New Winchester SX-AR Autoloading Centerfire Rifle

I was very surprised when a reader email me about this new rifle from Winchester. The poor Browning BAR hunting rifle has been through yet another evolution and rebranding.

In early 2008 FN announced a tactical sniper rifle, the FNAR, based on the Browning BAR (FN owns both Browning and Winchester Arms). It added a detachable magazine, pistol grip and top, bottom and side picatinny rails.

The new SX-AR is a heavy barreled FNAR in a Mossy Oak camo finish but without the side rails and full length top rail (interestingly the bottom rail remains). It comes full circle, taking the tactical FNAR improvements back to the hunting market.

Winchester SX-AR
Caliber 308 Win.
Finish Mossy Oak Brush
Receiver Aluminum
Magazine Capacity 10 (compatible with 20 round FNAR magazines)
Barrel Match grade hammer forged chrome plated heavy contour with recessed target crown
Barrel Length 20″
Rate of Twist 1:12″
Overall Length 41 1/2″
Length of Pull 14 1/8″
Weight 9 lbs. 14 oz.
MSRP (Price) $1,379.00

This rifle will have been developed to fight the new AR-10 based hunting rifles that have been coming into the market, for example, the Remington R-25. I suspect the reason it is being rebranded and marketed under Winchester, and not Browning, is so that the risk of the BAR being named in any Assault Weapon Ban (federal or state) is reduced. The Browning BAR can continue to be a “traditional” styled hunting rifle.

For comparison, there are photos of the SX-AR ancestors …

Browning BAR


A big thank you to Reese for emailing me about this new rifle.

Steve Johnson

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  • HK_USP_45

    I bought the FNAR last summer, and what a sweet shooting rifle it is. Mine has the nicest trigger pull of any off the shelf gun I’ve ever shot. Very accurate. I’ll be using mine this weekend to hunt deer. Armed with a scope and bi-pod, it feels about as heavy as a M249.

    One thing I don’t like about it, though, it’s a bear to clean. Just to strip the gun far enough to clean it requires 4 different tools, and there are a lot of parts. And only an armorer is supposed to take out the bolt group (good luck getting it out on your own, if you can figure it out), so you’ll need some sort of deep cleaning spray like QuickScrub II or something to that effect. Or soak it in hot, soapy water.

    It’s a tack driver, though. I love it. The Winchester looks pretty cool with the camo.

  • I like the concept but I think it is way over priced, I can think of a lot of guns I own that will do the same job, some even better for a whole lot less.

    • Steve, yea, I also want one but there are other tools that can do the job just as well but cheaper.

  • The bottom rail is for your leopard light, just ask Col. Cooper!

  • Wish they made it in 30.06!

  • Jim D

    Wish it had open sites of some sort as well. Otherwisw quite a nice gun. Winchester is looking good.

  • Erik

    A rifle is a tool and as such practical matters are far more important then appearance…..having said that- this is one hideous gun. The older BAR is a classic, the newer one not as much and now the FNAR/Winchester offering is awful.

    I know the FNAR is highly regarded (like the previous post mentions) but I wonder if FN is doing Winchester a disservice with the ‘me too’ models. Kinda seems like the Chevy/Olds/Buick strategy of slapping different name-plates on the same vehicles…..didn’t work out too well for GM.

  • Nick T.

    is anyone else unbelievably turned OFF by this rifle? I know looks don’t really enter into the hunting game, but that is one ugly gun… looks like a heavy plasticky tacticool hunkajunk… but that’s just my opinion :P. what would be the advantages of this rifle over the original BAR rifle? besides the camo, which could easily be replicated with a few dollars worth of gun sock…

  • Matt Groom

    No, sir. I don’t like it.

  • HK_USP_45

    Erik brings up a good point about offering the same gun under two different names. FN has been doing that for awhile with Winchester and Browning offerings. Their last generation auto shotguns come to mind (I forgot the names, I think the Winchester was the X2, the browning the Gold-something). I don’t know how well that worked for them.

    I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty much an FN fanboy. They did right be me in the Marines, and they’re doing right by the US shooting community.

  • HK_USP_45

    It is fuggly, but I think that is mostly due to the pistol grip combined with the hump on the stock. Both serve a purpose, though. In my opinion, everything front of the rear stock/pistol grip looks good.

    Also the mag is a plus compared to the BAR 3 rounds.

    It’s ugly, but if you shoot one, you’ll like it. It’s not really as ugly at the range as it is in pictures. AND, it is also cheaper than the AR offerings in .308, like the Remington, which you couldn’t even find a month ago.

  • Brad


  • jeepjumper

    Ugly…. Who cares how cute the rifle is, what counts is what happens on the business end and this little “hunkajunk” hits what you point it at! And, with it’s sizeable weight, feels really good when you squeeze the trigger off.

