H&K pissed off with Australian goverment

Because Australians are not allowed semi-automatic guns, rifle manufacturers make some interesting bolt and pump action conversions of AR-15s, AKs and other rifles for the Australian market.

H&K produce a special version of their SL8, itself a consumer friendly version of the G36, for the Australian market called the R8. It functions as a bolt action. The rifle is not manufactured with a gas system, that is then blocked to make it single shot, as other single shot conversions have been.

H&K R8

Last year H&K Australia were informed that they could not longer import the R8 because it is duplicates a military rifle. They are pissed because as you can see below it barely resembles the G36. The R8 receivers and barrels were never capable of functioning as a semi-auto (or at least that is what they claim).

Earlier in the year H&K again entered into proceeding to get it reclassified.

Many thanks to Ben for sending me the documents relating to the story.

Steve Johnson

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  • FatWhiteMan

    Just goes to show that Australia didn’t ban semi autos because of safety as they claimed.

  • Tom

    This would be the same country that has tried to ban violent video games and spy on ALL internet traffic? Typical British Empire nanny state.

  • joe

    They should have offered a bigger bribe. Saving money on bribes is penny wise and pound foolish, if you ask me.

  • le bolide

    Wait, you’re telling me that there’s a place in this world where HK actually *tries* to sell to civilians? Color me surprised!

  • Blackwater

    People should be able to own whatever guns they want. I hate these facist anti-gun types. Drunk driving kills far more people than guns ever will. Why don’t they go ban alcohol? Or right, because they probably like to drink it. How typical of the left. Just because they don’t enjoy something they see no problem with taking it away from people who do.

  • Lance

    Proof Austrilia is a lost cause and is dominated by the enemys of freedom.

    • hahaha tippical fukin yank. i live in australia and own guns and hunt every weekend. i have never found any need to own a german g36 assault rifle or similar. infact, i can quiet happilly say i take pride in being a one shot kill man so why would i need a semi or full auto rifle. just goes to show how small minded people like u (lance) are that because we cant walk into a kmart and buy and uzi, that we in aus, are lost causes. pathetic mate!

      • PETER

        Johny ,Johny,Johny,The point is ,were does it stop.UI come off a farm life (30 years later)led me to were i am know and it is to hard to teach my children to shoot.For one reason i ama security guard whitch means when everyone is asleep or having fun (on the range)i am working.I life in a place were ranges are only open in those times.Now think on this in Australia every thing that is testoserone related is legislated against.If you ony fish 3 or 4 times a year you have to spend a day of researsh to stay with green zones etc etc same for shooting and sport your not much shy of 3000 a year for footy ect.WHY .Again in QLD sec 288 CC requires you stay perficiant with a security weapons licence but most ranges wont except duty fire arms so that leaves a privat licence i just said why its extremly hard to comply with that even though i allready have H,C cat.Maby you should assess the size of your thought.peter

      • Ethan

        Dude… Did you even read the article, this is about Australia banning a bolt-action rifle because it apparently is still capable of being converted semi-auto. Read and think before you go insulting people, this is why Australian’s are given a bad name. By the way yes I am Aussie and no I’m not defending anyone, oh and fix your grammar it’s disgusting.

      • Angus

        Im aussie to and I go shooting to the range every month I also completely disagree with your comment John, It’s not the fact that it’s a NEED its a right and we shouldnt have to have semi autos taken away, you are the downfall to australian shooting communities and our way of life it’s black and white don’t say you’re a shooter and then come out and say I hate freedom, blah blah and start attacking americas gun culture. Also you can’t “buy a uzi in kmart’ fully automatic pistols require alot of things and tax stamps. Full auto guns are not widely available and cost ALOT of money in the states. Next time read up on americas gun laws before having a go at an american for simply stating the obvious, With people like you we are a lost cause and all you are doing is making the fight harder for pro gun agendas and dragging the australian shooter and his way of life under the rug to be stomped on by left wing greenies.

      • Rights are Non-Negotiable

        You take pride in being treated like a child or a criminal.


  • Tommy

    As an Australian citizen and shooter, I openly welcome the US as our liberators and become the 51st state of the union. The benefits are many but I’m mainly interested in the 2nd Amendment and domestic postage for internet orders :p

    That and good riddance to a culture of mediocrity with our politics. Sure the US isn’t perfect either with a LOT of nasty nanny state uberment moments, but at least there is a sizable group who are committed to fight it, openly if need be against it as it their right.

    Here you just get laughed at

  • Komrad

    A complete ban on almost anything leads to skyrocketing prices and fortunes for men like Pablo Escabar and Capone. One of the reasons organized crime is so big is because they got big during prohibition. A complete ban on guns, cigarettes, alcohol, or any number of dangerous substances only provides fuel for organized crime and is political suicide. It has nothing to do with left or right. As for partial bans, we could argue about that all day but here is not the place. As far as I can tell this is just a government official with no firearm experience except for when his dad let him shoot a 12 ga when he was three sitting in a cubical with a picture of a g36 and a picture of this and putting it on the banned list.

  • charles222

    Not sure how anybody from a country with obscenities like the Patriot Act not resulting in widespread public rage can declare a country “fascist” based on gun control laws. News flash: The United States government spies on it’s citizens to an extreme extent.