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  • Fred

    Just think what you could fit in a bass guitar case… might be enough room for a 16″ barrel.

  • Jesse

    I used to live in an apartment complex that has a no firearms clause in the lease. I decided to bring a rifle with me anyway there I was at guitar center with a measuring tape looking for case that was long enough for this old rifle and a salesman comes by asking if I need help. He said, “What kind of guitar do you have?” and I told him, “I have a Mossberg 151.”

  • Veeshir

    I got a viola case from Thompson for my Thompson.

    It doesn’t usually fool anyone. Could be the gunny stickers I have plastered on the outside.

  • And all these years I didn’t believe I could ever be a musician!!

  • B Woodman

    Shades of Al Capone & old Chicago. . . .

  • CMathews

    I currently use a guitar case to discreetly travel with my Mossberg 500 It works quite well in fact. Aside from the fact that I can’t play guitar.

  • Don

    I transport my marlin 1894 in a lacrosse stick bag.


  • Matt Groom

    This is why I lament the lack of standard production take-down rifles. Winchester was going to do a take down ’94 scout in 2006 and I couldn’t wait to get one. Then they went out of business.

    Good thing there’s nothing weird about a an accountant carrying a Cello case everywhere they go, huh?

    • Matt, not if the accountant is wearing some beads and has long hair, hippie syle

  • Martin

    Smaller pelican case covered in IT (as in Technology) stickers = Nerd Toolbox.

    Large pelican case covered in space stickers = telescope

  • Komrad

    If this was actually for self defense and not just pure awesome I would say a short barreled 12 gauge shotgun would be a better choice than a .223 out of a 7.5 inch. Spread is not negatively affected by a short barren and velocity is not as important in shotguns anyway.

  • Matt Groom

    I don’t say this very often, but I agree with Komrad. Something like a Serbu Super Shorty would be a much better choice for this type of set-up. Respect the Gauge!

    As for the Hippie Beads thing, I always take a view askance to those types of people. “Got anything for the head, man?” “Just a two hundred and thirty grain hollowpoint, man.” Now that will harsh your mellow!

  • jdun1911

    I had a run in with the law few years back at around 2AM with over $10k of firearms and equipments.

    My cousin and I went to our shooting range at around 8pm on a Friday night. For most of the night we got the entire range to ourselves. We pack our stuffs and throw it in the trunk and back seat. You can tell our stuff was firearms and firearms related due to the rifle cases and range bags.

    On our way back home we got pulled over by two cops. The first one was a young gentleman the other was old experience cop and thanks God for that. Otherwise we might have a night stay in jail.

    The old gentleman asked if the stuff on the back seat was firearms. I answered Yes. He then asked if we are carrying firearms. I replied Yes. He asked for our conceal permits. He asked if we were hunting. I said No, we just got back from the gunrange. He then went back to the police car to check us up. The young police officers standing at four o’clock position from the passenger side watching us.

    Once he finished the check he told us why they pulled us over. It was because the license plate tilted (one screw was missing). He then gave us our permit back and told me to fix it when I get home. He didn’t ticked me.

    Now if this was an inexperience cop we probably would have gone to jail because he/she probably think what gun range would open this late at night. The old cop figured that we probably belong to a private gun club that open 24/7 to members. So in that regard we were lucky.

    I asked one of my cop friends if it is common that police pull over cars that have tilted license. His response is yes because the car might have been stolen, which makes sense.

    From that day on we ditch our expensive rifle cases and went to discreet non-looking firearm type cases. I now use soft tennis cases to move my firearms. My cousins use a mod tool box to move his firearms. Our range bags are also discreet.

    I am thinking about doing a guitar rifle case but no one that I know off have a use guitar for sale. From personal experience I suggest that it is best to use non-firearms looking cases for the simple reason of not drawing cops attention when being pulled over.

  • Greetings from Texas,
    The classics never die.
    For a number of years I have done firearm programs for writers and make a point of transporting my props through hotel lobbies and the like under cover. While haunting my local thrift store (It amazes me what show up at these stores) I stumbled across a tennis racket bag for .50 cents. I originally bought it to use the shoulder strap for something else but when packing for a show I discovered the MP-40 fit perfectly. During my program one of the writer types ask how such a weapon could be smuggled these days since violin cases are always assumed by security to have a machine gun.
    We agreed that nothing would fool a metal detector. “How could something like this be carried on the street,” she asks?
    I reached under the table where I store my transport packing, got the tennis racket bag, and dropped the MP-40 and mag. inside. When I zipped the bag shut and slung it over my shoulder I got excitement, gasp, a chorus of “Oh My God!” and a couple of very pale faces.
    The only limit is your imagination.

    • Arthur, heh heh 🙂

  • le bolide

    To which gun does that 6th GLOCK magazine go?

    • le, so there is! I have updated the post.

  • Buga

    Nice… Mariachi style!
    Luckly for me i can carry my M4 wherever i need to while it just hanging from a sling. So i dont have to mass around with a case. (but just for fun i started building a coffen style case for storage but never get the time to finish it)

    (BTW in his post it says it a G23 not a G17)

    • Buga, fixed. thanks.