  • Aaron

    I’ve been wanting a 308 combat style rifle for a while. I wanted an FNAR but then heard all of the complaints about how expensive and hard to find the magazines are.
    When I first saw the SX-AR I thought it would be the “one” especially because it appears to use cheap and plentiful AR-10 mags. I have now lost interest as it is the same rifle as the FNAR with the same unjustifiably over priced magazines.

  • Dave

    But like all things . Over time someone will make an aftermarket mag for alot less, meanwhile you have an excellent weapon .What other autoloading tactical weapon can you find with .308 power that shoots as well and costs less?

  • HK_USP_45

    I have never NOT bought a gun because of the price of extra magazines. IF that were the case…heck, mags for my browning buckmark .22 are like $30. My ruger LCP is $20-25. You really can’t compare the FNAR mag to an (cheap as you said) AR-10 mag, either. The things are solid bricks. They’re a weapon in their own right.

    I feel like I’m on a women’s shoe blog, instead of a gun blog. “It’s ugly, I wouldn’t buy it.” “It’s too expensive to accessories it.” Just shoot the gun. And I would argue that for the quality, accuracy and features that you get with this rifle, no you can’t find a lot out there for this price. Not in a .308 tactical/sniping combat/hoot’enanny zombie killing rifle.

  • RBIAlaska

    Its fun reading the comments. Thought I’d ad my 2 cents. Always shot a .270 Remington bolt action. My Father and his Father shot the same .270 in a slide action. We were always too tight to shoot them much though. Obama got elected and now I own semi’s out the cazoo. 22 mag., sks, ak’s etc. Friend of mine talked me into buying the FN with a big ole scope and a GG&G tripod. This thing groups an average 1 in. MOA and I have one group that looks like 1 ragged hole. Its a nice rifle. Fun to shoot. Hornady TAP 168 and Winchester 150 gr. bullets hardly drop at 200 yds. As far as looks, comparing it to my bolt action Mountain Rifle is kinda like comparing my blue heeler and my Labrador. Love them both the same but deciding which one is prettier is difficult. They both do a good job at what they are bred by God to do. One more thing, it does get a lot of looks at the range. Most of the old timers love it. Maybe they’re just being polite. Kinda like and ugly baby.

  • HK_USP_45


    I hear ya, I’ve always been a bolt gun guy for hunting, just because of the old “more accurate than a semi” argument. But I’ve done a lot of rethinking on that. I don’t know if that still holds as true as it used to with modern semis. There’s guys out there winning matches that are choosing AR platform rifles over bolt guns.

    I love my FNAR, but now I think I want to add a R-25 to my collection (which has more than doubled in the last year. I went from 10 guns to 26 guns in the last year. It’s been fun.). I’ve always been a fan of the AR. Well, I shouldn’t say ALWAYS; back BEFORE I actually was issued one and shot it I bitched about what crap it was just because of everything I had heard from Vietnam vets. Once I actually shot one, I became a fan.

  • RBIAlaska


    Were you in Desert Storm? Re: your comments on AR. Iv’e been very hesitant to buy one. I’ve looked at the short barrel carbines, if that’s what they’re called. I believe I’d have way too much fun shooting my steel targets, although I’ve seen some cheap ammo like the Wolf I use for my SKS and AK’s. My FN buddy likes the Wilson Combat – Urban Tactical, but said a Bushmaster will do about the same thing. What is your preference?

  • HK_USP_45


    No, I missed desert storm. I checked into my first unit the day the air war started. Unfortunately, our AOR was SE Asia, and if you remember back then, N. Korea was threatening to invade S. Korea, and there was a coup attempt in the Philippines. I was in Somalia, though, but my T.O. weapon was a M249 and an M9.

    So, I have never carried my A2 into a combat situation, but I have taken it into some extensive desert and jungle training, as well as annual weapons qual. I got out before the Corps started using the carbine, so I don’t really have a lot of hands-on with it, either.

    Here are a couple of things to consider, and I wouldn’t be hesitant to get one, they are OUTSTANDING rifles.
    1. What are you going to be using it for? anything over 300 meters, I would get an A2, not a carbine. Home defense; then a carbine. for varmint, then an R-15-type rifle. Big game, then an R-25-type rifle in .308, or other large calibers.
    2. Me personally, I would never use wolf ammo in my AR. I’m paranoid it’s going to leave a shellac residue. You can get cheap ammo that won’t harm your gun, such as Winchester, UMC, S&B, etc. The S&B stuff is pretty good for the price, it’s just a little lacking in QC. Because I’ve shot some of their stuff from a good batch that was some REALLY good stuff, then I’ve shot some stuff that wasn’t too good.
    3. If you do a lot of shooting, start reloading, like I did last April. But a Lee set for $120 and get yourself some .223 dies and a crimper for $30. You’ll be loading ammo for about 25 cents per round instead of .50-1.00 per round, and the handloads will be in the quality level of the 1.00 per round.
    4. As for brands of AR, there are a lot of good ARs out there, depending on what you want. I’m looking at Colt and Bravo Co for when I buy my Carbine. But quite honestly, if I find a good deal on another brand, I’ll buy it. If I were you, I would wait until after the holidays, because I have a feeling the price of ARs will come down as some of the venders will want to get rid of some inventory (The AR market is slowing down some, but is saturated with a lot of ARs.)

