H&K Redesigned L7A2 and the ME redesigned 7.62 GPMG

REMOV let me know that H&K have redesigned their version of the FN MAG 7.62mm machine gun (designated the L7A2 in the British Army). The new models have been completely redrawn from imperial to metric and also feature a lengthly picatinny rail (what self-respecting military firearm does not these days?).

There are two models, one being slightly shorter than the other.

Manroy Engineering have also redesigned their ME 7.62 GPMG, which is a mix of features from the L7A2 and MAG 58.

A big thank you to REMOV for the photos and information.

Steve Johnson

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  • Martin

    If they can got it under 11kg, then they have a winner. Otherwise, I’ll still stick with an M60E3/4.

  • Lance

    Same here I operfer a M-60. But I nnotice like the L-85 that H&K makes these guns and FN is out of business in the UK. Id perfer H&Ks better quality control anyway.

  • Destroyer

    Nice. H&K making the GPMG…
    Still like the M240L better

  • Uzi

    And I thought the L7A2 and the GPMG were the same gun. Learn something new every day.

  • Ross Kyle

    GPMG is just a term like SAW is , not a specific gun just in the british army if you say that you are refering to the L7A2 I’d rather have a H&K L7 than a M60,so much more quality as you can see in the difference between a L85A1 and L85A2 (also they updated cadet rifles L98A2 respectively i know this because i have fired the new cadet rifle )

  • Marc

    “FN out of business in the UK”? I think not as we buy our L110 Minimi LMGs and helicopter mounted 0.5″ M3M HMGs direct from FN, I would imagine that the MoD after 40 – 50 years of having the L7 produced has the right to go to whomever they choose to upgrade UK issue weapons. The telling thing in the close up photo of the receiver is the Nato Stock Number: 1005-13-1032524.

    The 13 is the country code for Belgium (Germany is 12, the UK is 99) so at least the main body of the receiver has been produced in Belgium which can only mean FN Herstal.

    I am also surprised that the designation has been kept at L7A2 considering the number of changes that have been made to the weapon I was expecting it the become the L7A3. I can only assume that the intention is to produce update kits to bring existing L7A2s to this standard, thus the decision to leave the designation as it was.

  • SamB

    Ive seen the pics of REMOV before. Where can I find the site they are on?

  • 7.62 mm Soldier

    H&K’s new HK121 builds on their experience manufacturing the L7A2. You could describe it as a kind of L7A3!

    Combining the best features of the MG4, Minimi and MAG 58, it weighs under 11 kg according to H&K. It is not clear whether the HK121 is rear locking like the MAG 58 or front locking like the Minimi. If it incorporated a front locking mechanism, then it could be made lighter as the body would not extra strength to contain the action.

    I suspect that the HK121 is merely an H&K-ized L7A2. And there is nothing wrong with that. The MAG 58 is undoubtedly the best GPMG I have ever used and despite the extra weight, I’d rather use one of these than a Minimi in any combat situation.

    UK does not have problems with FN. The only reason UK MoD didn’t get FN to manufacture new L7A2s was because FN had no spare production capacity at the time. FN is doing exceptionally well at the moment. So is H&K. Wars tend to be good for business.

    Don’t worry about FN on account of SCAR. I am sure they will sell it elsewhere.