New A-TACS camo

Digital Concealment Systems have developed a new camo design that will be used on Remington, Bushmaster and DPMS guns. While the company is planning on unveiling it at SHOT ’10, it has been in development for a while now and a few promotional photos can be found online.

Remington ACR with A-TACS camo.

Its universal pattern1 is a kind of improved digital pattern that uses blended blobs instead of the square pixels that are used in digital camo.

More info at Solider Systems and Strike – Hold.

  1. Universal means that it works equally well in all operational environments, for example, in forest, urban and desert environments. In practice universal often means it works equally badly in all environments. 

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  • Don

    In a few years will we see high-def digital camo? It comes full circle?


  • Phil

    Looks like watercolor meets ACU.

    I’ll take an ACR is that please.

  • Martin

    Lookout! Now all the services will be falling over each other to develop their own, logo incorporated, digital camo 2.0.

  • Lance

    I doubt the Army or marines will go for a new camo. The marines have highly satisfied with the MPAT. The Army is the only service looking for a new camo. The ACU sticks out in any inviromet besides a brick wall. The pattern the army is testing and will adopt will be a mdoifed ACU with more OD and tan in the pattern. The multicam is a backup the Army is also looking at.

    Nice ad pic with the Remington ACR though.

  • jdun1911

    That’s a very nice effective camo for urban environment. I would like to see it in others tho before making judgment.

  • MrSatyre

    That’s one of the more impressive photos I’ve seen yet of the effectiveness of both fatigues camo and weapon camo!

  • SpudGun

    Hmm, the above picture of the soldier looks highly Photoshopped. It could be that they took the picture in Alabama and just dropped in a standard ‘Iraqi-stan’ background to make it look more military…

    …or they could have altered the colours of the surrounding rubble so it blends better with the camo.

    I wish I could get more excited, but until they start making the ‘Predator’ suit, I’ll reserve judgement on it’s effectiveness.

  • icEr

    I’m with SpudGun, that picture does look ‘chopped.

  • Jim

    It’s shopped (as in Photoshopped), icEr, not chopped.

  • Bobcat

    I think this is the best camo design to date. All other designs have distinct color separations (i.e., woodland and digital). Multicam comes in 2nd, but the colors are distinct. I can pick up on the dark brown spots. This A-TACS pattern has no uniformity or 90 degree lines. There’s some 3-D depth to it.

    I give it 5 Stars.

  • Destroyer

    still not as good as bulldog mirage…though miles better than UCP (army ACUs)

  • Robert

    Sounds like someone from Mirage Camo. Thanks for your input!

  • Destroyer

    sounds like UCP fanboyism robert. Look at the comparative tests.

  • Robert

    Not sold on that picture/link yet. I’d like to see it used in the theathers we are fighting in and have pics demonstrating the effectiveness. Definitely not a fan of UCP, unless we are fighting in a concrete factory.

  • Destroyer

    No problem.

    obviously you missed the comparison i provided.

  • Robert

    Mirage is better than UCP and Multi in an arrid environment. I like to see it up against A-TACS in that pic and at a distance. Still not sold…but a good picture of Mirage.

  • Robert

    Actually, that Cabelas hat matched better than anything I have seen.

  • Destroyer

    people don’t understand the purpose of camouflage. its not to make you invisible while you are still, like the plethora of civilian hunting camouflage. military camo is to increase the time it takes for the enemy to sight you in and engage you while you are moving. You are supposed to be camouflaged in relation to 100-300 meters from enemy eyes. Civilian camouflage is only effective in a small area while military camo is supposed to be more general purpose.

    another example of mirage

  • Robert

    Destroyer – Thank you for the Camo education, we appreciate it. Do you work for Bulldog? If you do, it’s not professional to go on the threads of competitors and bash their camo. Just a tip. Please do not get upset and sore about it. Thanks

  • Destroyer

    hey robert, no i don’t work for bulldog. This a opinion coming from a former 11V that obviously would know a think or two about tactical application of camouflage in a battlefield environment (versus other branches of the service that wear their uniforms to look pretty in the office). If you are so blind that you cannot tell the applicability of mirage in current operations in the middle east, then that is not my problem. My hopes are that US forces get equipped with the best and most feasible camouflage for the job at hand. Don’t accuse me of being a sales rep for bulldog because i think that mirage obviously works better that that dismantled your little gucci-flage obsession.

  • gunslinger

    The Army should have just adopted Multi-Cam in the first place and not wasted all that money on a pattern that only works in a spruce forest! But the Marines had digital….