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  • ericire12

    Hat tip —> ericire12 ???

    • ericire12, sorry buddy! In my haste I do forget to hat tip every so often (and usually don’t realize until I am told). I have updated the blog post.

  • B Woodman

    OMG! The cause is worthy, but that’s just TOO MUCH pink! WHew! Let me get my suglasses to rest my eyes.

  • ericire12

    Yeah, we know you are a regular lurker over there at our place. 🙂

    You need to get a little more involved and mix it up a little with us on some of the threads. Dont be such a stranger.

    -Eric C.

    *BTW, I really enjoy the blog….. I dont leave comments often, but I am a daily reader.

  • Carl

    Coloring real firearms like toys does not strike me as very clever.

    • Nathan

      I agree…

  • Martin

    The only thing missing is the ‘Hello Kitty’.

  • Cool your jets, Carl; this is clearly not being marketed to the ignorant.

  • *Click*

    The Pink Panther!

  • Dom

    Carl – I think you and I are alone in our crumudgeonly corner, being party-poopers for the colored gun crowd, but I am with you on that one. To me, when I think “weapon” I think of “iron and wood,” as R. Lee Ermey put it. I mean really, pink? And the bright reds and purples of some of these ladies’ handguns S&W is selling…those are toy colors! In this case, I think this is a one-off, like the Palin Beowulf gun, so I guess that’s a little better.

    On another note, if Komen foundation is on board with this and accepts the money, that’s pretty cool of them. Some non-profits would turn their noses up at something like this.

  • AB

    Okay, my lady friend would like to know if it comes with magazines that are also that shade of pink and is the paint thick enough to resist chipping?

    Side note: I am now looking forward to learning how to paint her existing magazines pink for range use.

    Can someone do me a favor and shoot me now?

    • AB, after your have done painting your magazines (and/or shooting yourself) please email me photos of your black rifle with pink mags, for the blog 🙂

  • AntiCitizenOne

    KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!!!!

  • Carl

    I don’t think it matters very much who these things are marketed to. Once they are out there and people know they exist the chance of mistakenly identifying toys as real firearms increases.

    The next time a child gets killed because of such a mixup there will be a lot of whining (and probably legislating) about guns in general and guns colored as toys in particular. I’m just whining pre-emptively in an effort to avoid such tragedies in the first place.

    I realize this is for a noble cause, but couldn’t they have settled for putting a pink ribbon or some sort of inscription on a black gun?

  • Clodboy

    These things always make me wonder – do women actually want all their stuff to look like it was involved in an accident in a Pepto-Bismol factory?

    Girls usually stop dressing all-pink before they’re 12, so what makes these manufacturers think that adult women would refuse to be seen in the woods without a pink gun and matching pink-shaded camo clothing?

  • Not appealing for me, but the Mrs would be very proud to own a pink “black” rifle.

  • Matt Groom

    If there’s any one organization that hopes they never cure Breast Cancer, it’s the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation. These people make money off of every single pink item in the world. Who knew you could make money off of a color and a cause? I guess they had to pick pink because red was already taken.

    I think we should outlaw toy guns so that when children pick up a gun, they know it’s real. Even idiots deserve to live to voting age, apparently.

    • Nathan

      Yea toys guns should really be outlawed…letting your kids pretend to shoot ppl isn’t cool in my book!!!

  • CY

    My wife, a breast cancer survivor, and our 11 year old daughter loved the gun and wish we could purchase it. They both shoot my AR15 and other weapons and would like to own a pink AR15. They are fans of the pink cricket .22 cal rifle and the Remington 870 in pink camo.

  • West

    Perfect gun for a shoot-out at the Pepto-Bismal Corral.

    This is definitely a worthy cause and I hope they make a lot of money but from a graphic-design POV this just looks like a rifle dipped in paint.

    I would have kept a few black highlights such as the sight, sight aperture selector, charging handle and stock. Or gone with two different shades of pink with gray highlights.

    I doubt anyone has to worry about these being mistaken as toys by kids. When I was a kid I wouldnt have been caught dead with a pink toy MG and none of the girls I knew were interested in playing with guns of any color.

  • Allen

    Some where under all that pink that rifle has Matt Grooms’ name written all over it. Only if it were chambered in the superior 5.45 Soviet. Wait a second! I forgot! All cartridges of the same caliber can be willfully manipulated to shoot exactly the same!

    Regardless of the color of the rifle or the idea to raise money for a organization through an auction. It is for a great cause, and I hope the rifle sells for $50,000.00.

  • Matt Groom

    What are you smoking Allen, and where can I get some?

  • Wynn Bellar

    This is exactly what I have been looking for. My girlfriend loves pink and recently asked if the AR 15 could be found in pink. Any insight?

  • Todd

    The “Pink Panther”????