  • RBIAlaska

    HK_USP_45 – Thanks for your comments. I have a little homework to do.

  • S/TX

    Bought one of those awesome shooting fuggly guns last week. I put an Eotec on it. I thought the recoil was mild compared to my A-bolt 270WSM. Smooth shooting. And I bought it for what it was bred for. I like having the extra rounds and the extra punch for self defense and still be able to flip my target well down range if need be. And if any pigs or nilgai step out of the brush, they’re gonners. One of previous posts are correct, the rifle looks much, much better in person.

  • RBIAlaska

    S/TX – I agree 100%. Mild recoil is accurate. The recoil of my Remington .270 Mountain Rifle takes most of the fun out of shooting it. I have shot 40 or more rounds out of my FNAR and could keep going. No sore shoulder at all. I just installed a bipod and I’m really curious to see if it will help my accuracy for follow up shots. We have pigs in East Texas now, but so far they’ve outsmarted me.

  • mathiashunter

    That’s it, I have been thinking about getting this gun for about a month now but was not sure, but you guys made my mind up, it’s as good as mine cause I’m gonna go buy one. Thanks everybody!

  • motor_grunt

    I shot mine with a harris bi-pod and it jumped so high from the recoil that my rifle would actually come off the bench an inch or more and when it came back down i had to aquire a whole new sight picture. Maybe from the vertical vibration of the barrel or possibly just my particular set-up.

    Factory Hornady 150gr BTSP ammo shoots very well for me. My trigger is very crisp and sharp. Best out of box trigger yet.

    I have detachable scope mounts because i was in a hurry to hunt and no 30mm picatinny rings were in stock at my gun shop. I used Wolf and Brown Bear ammo to get on paper. When I fired the hornady factory ammo, they had so much more pop that the point of impact shifted vertically a little each time. After the 3rd shot, they grouped sub-moa. Since then, the rifle has been very accurate. I was worried about the mounts being inadequate, but they have been holding true ever since.

    Does anyone know the dimensions(length) of the 5 rd mag? I read that they are as long as the 10rd witha crimp in the mag walls to prevent loading more than 5. I want one for hunting but if it is as long as the 10rd then that’s beside the point unless you’re hunting where 10rd is illegal. I thought i saw a pic of 5rd and it was smaller than 10rd but i haven’t seen an actual mag.

  • Jimmyjo

    I have read as much as I can find about the FNAR and the Winchester SX-AR.
    What I have looked for but cannot find is a definitive statement conforming or denying they are except for color and trim the exact same rifle.
    Does anyone know?
    My local Winchester rep pleads ignorance.
    If they are true equals I will likely buy the Winchester for $1200 + tax. The FNAR all seem to be in the $1500 range.
    Having said that, if accuracy with the SX-AR is guaranteed to be “whatever”, and the FNAR is guaranteed to be 1″ range then the $300 difference is irrelevant.
    Semer Fi.

  • Eric H

    I purchased one a week ago for $850.00, I have not gotten a chance to shoot it but for that price I could not pass it up. I went back to the same store and they had another for the same price, this was a Sportsman’s Warehouse. I was planning on getting a FNAR but for $600.00 difference I can live without a few rails and the brush camo looks really good.

  • Jimmyjo

    Hi Eric,
    Well yea, at $850 vs $1500 the Winchester SX-AR wins everytime.
    Lets us know how it shoots. Thanks!

  • Brian

    I’m getting a kick out of bouncing back and forth between the 16″ FNAR blog, The “long barrel blog” and this one. I have to agree with the guys using Hornady Factory ammo. I’m making double holes with custom 150gr SST and have the super performance on order. I scored an FNAR light barrel at Gander in January for $1250 ($1100 with rebate) and I’ve seen Cabella’s offer them for same. Haven’t seen a single SXAR on display. Forget $850.
    I really would like to see the SXAR offered in hunting calibers like .243, 7mm WSM and .300 WSM. Browning will not associate its pretty guns with pistol grips so we need Winchester to do it. The barrel is the key component I am interested in. The BAR just has too light a barrel for the heavy calibers. I have the .243 BAR and it is my favorite rifle, but in a .308 or bigger caliber the BAR barrel just seems too light, but then I carry a 26″ heavy Barrelled Kimber Sonora .300 Win Mag for the long shots.
    If your worried about your black FNAR being a little Fuggly put some fake gold (bronze powder) in the lettering on the receiver and mount a leupold with the gold ring on it or a Nikon with gold lettering. Then top it off with a little scripture in gold leaf. Sweet.

