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  • Groot Mamba

    Not suitable for โ€œcatch and releaseโ€ So cool though. It should fit in with the swings in the back yard.

    • Groot, that dosn’t matter. “Scientific research” all the rage on the high seas these days and they don’t release, they eat.

  • Wolf

    I can never believe it when wealthy people use their extra money to buy nice cars, kitchens and whatnot. 22k would be worth the looks on the 50BMG shooters faces if you pulled up to the range and started unloading one of these. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Groot Mamba

    So True Steve. Is there a cash discount?

    • Groot, probably not but it will pay for itself quickly. You only need to catch one whale a year to keen the freezer filled and the rest can be exported to Japan for good money … you just run the risk of being attacked by eco-terroristsnutjobs.

  • SayUncle would put a rail and a red-dot on it.

  • Mu

    The same guy has a couple of naval guns for sale on gunbroker, so I think harpooning a whale and then sinking the green peace boat “in self defense” would count as illegal baiting.

  • Komrad

    Me no like. Need exploding harpoon. But seriously whaling is a cruel and primitive practice.

  • Groot Mamba

    Sinking a Green Peace boat in “self defense” …now there’s a loop hole. Good thinking Mu. I will try it with a NTW20mm. One can launch anvils and try and shoot it with the Harpoon Meister..Oi captain…anvil up -up and away …..high velocity harpoon swooshing sound here.

  • least we know few of your names now..

  • Ed

    This has been sold to a museum.

  • Bob

    thats just what im looking for. do you except paypal

    • tougifai dasikoju

      i am interest to buy hello yes. please give details me to please. i get soon affordable possible if yes thankyou yes