Remington 40-XS .338 Lapua finally shipping

Tactical Life reports that the Remington 40-XS chambered in .338 Lapua will soon be available to purchase. It was announced nearly two years ago in Remington’s 2008 law enforcement catalog but, to the best of my knowledge, was never manufactured.

It is built on the custom shop’s 40-SX action and trigger group and features a 26″ barrel with threaded removable muzzle brake, hand bedded McMillian A5 stock, detachable magazine and lengthly top picatinny rail.

Steve Johnson

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  • War Wolf

    Steve, is there any indication as to an MSRP for this rifle? The Sako I was looking at is nearly $4k and I really want a .338 Lapua but not bad enough to drop $4k on one. If they can bring this home for $1800-$2000 or so then I will be on board.

    • War, none that I have seen. It is semi-custom so I think it will go for a lot more than $2k.

  • That’s a whole lot of gun! Any idea what the price tag is on one of those babies?

  • Way, way more than $2k.

    We shot that gun (I’m pretty sure the picture at Tactical Life was taken at the range) and it’s AWESOME.

    Start saving your pennies, nickles, and dimes.

    • Murdoc, where is GunPundit’s coverage? 🙂

  • War Wolf

    Based on the list price of some of the other 40-x Remington rifles at nearly $5000 each I would rather save another few months and get the Sako instead.

  • L-Cat

    the remington site says that it’s only chambered in .308. option for the .338? (i think i might sell a kidney to buy this if it is!)

  • The 338 Lapua is an awesome cartridge and a whole lot of fun to shoot. I had been looking at them for years and finally decided I wanted one. I looked at some of those available on the market and did much soul searching. Ultimately as a left handed shooter I spent some time discussing the project with my gun smith and we decided to build one on a Remington 700 action.

    My left hand Remington build in 338 Lapua

    He and I both learned a lot in the building of this rifle. If anyone else is considering a similar project I’d offer up 3 points for your consideration. 1) The bolt face needs to be opened up to accept the larger diameter of the Lapua brass. I’ve not had any issues so far, but if you remove metal you’re weaking the bolt. 2) We needed to alter the extractor after opening the bolt face. We decided on a Sako style extractor. This wasn’t an issue for me, but for anyone trying to build a 338 Lapua on a budget you’ll want to know about the extra gunsmith work required.
    3) If you stay with a BDL bottom metal you will only be able to shoot your rifle as a single shot as the ammunition will not fit into the BDL magazine.

  • Sabre22

    I have had a Remington MLR in .338 Lapua Magnum for About a Year and it cost me $1299

  • Thomas

    Held one of these today, Did not even think it was possible, Was sporting a Night Force 5.5x22x56 scope. I want one please…

  • John Davis Manion

    Hello Spotsfans, John here i Have a Remingto Custom shop 40XS for sale.
    Rifle is a 40Xs bolt action 26in Heavy barrel w/ muzzle brake,mounted in a green A5 McMillian stock 40X trigger Adj. LOP& cheek piece piece . Cal is 338 Lapua . Rifle is new in the box i had a stroke and need to sell.Rifle has not been fired. I is Mounted on a Harris bipod and has a 3x12x56mm Ziess scope on it . Asking $4000.00 for rifle Remington Custom shop says MSRP is $4995.00 and an 8 month wait.This rifle is all hand made its not a production gun. with scope& bipod 5200.00 rig asking 4800.00 with out scope $4000.00 can contact at 229-559-4568

    • Bruce Rose

      Do you know the barrel twist in this gun? Can’t find the specs anywhere.