  • HK_USP_45

    JimmyJo, it is the same rifle, as far as it’s general make-up and components, but I’m not sure about some of the accurizing features that the FNAR has, such as if the trigger group is the same, or if the barrel is the same. Not even sure if Winchester uses an H-bar or the light barrel version of the FNAR. It appears like an H-bar in the pic they have on their site.

    There is a slight price difference, I don’t know if that is due to an actual difference in manufacture (which could mean that there is some type of difference in quality of material?) costs, or if it’s just that FNH thought an FN branded sniper rifle marketed towards LE/Military would sell for more than an Winchester branded hunting rifle in camo.

    Right now I’m really digging the MO Brush camo and love it on my savage, and would love it on my Win SX-AR (if I were to buy one), however, I fear that in 20 years the camo will look silly and dated compared to the advanced stuff that will be out then. Kind of like my shotgun from 1988 with the silly/terrible camo that dates it back to the 80s. Therefore, even though I love MO Brush, I’m glad I have the FNAR in black, which the finish won’t be dated in 20 years

  • RBIAlaska

    motor_grunt –
    Thanks for the bipod info. Take a look at–bU. This guy is pushing his Knight Armamont M110 with a bipod against some pretty rigid sand bags. Five shots in 5 seconds at 220 yards. I’m going to try and replicate that setup next time it gets warm in Texas. We freeze to death at anything below 40 degrees.
    Also I’d like to have a 10 rd mag. My buddy has one and has heard that 5 rd mags are available without the crimps but he hasn’t seen one.

  • motor_grunt

    I know what you mean about 40degrees. I live next door in south LA. Yeah, i would much rather shoot off of bags than a bipod, but the long mags make that easier said than done. that’s why im looking for a short 5rd mag. I also like to still-hunt rather than hunt out of a stand. I bought an adjustable mono-pod for hunting. I’ve done lots of hunting in west Texas and i think that would be a good buy. I haven’t shot off of it yet, but i can’t wait to.

    I’m a former Marine and i used two machine guns made by FN. M249(5.56mm) and M240(7.62mm). They never let me down.

    My next purchase will be a SOCOM M14 and after that i want a PS90.

  • HK_USP_45

    motor-grunt, Semper Fi.

    Yeah, us jarheads are pretty emphatic about our support for FN. My T.O. weapon during most of my infantry time was the M249. Including my time in the red-dirt hell a.k.a. Somalia, and it never let me down. Neither did the M9 I also carried.

    I have not seen 5 rd mags for the SX-AR or FNAR, only 10 (SX) and 20 (FN). I would think they would be making them, since the SXAR is a hunting rifle, and some states have 5 rd limits.

    If the FN AR is called the FNAR, why is the Winchester AR not called the WAR? j/k

  • RBIAlaska

    motor_grunt & HK_USP_45 –

    The only critisicm I have of this rifle has been having to move the sling to the side after attaching a bipod. Very uncomfortable. I bought a picatinny sling swivel and attached the sling to the side using it. It swivels better and has more separation from the rifle. Perfect. I also stalk and still hunt unless its pouring down rain (then I get in one of my hunting buddy’s boxes). This setup is as comfortable as any rifle I have that weighs half as much. I’ll be able to carry it now without it poking me in the back or side.

    One more thing. That SOCOM M14 is a thing of beauty. Not going to get one though. When I have that kind money, I’m seriously considering adding a silencer to my FNAR. The video in my previous post has me thinking.

  • HK_USP_45

    The bipod does dig into my back pretty bad. My biggest criticism, though, is that it’s a bear to clean. The fact that it takes 3 different tools to take apart for cleaning is not good.

  • RBIAlaska

    Exactly. After I watched a video on youtube on how to disassemble and clean I decided not to. I just take off the forearm and wipe it down. I think I’ll pay my gunsmith to do a thorough cleaning. This definitely is no SKS.

  • HK_USP_45

    Some of those spray quick scrub cleaners work pretty well. I think the best one is by Shooter’s choice, Quick Scrub III, but that’s hard to find. Break Free makes a pretty good one, as does Birchwood Casey. (you can get the Break Free scrub cleaner with a Winchester label at Wallie World for $5, as compared to the normal $10.

    You just spray the quick scrub into the receiver and all the crud runs out. It works really well. You do have to watch it on the plastic parts, though, it can discolor them (or so it warns). It beats taking them all apart.

