Robinson Armament XCR pistols now shipping

RobArm has started shipping XCR pistols to dealers. I have discussed the pistol previously on the blog. It is essentially a semi-auto XCR PDW without the butt stock. This allows civilians to own it without having to pay BATFE tax.

A very mean looking pistol. Note the nifty sling attachment that replaces the butt stock.
Caliber 5.56mm NATO
Barrel Quick Detachable 7.5″ Chrome Lined
Barrel Twist 1/7 Twist
Length 18.25″
Rails 13.25″ Monolithic top rail. 4.1″ bottom and side rails
Conversion kits 6.8SPC and 7.62×39 will be available in late November
Safety Ambidextrous Paddle Safety
Trigger Two Stage Enhanced Trigger System
Weight 5.8lbs
MSRP $1500.00

Many thanks to Armando for the info and photos.

Steve Johnson

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  • SpudGun

    Urgh. I really, really dislike these type of weapons. So utterly pointless and impractical.

    It’s like taking the worst aspects of a rifle and the worst aspects of a pistol and combining the two to make an even worse firearm.

    Why not just use the $1500 to buy a decent rifle or a decent pistol? I really don’t understand people at times.

  • Jesse

    Spudgun the purpose of these guns is primarily to piss off people that would like it if we couldn’t have them at all.

  • georgeh

    If they offer it in .458 SOCOM or .50 Beowulf, it would make a decent house gun.

  • The picture is not a PDW without a butt stock but in fact a different model called a XCR micro pistol.

    The micro has three vents in the upper receiver by the gas block while the PDW has five. The PDW also comes in a pistol configuration.

    Spudgun is clearly not a gun enthusiast.

  • “If they offer it in .458 SOCOM or .50 Beowulf, it would make a decent house gun.”

    Or .450 Bushmaster, but now you’re talking!

  • Matt Groom

    I agree with Spudgun, so apparently, I’m not a gun enthusiast. Guess I need to sell all of my guns, and find new career.

  • Nick

    I think a better term than “civilians” would be “individuals” or “the commercial market”.

    When I worked for an arms retailer a while back, we used to get emails all the time like “hai i am in da army since im not a civilian can u ship me a G36C to my address kthx”. Dumbed down for comedic effect, of course, but you get the idea. People think that because they’re not “civilians” by the definition of the word, that they have some special privileges over every other citizen or individual in the U.S..

    Plus the term kind of perpetuates a myth of an all knowing all powerful overlord and the unimportant, powerless masses who must bow to its every whim. Kind of a tyranny thing, I guess.

    Just my two cents.

    • Nick, I see your point.

      If I say “on sale to civilians” I do mean exactly that (I am not saying it cannot be purchased by military personal). If I say on sale to military or law enforcement – I don’t mean it can be purchased by an individual cop of solider.

  • West

    I have never been able to determine what the real utility of this configuration is other than looking cool.

    Protection service? Back-up for helicopter pilots?

    Are you expected to shoot this as you would a pistol? Sorry, im not Ahnold and I wasnt taught to shoot a rifle from the hip.

    A collapsible stock would improve its functionality, IMHO.

  • SpudGun

    Jesse and Olav, thank you for your comments. You’ve both convinced me through your cleverly worded arguments and reasoned acumen that I am wrong.

    How foolish do I feel? About as foolish as someone who’d blow $1500 on a useless weapon without a purpose.

  • BrassSlinger

    If I could install a butt stock without going through the ATF then I would buy one. I hope that one day the stupid SBR rules will be abolished.

  • Lance

    XCR is a nice weapon. Trigger pull is a bit much though. I just dont get a XCR pistol or even a AR pistol. A rifle is a rifle makeing a pistol out of one is illogical.

  • Yes, but who hunts houses with a handgun anymore? I mean is there even a handgun house hunting season? Tags? Limits?


  • Darrell

    A Kel-Tec PLR16 costs a third of that. Tons of fun.

  • Clodboy

    Not trying to derail the topic (ok, may be slightly), but this thing (or more specifically, the idea of shooting a round designed for a 20” rifle out of a 7.5 ” pistol) got me thinking:
    It seems to really hard to find efficiency data on rifles and cartridges.

    As in “thermodynamic efficiency”, meaning the ratio of muzzle energy divided by the energy produced by the propellant (you’d figure that eager handloaders with access to calorimeters – preferrably somebody elses’ 😉 – to determine the energy contained in a grain of the most commonly used propellants)

    Or more a for practical application, relative efficiency – i.e. the ratio of the muzzle energy between a full-length rifle (ex. M16A4) and its shorter-barrelled derivatives (i.e. M4, M4 CBQR).

