into an “honest” 1911. Bride of Frankengun?

  • CUrob

    Steve, You haven’t let us down… Taurus has.
    TAURUS – GET THESE TO MARKET PLEASE!!! I have been contacting dealers all over the SE with no luck.

  • Harold Olarte

    Its awsome…! a 9mm in a 1911 design..however how come there’s no hi-cap for this model…so i chose pt809e instead. Maybe i will get one when theres a hi-cap already.

  • xxx

    I have to move out of CA to buy this gun. Damn stupid CA.