  • motor_grunt

    Good ideas. Have y’all had any trouble with the weapon functioning after shooting a moderate amount? I’ve only put 150 or so rounds thru it. No malfuntions except Wolf ammo had misfires (but that is junk russian ammo- make sure to clean the bore after firing that stuff- corrosive powder). They say the pin doesn’t strike the primer hard enough to set it off.

    Anybody shoot a benelli SBE? Mine wasn’t 100% for a snipe hunt. Maybe the low-brass lead? Wasn’t cycling every time. i just cleaned it the weekend prior. ???

  • RBIAlaska


    I used to buy these products for cleaning my nasty AK’s and SKS’s. I’m not sure about the one’s you mentioned, but I noticed that most of these products are at least 51% acetone. They mix enough other stuff in to keep the volatility down, at least that’s what I was told. I found a home made recipe on the internet called “Ed’s Red” or Ed’s Red Bore Cleaner. Ingredients listed below. I don’t add the lanolin. It saves a little money for tight wads like me.

    1 part Dexron II, IIe or III ATF, GM Spec. D-20265 or later.

    1 part Kerosene – deodorized, K1

    1 part Aliphatic Mineral Spirits, Fed. Spec. TT-T-2981F, CAS
    #64741-49-9, or may substitute “Stoddard Solvent”, CAS #8052-41-3, or
    equivalent, (aka “Varsol”)

    1 part Acetone, CAS #67-64-1.

    (Optional up to 1 lb. of Lanolin, Anhydrous, USP per gallon, OK to
    substitute Lanolin, Modified, Topical Lubricant, from the drug store)

  • HK_USP_45

    I don’t recall ever having any malfunctions. I’m still under 200 rounds, though.

  • RBIAlaska

    Bought 250 rounds of German 7.62X51 (308) DAG NATO ammo. Shot about 40 rounds. Forgot my sand bags. Just shot with the bipod and put a camera bag under the stock. Grouped almost as well as the Hornady and Winchester at 100 and 200 yds. Got home and dropped the trigger assembly to clean. Didn’t really need it. Probably going to buy 500 or 1,000 more rounds of this stuff at $424.00 per thousand. Anyone recommend something cheaper/better quality? Not really interested in reloading. Cabela’s has some “Herter’s” steel case stuff at $379.00 per thousand. Anyone have an opinion of which is better?

  • HK_USP_45

    RBIAlaska — I would recommend NOT shooting steel out of your rifle. JMO. I question how good it can be for various parts, such as the extractor. You wouldn’t feed your purebred hunting dog kmart dog food, so don’t feed your nice rifles crap ammo.

    Reloading is actually pretty fun. And I load high-quality ammo for 1/2 the price of the cheapest crap I can find.

    For cheap ammo, I’ve had good luck with Sellier and Ballot. The thing about them, though, they very from lot to lot. Some lots are about the best stuff you can buy, other lots, not so much.

    The cheapest stuff I’ve found that I shoot out of my FNAR is the Winchester branded 7.62 NATO stuff. Cabelas has it. It’s labeled as not being reloads, but when you pull the stuff out of the box, the cases look like they’ve been carried for 8 months around Iraq linked together for a M240 or something. They shoot pretty good though. It’s not going to be match quality, but if you just want to blow off some rounds, It’s good enough.

  • bigdtraveler

    I just got my sxar the other day , put a scope on it . after a couple of sighting in shoots at 25 yards. shot a 5/8″ 5 shot group at 100 yards w / factory ammo. alsome weapon, cant wait to work up a real load for it.

  • RBIAlaska

    HK_USP_45 –

    Regarding ammo comments – Do you think the German 7.62X51 (308) DAG NATO ammo is similar to the Cabelas NATO stuff you’ve been shooting?

  • RBIAlaska

    HK_USP_45 –

    Regarding ammo comments – Do you think the German 7.62X51 (308) DAG NATO ammo is similar to the Cabelas NATO stuff you’ve been shooting?

    motor_grunt –

    My bi-pod is also jumping from the recoil. I moved my left hand to one of the legs of the bipod and and tugged slightly downward. Reduced the movement considerably. I made followup shots in a 6 inch circle about 1 or 2 seconds apart. Did about 20 rds. Big fun.

  • HK_USP_45

    I don’t know anything about the German stuff. The stuff I was talking about isn’t Cabelas, it’s Winchester. I just said you can get it there (or pretty much anywhere).

  • Brian

    The 147gr winchester FMJ works well. Get the fresh stuff tho, not the sportsmans guide crap from 1982! Reasonable cost, doesn’t crap up the barrel. and groups well. Any body get hold of the new Hornady ammo yet?

