A-10 American Shotgun

Connecticut Shotgun Mfg. Co. have designed a new high end sidelock over and under shotgun.

The A-10 American is a very low profile, shallow frame full sidelock over and under (not a box lock gun with side plates) for those who demand the very best. This is the highest form of the gunmaker’s art. Some benefits of a hand detatchable sidelock gun are perfect trigger pulls, intercepting safety sears, an easily removable action for cleaning and service, and a large surface area for the outstanding engraving.

The detachable sideplate.

Pricing for the Deluxe model starts at $9000, although there currently are discounts available.

Hat Tip: Mikes Blog (Zel Custom)

Steve Johnson

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  • Tony Galazan does deserve kudos for the effort that he puts into building some very nice guns at decent prices compared to the brand-name opposition in Britain and Europe. This looks like a very nice gun and it should sell well.

  • Thomas Glowski

    I have one is it a top quality shot gun.
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