STI Off Duty, Guardian and Escort will soon be available in .40 S&W

STI International recently announced that their 1911 Off Duty, Guardian and Escort pistols will be soon be available in .40 S&W. They were all previously chambered in both 9mm and .45 ACP. This is a logical move for STI as the .40 S&W nowadays is as ubiquitous as the other calibers they were offering.

STI’s compact Escort

Steve Johnson

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  • I came across your blog by mistake, but I’ve bookmarked it because it’s interesting — I really like that you don’t drag politics into your content (so many people do this, and it’s very tiring).

    The first time I used guns was when a friend of mine introduced me to it many years ago (I’m a Canadian citizen, and guns aren’t readily available to the public here). My wife and I traveled to an indoor shooting range in Montana, and he spent the first 30 minutes with us going over safety procedures.

    After that we tried a .22, a .45 (or maybe it was a .44), and then finally a 9mm. (or was it an 8mm.?), all hand guns (which I’m sure you probably guessed). The 9mm./8mm. was the most comfortable, and looked very business-like because its shape was square-like, and I remember in particular that the empty shells would fly off to the left-hand side after taking each shot.

    Some day I’d like to get back to the shooting range for more, but unfortunately the ranges here in Canada are hard to come by and usually don’t cater to hand gun owners (let alone have some that can be rented — aside from having smart children at home, I don’t see a reason for owning one).

    I think a lot of Canadians would be interested in visiting a shooting range regularly to practice with rentals, without having to own one at home, thus there could be quite a large market for this.

    It’s an interesting challenge to hit the centre of the target from such a distance, which is one of the aspects of this activity that I think make it attractive.

    Thanks for producing a good quality blog that focuses on the important facts. I look forward to reading more and learning more about firearms in the future.

  • rm

    Got an email from STI yesterday as a response about the Gaurdian in 40. They responded that this was not going to be available.