  • HK_USP_45

    Brian, you mean the Hornady SuperFormance? Yes, I have some. I used it when I was zeroing in my R-25 at the 25 yardline. It seems to shoot really nice, but I only shot 5 rounds before my cheap Walmart $49 scope went totally to crap.

    As soon as I get my new scope on it, I can give you more feedback. I wanted to try the new Redfield to see if it’s as good as advertised, but the reticle I wanted in the 3-9×42 is on backorder until Feb 28, so I have to wait until it gets shipped. It’s killing me to have to wait to shoot my new R-25.

  • RBIAlaska

    Any recommendations for a bore guide for the FN AR?

  • Brian

    HK, I’m still waiting on Hornady .308 superperformance. It would be nice if they produced enough to match the advertising hype. At least drop the price on the custom line!!
    I’m looking for some side by side comparisons of the R-25, AR-10, and the FNAR if anyone has had all three show up at the same time at the range.
    I got a little time in at 300 yds this weekend with the FNAR. Mine’s a lite barrel with 3X9 Nikon BDC. No bipod, no bags, Just the picnic table. This rifle will shoot 3/4 moa quick 3 shot groups, but I can’t shoot 5 shot groups quick. I did this with 147gr Winchester FMJ and 150gr Hornady custom. With a lead sled this makes the 1/2 -3/4 MOA 5 shot group. I’m used to higher velocity bolt action guns so this is a little new for me, but I think I could handle the zombies if they show up.

  • HK_USP_45

    Brian, it must be your area, because we have it sitting on shelves here.

    I have the R-25 and the FNAR, but not the AR-10. I just got the R-25 scoped today, so I’ll be shooting it good tomorrow.

    Just a couple of quick comparisons of the 2: 1. FNAR has 100x better trigger. 2. R-25 is 10x easier to clean.

    Maybe eventually I’ll set up a side by side comparison. Maybe when it gets a bit warmer outside.

  • Brian

    I’m assuming the R-25 breaks down like an AR-15 which is way easier to clean, but, if its impingement gas like an AR-15 then it has to be easy to clean because it gets dirty! Thats the whole idea of the piston system. Each has pluses and minus’. My son has an M1A with 22″ barrel that will get a run next to the FN next month when the weather improves.
    I do like the FNAR trigger pull. BAR is the same. Having a .243 to compare next to the .308 I do have to say that for follow up shots the .243 is better. If I had a heavier Barrel on the .243 I could lay down some truly accurate suppressive fire. .243 has Less recoil, shoots flatter, and less muzzle jump. With 90 – 100gr bullets it is way better than a 5.56 and you don’t have think about drop until you get further out. The AR-10 variants with .243 and .260 caliber rounds fit the sporting gun applications. Winchester could fill the gaps with the SXAR, but they are missing the boat…again. oh well, thats why we have gunsmiths…

  • Eric

    Does it come in black?

  • RBIAlaska

    If anyone is interested, there is a Browning BAR in 7mm mag. for sale for $900.00 in Waco, TX at Praco Gun and Pawn. It looks brand new. Beautiful rifle. I’m surprised its been there that long. I don’t see many for sale.

  • John R

    I just bought the SX-AR for $840.00 new at sportsman’s warehouse, I couldn’t believe how cheap it was, and I love it. It’s extreamly accurate and it kicks like a .223. I put a 18x zoom scope on it. The only buyers saddness I experienced was the fact that its not Black like the FN.

  • RBIAlaska

    John R – Are you getting 1″ MOA groups? If so, I believe I could have saved about $500.00 and enjoyed the camo vs. the black paint job with 3 additional rails.

  • Greg

    I think that everyone is missing the point with this rifle. The name is SX-AR with the AR meaning assult rifle or COMBAT rifle. The style is actually very beautifull in comparison to most assult rifles and features a wide range of tactical features that I just love. Put a 10x scope on this baby with a bipod and you get an awesome assult rifle with the accuracy of a sniper rifle. From a military standpoint, you can’t ask for a better rifle. Just look at the mk14 mod0 EBR that many of our own military special forces use and see how much they are a like. The point is to be creative and fun and it really is. As a former USMC Scout Sniper, I would have loved to have this rifle in the Urban areas of Iraq. If you truely think that this rifle is ugly, then you don’t fully apperciate rfiles. Looks just like any other rifle but with a pistol grip and extended mag. Very attractive and I can’t wait till my wife lets me buy one.

  • HK_USP_45

    Greg, I don’t know if I agree with you on that one, no disrespect. The Winchester SX-AR is targeted for the hunting market, so I don’t know if I would classify it as an assault rifle, regardless of what the AR in SX-AR stands for. And there are so many terms thrown out there like assault rifle, battle rifle, combat rifle, etc that now they are all starting to mean very little.

