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  • J Fulkerson

    This is a great story and everyone should read it. You should read it for three reasons: 1. A story about how a real world scenario goes down – you can learn from how things do not go as planned. 2. It’s a story about improvising and using what’s available to best effect (i.e. coffee). 3. It’s a funny story that had a happy ending.

    Seriously, I’m glad he’s okay.

  • Don

    Even after all of the coffee mug/cup spoofs honoring caleb’s slick maneuver, somehow reality always continues to surprise:


  • Tom

    You should have summed it up for those of us who don’t know but can’t listen to things at work.

  • CMathews

    Now if only the mug had a rail that I could attach a light and laser
    to… I think there’s a market for this.

  • CMathews

    You are amazing Don, I must now buy one of these mugs haha. another three hunrded dollars down the drain.