Beretta Xplor

Beretta have been very tight lipped about the new Beretta Xplor shotgun. A well placed source provided me with some new information on the shotgun:

  • The receiver is green in color. The photo I posted previously is the real deal.

  • Despite being chambered for 3.5″ shells, the receiver is small and light – comparable to a shotgun designed for 3″ shells. As far as I know it is the lightest shotgun of its class.

  • The smaller action, combined with the new gas system, helps with the fast cycling of the action. Firing four rounds before the first ejected shell hits the ground can easily be done.

  • The gas system works well in keeping the action clean.

This photo is legit although bolt will be black in color (and, of course, will have a charging handle attached)

Steve Johnson

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