Suppressed .408 Cheytac rifle

Bonus style points for iPhone 🙂

You know someone is serious about shooting when the total cost of their spotting scopes are more than your car.

Yep it’s a 6 inch objective and 50x (crazy wide field of view)

the other is a WW2 rangefinder that goes out to 20,000 yards!

More photos here.

By the way, who can tell me how “Cheytac” is pronounced? I have always said “shay tac” (“shay” as in “Che Guevara”).

Hat Tip: SayUncle

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  • kvalseth

    I’ve always thought “shy-tac,” as in Cheyenne. The full name is Cheyenne Tactical after all.

    • kvalseth, yep, that what I say.

  • Yea its definately SHY tac. I’ve seen it talked about multiple times on the history channel and they all pronounce it that way.

    • Kyle, is that shin or shay?

  • SpudGun

    I’ve always wanted one of these since I saw Marky Funky Bunch blasting away with it in that sniper movie.

    Come on Lottery numbers. Daddy needs an expensive sniper rifle -and some expensive glass – and some expensive ammunition – and some expensive land to use it on.

  • No its like SHY as if someone is shy or like Cheyenne as posted before. They had people talking about on Lock N Load if I’m not mistaken and R. Lee Ermy was talking about it.

  • That’s my buddy Jimmy’s setup. He had Lloyd at RND build the bipod and barrel shroud modification for his EDM .408 (I have the same setup on mine). Jimmy also built his own suppressor on a Form One.

  • Komrad

    Is this more or less powerful than .50 BMG? Is it more accurate? Does it have higher velocities? Does it impart more energy? I’m interested. By the way, that IPhone may have some ballistics programs on it. I believe there was an article on an app a while back. Also has anyone else noticed he has no hearing protection. It might be safe to shoot .22s without earplugs, it might even be safe to do it with some suppressed rifle cartridges, but if this caliber is even close to a .50 BMG I would wear earplugs even with a great suppressor.

    • Komrad, better long range performance than .50 BMG. Legal in California.

  • le bolide

    That’s funny, I’ve always pronounced “Che” Guevara with the ch sound from “cheese.”

  • SB_Pete

    Definitely “shy” like Cheyenne. “Che” Guevara is definitely the “ch” sound from cheese followed by an “eh!”sound.

    .408 Chey-Tac, much like .416 Barrett and all the hybrid stuff (.375/408 etc.) allows for higher muzzle Velocity (MV) which allows high ballistic coefficient (BC) projectiles to stay supersonic for longer than .50BMG and thus reach out further with greater accuracy. Highly efficient .50BMG rounds certainly exist, but they do not achieve the same MV and thus hit the transonic zone and destabilize sooner.

    BTW in California, .50BMG is not illegal. The selling of new rifles chambered in .50 BMG is illegal to us normal people, but lots of them are already here, ammo is readily available and .510DTC was developed specifically to get around that dumb law. Luckily for us, CA legislators don’t understand ballistics (roll eyes).

    That iPhone (or iPod Touch) looks to have iSnipe or some other ballistics program on it. The programs work quite well.

    I want to know more about the spotting scope and WWII rangefinder. Those are friggin COOL!

  • AK™

    After playing MW2 on the 360 since the day after it came out..I’m wondering..
    What “perks” is he using? 😉

  • Really appreciate you sharing this post.Really looking forward to read more. Much obliged.

  • Susan

    Hi all. Per the owner of the CheyTac USA, in a conversation I had yesterday (I needed the correct pronunciation for a project I’m working on), the official correct pronunciation is SHY-tak.