Filipino 1980’s hitman demos quick draw techniques

This video shows a Filipino hitman demonstrating the concealment and quick draw techniques he was taught by the guerilla NPA (National Peoples Army).

Interesting use of two hands.

Many thanks to Michael for the link.

Steve Johnson

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  • AB

    If only I still had the lack of gut to pull that off these days. Damn you arthritis!

  • subby

    Yep, only flat stomached and super baggy pants wearing men/women, need apply. Maybe this technique can only be realistically practiced by Filipinos, I mean they are super super skinny and lean.

  • guy

    I always wince every time I see someone using the “park the muzzle in my junk” carry method.

  • Jared

    Have you seen the Jim Zubiena video from Miami Vice?

  • Keith

    The draw technique looks very similar to the technique used by this gentleman who is peddling this particular little concealed carry holster.

  • subby

    Beatuiful link keith. Looks like a better concealed, faster ‘raise t-shirt and draw weapon from inside the waistband’ technique. Really great stuff.