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  • SoloTwo

    Its like those tennis ball guns from American Gladiators…

  • Ed

    Or Whitaker’s gun from “The Living Daylights”

  • AB

    I remember seeing some PMC guys toting that kind of stuff on their Vektor rifles. Looked to be made of plate steel or something along those lines with a rather cumbersome mounting/support rail that ran all the way to the stock. Good idea if you were fighting around corners but I think they were more for psychological value.

    I’ll see if I can find a photo.

  • Alex

    It gives “Tactifool” an entirely new meaning.

  • Matt Groom

    I’m not sure if that’s brilliant, or absurd. Sure would be nice to have if you were hanging out of the top of an AAV-7 in the sandbox, though.

  • I think it makes sense to have an armour plate (not brittle ceramic) in front of belt pouches on machine guns (only below line of sight). The use of bipods and tripods reduces the trouble and it covers an important area at acceptable weight.

  • Fred

    Could be good for mounted possitions I guess. Gotta wonder how they compare to the steel gun shields we use over there right now.

  • Fox

    Someone’s been playing too much Army of Two.

  • CMathews

    Army of Two anyone?

  • XxleoxX

    i know what i want for christmas

  • viper5552

    although its an interesting concept the bulk and weight is too much for my loadout

  • It’s only a matter of time until someone makes a picatinny rail mount a ham sandwich.

    • Fallschirmjager

      Talk about ‘eating on the run’…but knowing the Brits they would come up with a mount to keep a hot tea kettle for Afternoon Tea. Personally I’d opt for a mount for my bottle of Scotch!

  • John

    Saw an old pre WWII photo of an italian marine boat unit with small shields that lined the boats and then came with them onto to beach, providing cover and a quasi mount for their rifles.

  • subby

    For intense planned firefights, say SWAT or CounterTerrorist, or even home defense, looks like a really good idea.

    But for patrolling it would be difficult to conceal oneself and really heavy.

    Looks like a pretty good idea to me.

  • subby

    Of couse that scoped bolt action with shield picture is ridiculous.

  • Mu

    Just imagine the guys in “Enemy at the Gate” would have had those. The movie would still not be over.

  • subby

    Nah, cover is for concealing your position. Once your position is known people can easily flank you and hunt you down with a CQB auto carbine.

    Some of the best WWII snipers opted not to use a scope just for the extra concealment it gave them. (They didn’t have to poke their head out as much)