    I really don’t think the FNAR, let alone the hunting equivalent, the SX-AR, are going to be classified by too many people as assault rifle. It’s a semi-auto sniper rifle. Sniper rifles aren’t assault rifles. More accurately, probably call it a “tactical rifle” (there’s another term for you.) And really, I don’t think anything with a bipod or a 10x scope is going to be classified as an assault rifle. Just look at the definition of “assault” in the military sense. A bipod (especially), and even a 10x scope implies you are stationary and in a fixed pos. Assault is the opposite of that.

    And, I hope you know, being a Marine (Semper Fi, by the way), that the AR in all of the ARs that you see on the market, does not stand for Assault Rifle.

    And one more point, I appreciate rifles, and I think it is ugly as hell. But to me ugly is beautiful. It’s beaugly. Has that term been coined? I’m coining that. I just made it up. Here’s the written history of the word: beaugly. When something is so ugly it’s beautiful. Or, something so ugly only an admirer can find beauty in it.

  • motor_grunt

    1. Semper Fi Devildogs.
    2. John R (or anyone with the knowledge)- What type of mags does the SXAR accept?
    3. HK- Beaugly- i like it!

    I don’t care what my weapon looks like or what it is called as long as it is r shootable and precise. If i want a beautiful gun with fine lines, i’ll take a ruger #1 sporter any day. (it is also very accurate). Hell, i never saw a gun that made me think “UGHHH, I wouldn’t take one of these.”

    Does anyone know the size of a 5rd mag for the FNAR? i want one for hunting, so the mag doesn’t hang up on anything while taking aim, and to make the FNAR more bench friendly without a bipod. i put a bipod on mine and follow up shots are all but impossible because the rifle jumps at least 6″ due to the recoil transferring to the bipod and making the rifle jump straight up off of the shooting platform.(I don’t want a compensator either) I want a five rd mag if it is significantly shorter than the 20 or 10rd. ANY INFO on 5rd mags?

  • HK_USP_45

    motor_grunt, Semper Fi back at ya.

    The FNAR only has a 20 rd mag, but the Winchester has a 5 rounder. They’re interchangeable. The only source I know of for these mags is FN or Win. It would be nice if Magpul made them or something.

  • todd wagner

    I bought the SX AR the other day and shot it with winchester150gr and I wasn’t relly inpressed with it’s accuracy. I then bought federal 150 gr ammo and shot a little better group, but not nearly as well as my BARs. So, I’m going to try the 165 gr in both these makes and see how well it shoots. I don’t reload so if that dosn’t shoot well I’ll try the 180gr.

  • Scott

    Hello Motor_Grunt

    The twenty round magazine for the FNAR is about 5 7/8” long, sticks out 3 5/16” from the bottom of the well (about the same distance as the pistol grip). The ten and five round magazines are the same size (the five round magazine has “5 rds” stamped on the back side to let you know) and are 3/14” in length, they stick out only ¾” from the bottom of the magazine well.

  • motor_grunt


    Thanks for the info. I’ve asked around alot, but since the gear isn’t very common, no-one could help me. Could you let me know where you got the measurements? I’m guessing you may own the gear? Thank you!

  • Scott

    Hello Motor_Grunt
    Yes I do own an FNAR (California legal too)… The rifle came with 1 twenty round mag that was modified for the left coast to be only 10 rounds. I purchased the other magazines from Barts Sports World. I would recommend them for any needs they could help with, I always found the staff very friendly. It did take a few months for the magazines to be in stock but that was FNH’s fault.

  • RBIAlaska

    You shamed me into not buying the cheap ammo for my FNAR, but I’m still shooting it in my AK’s and SKS’s. Just got back from a squirrel hunt. Army Vietnam Vet buddy of mine was there and he’d enjoyed shooting my AMD-60 so much at a previous hunt, I decided to turn him loose with it again with about 300 rds. It was more fun watching him shoot than shooting it myself. This thing is LOUD. I asked him if it was loud as Vietnam. He said it was a little louder when 30 of them are being shot at the same time aimed in your direction. And I thought my life was stressful. I appreciate you Vets.

  • John R

    Yeah I am but I have to be honest I do like the Black a little better.

  • HK_USP_45

    RBIAlaska –
    Good, glad you didn’t buy the cheap stuff. You wouldn’t put Sam’s Choice Motor oil in a Ferrari.

    I heard another good explanation for another one out of the myriad of reasons not to use the russian steel stuff out of good rifles:

    The steel stuff is designed to be used out of Russian guns, which have bullets with a pretty steep taper. However, the .308 and .223 are straight wall — and the steel which sticks more than the brass – is harder for the extractor to pull out.

    Not sure how true, but make sense to me.

