Tactilite T-2 : Magazine fed .50 BMG AR-15 Upper!!!

How frick’n awesome is this …

Reminds me of the FG-42 … only more awesome!

I have never seen a side magazine mounted .50 BMG upper for the AR-15 platform. Tactlite have outdone themselves!

The T-2 will also be available chamabered in .338 Laupa and .416 Barrett.

The price starts at $2,198 and preorders require a $500 deposit (refundable at anytime before shipping). It is expected to ship by Christmas.

[ Blogging is addictive … I really need to take a break ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Fred

    That’s worth taking a break from the break.

  • Kevin

    That is realllly cool. Unfortunately, as this is made in the US, I could not import one into good ol’ Canada due to US Export laws.

  • WOW, very cool. Need to start saving my allowance

  • mark

    Hasn’t the ATF found that uppers that have their own ammunition feeding mechanism are their own “firearms”, needing a 4473?

    I seem to remember the ATF reclassifying a belt-fed machinegun upper as its own firearm

  • Hopefully they come up with a switch-barrel version in standard and magnum-length chamberings, like 30-06, .300 WM, or the like.

    Safety Harbor Firearms also has a side-mag .50 upper.


  • Jake

    You let the Canadians know about this?!? We are getting invaded for sure now.

  • Tom

    It seems to me that if they were actually going to deliver a safe, reliable product by Christmas, they’d have more than a computer rendering by now.

  • Tom

    Kevin, you can export to Canada so long as it’s not STAMPED with a military caliber (.50 BMG) you could probably get one stamped with another name like .50 KEVIN or just get the superior .416 Barrett anyways.

    Exporting non-military caliber firearms from the US to Canada generally costs about $100 + S&H through a specialist FFL.

    However being an AR upper it will still be a restricted firearm.

    There’s the BOHICA FAR-50 upper as well.

  • Ty

    The Safety Harbor upper in the exact same configuration is not considered a firearm. I think this is a really cool idea. However, I think an AR-50 or even a bolt action Barrett might be a better option unless this lets you skirt stupid state laws about .50 BMG.

  • This hurts just looking at it!

  • prodromos

    Anyone knows?
    What is the weight of this thing?

    I am a fan of http://www.serbu.com/top/bfg50.php

    Could it be lighter? than the 22″ bfg-50 carbine? (17lbs)

  • Very cool indeed! And now that I’ve seen it I wonder why no one else had thought of this. I look forward to reading reports after it’s been used. I say give Steve first shot on shooting it and writing about it.

    • Mike , the owner of Zel Custom, told me they were not the first to come up with the concept (he is a very honest guy).

      Heath, I think they have actually offered to send me review guns. Its not practical, but even if it was I would be to embarrassed to publish my groups – I am a relatively poor shot 😉

  • Lance

    Really cool. But 2 grand? too expensive.

  • Steve, let me know if you need a “guest tester” for this baby – I have a brand-new AR lower (bought as a “spare”) with no roof on it that’s begging for a rig like this. Heck, I might even give it back after! 😉

  • War Wolf

    Any links to reviews of Tactilite uppers? Is there too much stress on the lower? I am eyeballing a Sako TRG-42 in .338 Lapua but I do like to save $$$. Do any of the readers on TFB have a Tactilite upper? Willing to share their impressions?

  • Dave M.

    Very cool, looks a lot like the Safety Harbor upper with the same price point. This one comes with rails though. Curious about the weight.

  • jdun1911

    AR15 lowers are stress free. All the stress on the rifle should be contain in the upper.

    If I have a choice between the two I’ll go for Sako TRG-42.

  • Bill Waites

    Here’s video of one being shot.

    This, I believe, is the Safety Harbor version. 2nd Video, with the big fat guy in red shooting.


  • Bill Waites

    Page down a bit, its down a little bit on that page.

  • Kevin

    $2000 is not really that expensive for a .50 in canada. In fact I would go as far as saying that thats pretty darn cheap.

    The cheapest we have here that is commonly available is the steyr HS-50, which starts at betwen $5000-5600 CAD.

  • Overload in CO

    It looks like it’d be hard for a right handed person to see when firring. Or, is the magazine low enough that you’d be able to look over it?