Firing the infamous NTW 20mm

This video shows Groot Mamba, a reader of the blog, rapidly firing the NTW 20mm rifle. Groot is firing the 20X82mm round, which is, in a sense, a “20mm Short” round. When firing a projectile that can carry a high explosive warhead, kinetic energy is not necessarily required against soft targets because energy can be delivered with the chemical payload – hence the lower powered cartridge.

Groot says that the larger, and more common, 20x110mm round is nicer to fire because the muzzle brake is more effective.

Steve Johnson

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  • Groot Mamba

    All most as much fun as launching an Anvil…

  • Matt Groom

    I’ll load it, you shoot it.

  • Clodboy

    A shame they didn’t use the “Prawn” target from District 9 😀

  • Tom

    Those are non-restricted in Canada, but a FAL is prohibited. Crazy eh?

  • You have to realize that the 20x82mm was designed to shoehorn into the existing Mauser MG151 design, originally chambered for the 15x96mm cartridge. The MG151 automatic cannon was widely used by the Luftwaffe during WW2, and was popular enough that its production resumed after the war.

    FWIW: There are three distinct, non-interchangeable cartridges that fit the description 20x110mm. These are the Oerlikon, Hispano-Suiza, and US Navy Mk 100-series. The Oerlikon cannon was widely used as anti-aircraft guns on USN ships in WW2, while the Hispano-Suiza cannon was used on US and British aircraft during the same time frame and beyond. After they were replaced by other designs, the surplus US Hispano aircraft guns were recycled for use in USN and US Coast Guard deck mountings and served until they were replaced by the 25x137mm Bushmaster cannon. The post-war USN Mk 100-series was a lengthened version of the 20x102mm cartridge used by the USAF in the M39 and M61 cannon. The 20x110mm USN was used in the Mk 11 and the Mk 12 aircraft cannon. Later USN aircraft used the M61 instead.

    As the USN has surplus 20x110mm Hispano ammunition, NSWC-Crane has previously solicited an anti-materiel rifle chambered for the cartridge. I know that they bought samples from NTW and Truvelo.

    • Daniel, I did not realize the cartridge went back that far.

      I think the NTW uses the Hispano.

  • Lance

    Looks like over kill a 50 BMG will do fine as a rifle.

  • Groot Mamba

    Steve it uses the 20 x 82 (in video), 20 x 110 and the 14.5 x 114
    We tested it in the 20 x 102 Vulcan as well. Only a few shots


    • Groot, thanks for the info.

  • Lance:

    Rule 37: There is no ‘overkill’. There is only ‘open fire’ and ‘I need to reload’.
    — “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Pirates”, Schlock Mercenary