  • Twenty five years ago this month I moved to Sut Carolina to be closer to my little brother. He had just graduated from college and got a job in Columbia. We grew up in West Virginia and I was a third generation underground coal miner. I had just gotten laid off for the umpteeth time and was getting sick of trying to make a living with a dieing industry. I went for the big move south and landed a job in a sand mine on top of the ground. I had a huge wad of cash from cashing out from big coal. My little brother and I celebrated me getting my new drivers license by going out shopping for pistols. I walked in the gun shop and ten minutes later was plopping the cash down on a brand new Browning Hi Power. I had read several adds on the pistol and heard dozens of stories about them. The last Rifleman magazine I had gotten fom the NRA had an ad on the Hi Power saying it could count to 14 faster than I could. I went big time too and got the adjustable sight. My little brother him hawed around and bought one with the fixed sight. He was an electrical engineer and loaded compared to me,but he bought the fixed sight model. The gunshop had about a dozen hi Powers in the display case. There were at least 2 or 3 more with adjustable sights….he decided to save $20 and get the fixed sight model….. Each and every time for the last 25 years he has whined when we go shooting at the range or back in the mountains of WVa… he wishes he had just bought the adjustable sight model….If I had a buck for …….anyhow…. I love FN and Browning anything. I love the FNAR with a passion. If I already had not used up my firearms good will with my wife by buying a new FNP .45 ACP this past year,I would be nuying a FNAR today…..Don’t be like my younger brother. Looking back on it that little bit of money is chump change if you don’t buy what you really want.

  • Sorry about all of the typos…Its late and I am tired…

  • PepperMD

    I just recently purchased an SX-AR. A few thoughts:

    It looks to be, on the inside and outside, an FNAR. There may be differences in the workmanship or parts used, but it breaks down exactly like an FNAR. It is also at least $400 cheaper looking at average prices on line and at gun shows and local shops.

    It is more accurate than I am. Shoots very tight groups. Recoil is pretty good. Shot 40 rounds at one sitting with just a little soreness.

    It is more laborious to clean than any gun I have ever had, but still can be taken down, cleaned and put back together in about 30 minutes.

    The included instructions are pretty worthless. I have pretty much learned how to take it apart by trial and error and by looking at forums and a pretty good Youtube video (just search “FNAR cleaning”).

    When first cleaning the gun, I accidently tightened a screw that regulates the gas system. Bad move. When first shooting it, it wouldn’t eject any loads. Found out on the web and by calling Winchester that that screw shouldn’t be messed with. They also said that I would just have to loosen it a quarter turn at a time until the gun would start ejecting again. Pretty frustrating, but I have loosened it and will post again if that works.

    The forestock fits pretty tightly on barrel and I have, very frustratingly, rubbed off some of the camo on the barrel. It barely shows, but still…

  • todd wagner

    PepperMD, what ammo and bullet grain shot the best out of your SX AR? Thanks

  • AkJeff

    I have been looking for the last 8 months at both the FNAR and the Kel-Tec bullpup. Yesterday I got a very good deal on the SX-AR at the 3 bears store in Palmer/Wasilla AK.
    I also got a 4×12 scope (the scope has issues). I took it to the range last night during a wild wind storm to fire 5 rounds. I am Smitten with it. It is a sweet shooting tack driver, at least with the 180 wins I used yesterday.
    When you compare its specs it is an FNAR.
    Regarding the whole what is an AR question if you put a heads up sight on this rifle it suddenly becomes a high power CQBR combining the speed of an AR with the power of a sniper rifle.
    No one can call it pretty but it is an excellent all purpose rifle.

  • The difficulty of cleaning this weapon would be an issue for me. Anyone have further comments on this?

  • Eric

    I own a SX-AR 308 and need an extended rail to mount a ATN PS22 front mount night vision to my exisitng day scope. Can anyone tell me how to add an extended rail over the barrel. Leapers barrel mounts won’t work because the barrel is mounted in the stock. Any idea’s?

  • Mthunter

    Ok i have used a lot of weapons in my life, but this is the first one that i ever bought; that right out of the box, quick boresighted, thrown into the the sandbag blocks, and fired 25 yard quick click to adjust then a 3 round burst at a 100yrd target where the group you could cover with a dime, fine adjust for the range, and 10 round shots to form a group you could cover with a quarter. Sorry who cares about the looks,, The performance of this firearm is outstanding. Yes, there are others out there cheaper and will do do the job but, to us that can drive Italian sportscars why would we settle on driving a Buick. This weapon handled like a dream glad i bought it

    • todd wagner

      What kind of ammo were you useing?

  • Steven A. Steenhout

    Winchester needs to also offer this rifle (SX AR) in 243 Win., if they want to tap into additional markets. If Remington can do it with their AR 25, I’m sure Winchester could as well.

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  • Mootyblues

    Does anyone know if the 5-round mag for the FNAR fits in the SX-AR?