Mikhail Kalashnikov made a “Hero of the Russian Federation”

Yesterday, on his 90th Birthday, Mikhail Kalashnikov was named “Hero of the Russian Federation“. This award is the highest that can be bestowed on an individual by the Russian president. Kalashnikov has previously twice been awarded Hero of Socialist Labor that, which along with Hero of the Soviet Union, was replaced by Hero of the Russian Federation in 1992.

The Associated Press reports:

“Age is not significant. I have plenty of life left in me. But still, this is a special date and it needs to be celebrated,” the white-haired inventor said in remarks broadcast on Russian television.

Kalashnikov, whose tie was decorated with a metal pin shaped like an AK-47, smiled and read patriotic poetry to journalists in Izhevsk, his hometown located 1,300 kilometers (800 miles) east of Moscow.

A fine award for a great man.

Many thanks to Morten for the link.

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  • subby

    Eugene Stoner should get the Presidential Medal of Freedom or what not anytime now.

    Still waiting, anytime now…

  • War Wolf

    In this administration some obscure “stoner” will get a Presidential Medal of Freedom before Eugene Stoner will.

  • subby, I wholeheartedly agree. So should JMB.

    War … HAHHAHAHAHAAH, well said.

  • Lance

    Well John C Grande sould get a Medal of Freedom too. His gun was one BIG reason we won WW2. There should be a holaday too!

  • Bill Lester

    С Днем Рождения, Михаил Тимофеевич

  • David

    Lance – they named the Rio Grande after him.

  • David

    Previous management was able to gave a Presidential Medal of Freedom to Fred (“Mr.”) Rogers whilst leaving Mr. Stoner out in the cold. Other notables so honored by GWB instead of Mr. Stoner: Carol Burnett, Estee Lauder, Martha Raye, James Brady (*ahem*, handgun rights guys) and Rev. Jesse Jackson.

  • slntax

    blah stoner doesnt need an award. hes got tons of cash to keep him happy. IMO better than any other metal they can hang around your neck sans the MOH.

  • btr

    Eugene Stoner is dead.

    • btr, not a problem! Award it posthumously.

  • Jim

    Why would you want to give that award to the creator of the jam-o-matic?

  • Lance

    Id give Stoner 100 medals over the Junk you like thar FN make ie the M-249!

  • Komrad

    Kalashnikov got almost no money for his design, only pride and a few medals. USSR may not have been our friends but who could blame anyone for trying to help their country. Kalashnikov deserves his medals. Stoner may have been a fine man but if we gave an award to every brilliant inventor the award would lose it’s importance. Just think of all the inventors just in the firearms field: Samuel Colt (revolver), John Garand (M1 Garand), John Browning(BAR ,A-5, pump shotguns, lever shotguns, Hi-Power, 1911, M1895 potato digger machine gun, M2 Browning Machine Gun, and many other revolutionary designs), Bill Ruger (10/22, .22 pistols, mini-14), and many others who have made significant contributions to the firearms industry. Personally I think John Browning needs a medal more than Stoner or Garand.

  • Carl

    I’m sure all these inventors are a lot more honored by the success of their designs in the marketplace than the opinions of some government committee.