    Back on topic: Sure, it may for all intents and purposes be a gun of dubious practical value, but so what – if a gun is a blast for you to shoot, then it sure as hell serves its purpose.
    I guess I’m a bit partial to these kinds of guns ever since playing Metal Gear Solid 3, where your mentor, a mysterious woman appropriately only referred to as “The Boss”, wields a custom AR pistol with a Beta C mag (which she naturally fires one handed… on full auto)

  • I agree with Nick sentiments.
    To me saying “available to civilians” means that it’s for the stupid peons being controlled by the government.

    Just my opinion though.

    I also try to not use the term weapon but tool instead. Why feed the liberals and elitists, eh?

  • Cymond

    Attaching a shoulder stock would classify it as a short-barreled-rifle under US law. That would mean federal registration, extra paperwork, and a $200 tax. Furthermore, quite a few states ban SBRs completely. A pistol version is cheaper and easier to purchase. SBRs are often unavailable even where they are technically legal. I live in a jurisction that technically allows NFA items but there are no Chief Law Enforcement Officers willing to sign the paperwork. There’s no such thing as “Shall-Issue” for CLEO signatures.

    These pistol-versions-of-rifles have an additional bonus. My jurisdiction has CCW permits that only apply to handguns. It does not permit rifles, shotguns, SBRs, SBSs, machineguns, suppresors, or knives. I can conceal a pistol, but not a 4″ blade. Anyway, these are technically pistols. I could carry one from a single point sling (under a coat) if I wanted. I usually carry a pocket pistol, but I carry a full-size pistol under a coat when I walk in the country. Our rural areas are more dangerous than the urban due to the threat of wild animals and roughly-kept dogs. I wouldn’t hesistate to carry something like this on one of my woodland walks.

  • IT would be a lot better if it was chambered in 45 ACP.

    I guess .357 mag would be too much to ask too.

  • CMathews

    @ West

    I’ve heard reports of pilots that fly in soldiers who’s records are mostly blacked out, to carry the MP5k as a survival weapon. Well among a host of other weapons, but this I felt had a bit of relevance to the conversation. I’m not sure about the combat effectiveness or overall practicality of a 5.56 pistol, but damn I love Metal Gear Solid hahaha. If I had the money I’d pick one up.

  • Dave Killion

    @Harley D:

    My local police SWAT team is ditching their MP5’s for M4 Commandos because the 9mm and .45 ACP rounds simply don’t have enough energy. The NATO 5.56mm is solving this problem for them.

    Granted this machine pistol won’t have the range of even the M4, much less a longer Black Rifle like the M16/AR-15, but I definitely see a use for this as a CQW when used with frangible ammo.

    Also, the CCW aspect of this had escaped me until @Cymond mentioned it. Nice idea!

  • mr ed

    OK, it’s impractical,as a pistol, but with a ak round in the pipe, i think if you sbr the thing it’s a great in the house self defense item, and even as a pistol easy to own and fun as hell to shoot, I Know as i have owned a plr16!

  • tc rider

    I found a purpose for these types of firearms: they are for handicapped people that aquire a permit from the dnr for shooting deers out of their vehicles. of course it is going to look as cool because in order to make it legal you can only use a 5 round magazine max, but with a combo lazer site and scope, it would be very effective and don’t forget to tie a rag to the right side to protect the passenger from hot caseings being ejected.

  • Monger

    The point of it is they can buy it and have fun with it while their SBR paperwork in going through process. Once it comes back, they can engrave the lower as an SBR and put a stock on it.

    Think it’s pointless? You can fold it up and put it in your backpack while 4 wheeling, it’s easy to deploy from a vehicle (LEO-type use), etc. It’s very light and portable.

  • Bob

    This would be the ideal backpack weapon. its small powerful and has enough ammo in one magazine to take down a pack of wolfs or boar. I especially like that you can submerge it and it still fires. No more stopping to stow the firearms in plastic bags just to cross a rivers.

    Its still a little $ but I will keep an eye on it.

  • I’m just an average Joe that has been reading up on survival scenarios. This is clearly a niche weapon. As I understand it, this type of weapon is primarily a pdw, a drive and shot weapon with more knockdown power than a pistol but easier to handle inside a vehicle than a rifle or shotgun. This platform allows the user to step up from a pistol cartridge and remain usable in a compact space. Personally I am no fan of the .223/5.56 round so I would prefer this “tool” in 7.62×39 or better yet in 300 blackout. Not high on my list but I would consider one once I have a few more pressing purchases out of the way.

  • crisara722

    … point less… its maybe a good pdw, but it is not a good pistol…

  • guest

    Practical CQC weapon against home invaders donning body armor – short stroke piston, better than long stroke (Kel-Tec PLR16) or filthy blowback gas impingement systems – no restrictive purchase with modification capabilities while awaiting unconstitutional federal permissions of SBR (stock), AOW (vertical light/laser grip and/or suppressor) – well designed/fabricated, light weight, controllable, penetrating firepower for up close encounters – frighting muzzle blast – certainly a capable urban environment deterrent.